Not Sure If I'm Green Or If That's Just Egg Goop Siltyth

While undoubtedly this dragon is clearly green for a verdant gleam shines forever upon her hide, given the pale sage hue of her body, it can be no wonder that the uneven driblets of darker forest tones that run across the upper curve of her neck, down across her short muzzled face and the length of her back and tail could not be mistaken for sticky egg goo. This same uneven dappling is etched across her wingspars, staining her pale wingsails with droplets of pine.

Egg Name and Description

Crusted Custard Egg
Toasty crust coats the curve of this smaller egg, a rather burnt-orange hue that darkens to cinnamon shadows in oddly patch places on the shell, giving it a rather hardened appearance. In other places, the crust seems to have broken and flaked away, leaving a rather pale yellow hue to the shell, thickly spread in gobs and swirls of delectable sweetness.

Hatching Message

Crusted Custard Egg gives a little shake, a little shimmy of movement on the sands, before it seems to be stirred from within by a flurry of movement. No wait, that's not just /seems/ to be, it is! Jagged streaks race across the shell of the egg, the places where the shell looks to have been broken off are truly shattered apart now, and an oozy sort of goop appears to be bubbling out of the broken parts. And then, with a loud *SCHLOOP*, the egg all but pops apart, leaving an oozy puddle of baby dragon in the middle of the remains.

Impression Message

Not Sure If I'm Green Or If That's Just Egg Goop Hatchling sneezes, spraying icky oozy goop everywhere, before she clambers to her feet, swaying back and forth and creeling hungrily. Foood, she needs food. But to get food, she needs to find a rider, that perfect one. Wait, where's she going? That scrawny little redhead at the edge of the sands. He's a candidate, isn't he? Even if he wasn't, that's the boy for her! Butting against him, and leaving a slimy smeared trail of drying egg fluid across his clothing, the little green has made her choice…. in lazy little Frye. Who calls out her name with a loud shout of surprise "Silth. What, food? Why, of course you can have some."



Name Not Sure If I'm Green Or If That's Just Egg Goop Siltyth
Dam Gold Shadhavarth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By Enka
Impressee F'ry (Frye)
Hatched April 1st, 2013
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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