Paladin of the Cosmos Bronze Sidarith

Arrayed in antiquated brazen hue so dark it seems to absorb all light and make him appear a darkened shadow of a dragon, the bulk of muscle and weight lend greater semblance of mighty power than mere length alone. Beginning with a short-snouted muzzle, a short but massive neck meets the outward swell of strong shoulders and the unassailable hulk of a broadened chest. Short, stout-boned limbs add presence rather than height, huge paws ending in silver-gilt talons. Rather trim and lean in belly and sides, a surprising contrast to the command strength of his forequarters, some bulk is regained once more in the swell of strong haunches before the smooth lengthy descent of his lithe and lively tail. Equally as dark as the rest of him, the gigantic span of his wings, surely of a size to throw great shadows across the ground will make him a formidable presence in the sky in times to come.

Egg Name and Description

Not Just A Furry Little Dirt Clod Egg
Positively tiny compared to the rest of the eggs in the clutch, this globular little ovoid is a study in contradictions, and is best viewed in as many directions as possible. From the front half of the shell, a coating of earth and soil combine to give the shell a very loamy appearance. Darker streaks of muddy bark-brown hues can be seen, scraggled bits of floss-thin color that overlay the paler brown coating, adding an impression of fuzziness to the egg. And yet, when viewed from the opposite angle, the egg is entirely different, for along the top and bottom most portions of the curving shell, the brown coloration seems to peel away like a skin, exposing a startling shiny glaze of absinthe green. In the middle of this brilliant flash of verdancy, a much lighter blob of color — so pale it's nearly white — is stamped across the very center of the shell. Of a rather uncertain shape, almost as if it were an afterthought, the blob is surrounded by a narrow ring of little black pips, clustered together in twos and threes, the spaces between them filled by long streaks of pale white as if the center were radiating a halo from its very core.

Hatching Message

Not Just A Furry Little Dirt Clod Egg might be all but lost amongst the frenzy of activity on the sands. The little egg has lain so quiet and still that were it not for the coloring of the egg, it might as well have been a statue. But now the time for action has come, for stirred into motion by all the chaos about it, the small egg rocks hard in motion, falling still for a second, and then shuddering into life once more.

A long jagged streak appears across the middlemost section of the Not Just A Furry Little Dirt Clod Egg as the egg shimmies and wobbles in desperate attempts for the hatchling within the free itself from the egg's confines. It has lain long and still these many sevendays, and now the darkness within is too much, too small. Freedom is sought, further cracks splintering off from the first one, a roadmap of inky black lines that mar the surface of the shell.

With a deafening crack that resounds in the echoing chamber of the Hatching Cavern, Not Just A Furry Little Dirt Clod Egg explodes — egg shards flying outwards like little propelled bits of shrapnel that hopefully won't hit anyone as they rain down. Gone, vanished, simply no more, what's left behind is the dragonet, of such a size that one wonders who he might have been able to move within such a small egg.

Impression Message

Warm air seeps past you, blurring the world into the sights and sounds of the hatching sands. They're all around you, dragonets, candidates, rocking eggs. There's nothing else, just the movement of activity on the sands. You dodge when you need to, letting a hatchling slide by, cast hopeful eyes towards the still rocking eggs and congratulate those you know who have found their lifemates. This has become your world — a world about to change as something touches your thoughts, something vast — a promise of the stars and the skies above. « Yes, » that deep heavy rumbling voice reaches into your mind, bonding with you. « I have chosen you, Rh'ad. I am Sidarith, and you are mine. We can do so much. » There's a pause. « But do you think it might be possible to eat first? I'm so very very hungry! »


From the moment he broke shell, Sidarith has been instilled with purpose and a great deal of self confidence. He doesn't wonder about his place in the Weyr or in the greater world of Pern, he knows. While other dragons might wonder what they were meant to do, this bronze has it all figured out. One might think, that given his great strength and commanding presence, Sidarith would be something of a bully. Certainly he's not the largest of his color, but what he lacks in length, he makes up in sheer presence. But no bully, he, for instead Sidarith is a protector — a guardian of the Weyr, if you will — to those smaller and less great and mighty than he is. That small green with the hunting problem? Trust Sidarith to catch a wherry or two for her, and even deliver them to her ledge. That elderly dragon who's more grey than blue … sure enough, Sidarith will make a point to check in on him at least once a day and lend a helping claw if one should be needed At first, these self-imposed tasks would be confined to his fellow weyrlings, but as Sidarith grows older, he'll go out of his way to be an exemplary member of the Weyr community.

Even from a young age, Sidarith has been fascinated by the starry skies and the darkness of the night sky above him. There will be many a long night for you, as he will want to stay up and look out at the night sky to watch the stars in their timeless dance across the heavens. But rest assured that when you do graduate, and he has a ledge from which to view the stars, you can get a good night's sleep for sure, but until then, you might find yourself yawning through the day and trying to catch up on sleep at the oddest of moments. One of Sidarith's greatest pleasures is traveling to the Yokohama, and the cargo bay there, to stare out the windows at the blue and green of Pern below and wonder, « Do other worlds, other places need me, Rh'ad? Can I do the greatest good beyond this place? » And though he might dream and ponder, due to the lack of long term draconic memory, he'll soon forget and be ever more determined to make his place here and do the greatest good for Pern.

~ HUNK : *You're* hungry? I'm gonna eat my helmet if we don't have dinner pretty soon. ~

If Sidarith could be said to have a vice, it would be his appetite. Well, nobody's perfect right? And with his bulk, your bronze is going to have to start chowing down on as much food as he can to keep himself going with all the dreams and plans he's got in the world. It's not that he's greedy, he's just got one heck of an appetite and a desire to keep himself as full as he can. Which will lead to interesting times as a weyrling, it'll be your job to keep him from stuffing himself sick, and even after as a grown dragon, you might need to make sure he doesn't eat more than he should at one meal — which might mean going to the feeding grounds more often, but you'll have to find challenging ways of making sure Sidarith gets properly fed without overdoing it.

Sidarith is for all his mass, a rather quick and athletic dragon. He's agile, even if he can't quite turn on a dime, and despite his bulk, he's fast enough to move quickly when it counts. Combined with a great degree of patience, careful thought and the ability to study knowledge will make in him a potential leader of the future. While he can't quite read books, and might suffice for having you turn the pages for him, Sidarith has a thirst for knowing what makes the world work. After all, it ties in with his desires and dreams to be a protector, a guardian, and knowing what makes things tick is something important for him. It might take time, but Sidairth has the patience and persistence to see things through.

~ LANCE : I fall for girls.~

One has to admit that Sidarith is something of a charmer, a ladies' man, if you will. When it comes to those of the fairer sex, Sidarith will, once he's grown be sure to chase green and gold alike. To him, this isn't so much a thing of conquest, for that's not his role as a guardian. He chases because he cares for them, wants to be sure they are safe, and that they do not come to harm. That both he and the lady of the moment might enjoy some quality time together and the sharing of pleasure and comfort, well, that's nothing to be ashamed of. And should he ever sire a clutch, Sidarith will see to it that he's just as much a guardian and father-figure to his offspring as he is to anyone else. He'll be most attentive to his golden mate, and to their eggs, guarding them fiercely until they are ready to make their way into the world and choose their lifemates … from that point on, he'll watch from afar.

In the end however, Sidarith doesn't work alone. /YOU/ Rh'ad are his entire world. The two of you were there to work together as a team, his pilot and guide in all he does. The world wouldn't be the same for Sidarith without you at his side.


Evocative of the stars above and the mysteries of the galaxy beyond, Sidarith's mind carries images of a vasty blackness, of mysteries beyond the confines of terra firma. His words, laden as they are with the weight of his commanding personality, are sonorous — deep and heavy tones — that give the impression of great importance. He's not exactly much of a talker to be sure, as his is a more watchful presence, but when he does speak with you, with other dragons and the world, well… they will listen. His mind carries images of the cosmos; the imagery that accompanies his words is often dark, velvety blackness overshot by a scattering of pinpricks of brilliant light. And yet, flickers of color can appear; of warming hues of blue and green when he's happy — so like the surface of Pern, the world you and he call home — but 'ware his anger for then pulsating bursts of red — like the threatening looming danger of the Red Star of legend — can be found, a warning signal for those who would cross him.


The theme for our spring clutch of 2013 is a multi-part theme. First, as the eggs were all inspired by fruit, Not Just A Furry Little Dirt Clod Egg was based off the Kiwifruit in both its natural state and the peeled form. Kiwifruit are actually a berry of a a woody vine in the genus Actinidia and is native to Southern China but they've been identified strongly with New Zealand ever since the introduction of the fruit in 1906. The dragons themselves (both mind name and hatchling description, etc.) were based off theme from cartoons. For this egg, I chose Voltron:Lion Force because when I was a kid, I absolutely adored Voltron. I haven't seen the spin-offs of the original, but I know you can find all 3 on Netflix now.

As you stated in your qnaire, you wanted the dragon to be something of a surprise, but based off something you could watch, listen to or read. With the exception of Princess Allura, your bronze dragon is inspired by the Voltron Team itself, with bits and pieces tweaked here and there from the four young men to form the basis of his personality. The hatchling description is based off the Black Lion who plays the most important role. Not only is this the vehicle piloted by the team leader, Commander Keith, this lion forms the head and body of the robot, Voltron. His hatchling name is more or less synonymous with "Defender of the Universe"

His name comes from the Swahili words "hodari" which means brave and "simba" which means lion. I fiddled around with names, coming up with Hoimbath, Hodsimth, Simhodarth, Badomith and a bunch of other names that just sounded awful. In the end, I decided to take the first two letters from simba, and the last 4 letters from hodari, and thus Sidarith was born. It's not a particularly long name, and I'd probably pronounce it Si-DAR-ith but being your dragon, you can pronounce it any way you like.

Welcome to Weyrlinghood and beyond at Western Weyr, Rhadan. I enjoyed writing up this fellow for you, and hope that you look forward to playing him and enjoying the future with him. He is your dragon, so please feel free to use his personality and RP tips as guidelines rather than the rule, but hopefully I've managed to meet your expectations. Enjoy!



Name Paladin of the Cosmos Bronze Sidarith
Dam Gold Miraneith
Sire Bronze Suldith
Created By Enka
Impressee Rh'ad (Rhadan)
Hatched April 7, 2013
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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