The Glorious Green Sinasapelth

Glorious fits as vibrant grass green is the starting color on this brightly colored and very large girl. It starts between head knobs and runs down her over long spine of rippling ridges till it ends upon her tail spade. There it reaches down over broad shoulders, barrel and hips in spikes that bleed into a bright lime. Bright lime fades into lemon grass and progressively lighter to her underside where her belly is bright enough that it is almost yellow. Her wings are much the same, the grass green spreading over her overlarge spars and fading out into the bright lemon grass of her sails. Her limbs are predominantly the same lemony green of her sails at the feet, darkening as they go up till they meet with the darker pattern. Apart from her neck looking over long, which heightens the effect of her size, she's well proportioned and rather lovely to look at.

Egg Name and Description

The Orange Egg
This egg is as orange as orange can be. From a distance it blares loudly out from the sands like a warning sign, the lights from above hitting it's [sic] brilliant tangerine exterior and offering it up as an eyesore. But as you get closer to the egg it's more than just the garish color is first appears. There's a richness in the texture that pulls in a darker almost persimmon color about its lower half. Like luxurious vermillion velvet that fades upward into a paler, brighter but equally classy amber of a bright gem stone or expensive liquor. Upon touch the egg is unexpectedly smooth and slick, as if all the color lies just below a surface of viewing glass.

Hatching Message

The Orange Egg's inhabitant has at last figured this out. The side of the egg throbs once more, gradually building each time as the side is pried further and further apart. At last it snaps loose, allowing the hatchling within to shove the rest aside and display herself to the sands. She is here. She has a purpose.

Impression Message

All the world around you becomes very still and distant as familiar orange and gold banners parade into your mind. Victorious fanfare plays within your thoughts with bursts of fresh citrus cry forth for your attention. « Kyldar! It is you! » Before you a bright green hatchling sits, looking into your eyes with the bright whirling of her own. The haughty warmth of liquor wraps about your thoughts once more so you have a harder time determining what is tangible and what is not as the green continues. « Kyldar, I am Sinasapelth. You are mine Kyldar, and I am yours. You and I, together. And together we must get food. » Indeed the liquor has caused a distant upset in your stomach that turns into a panging growl. « Together we -shall- get food. » You Sinasapelth confirms, looking pointedly around for this precious commodity. And as she does so you find yourself more capable to feel both your new green and the world around you.


Sinasapelth is an unusual greenlet for a dragon. For one, she's not the dainty little flower nor is she the dark queen of venom. No, your Sinasapelth is a unique creature. For starters she is extremely strong willed and intelligent for a green. She has a take charge attitude usually associated with the more metallic colors, or ever browns, but Sina was hatched with a purpose. After all, she found you on those sands, didn't she?

Sinasapelth's weyrlinghood will be the most important aspect of her life. The rules and ways she learns there will shape her for life. She will likely be the 'know it all' of the group and the self designated 'hall monitor' of sorts. Sina is a stickler for rules and prefers fair and honest dealings. She has a righteous air and is determined to do whatever she can to achieve her ends. Unlike her inspiration, the Prince of Orange, Sina isn't violent in her conquests. But persistence has many forms… She'll have periods of strong obsession over things throughout her young life. Eating, flying, exploring, swimming, and of course, music. As it's your joy, so it shall be hers, and she'll be obsessed with learning about it, hearing it, and making you the best you can be at it… provided all the rules are followed.

When it comes to interacting with others, Sinasapelth is a bit blunt. She doesn't sugar coat things for anyone, saying what she means or feels with unabashed honesty. It's a trait she sees as incredibly valuable, but one that likely won't be seen as such by others. For example, telling Nasrinth that he looks more like a gold than a bronze is probably not going to go over very well. So you might have to do a lot of smoothing over… Note that she never breaks the rules when she does these things, she simply is very vocal about her opinions.

As mentioned before Flying will become an obsession around the time you all are instructed in doing it… but one of the main reasons for that with Sinasapelth is that flying means freedom, peace and the enlightenment she has been looking for. She will study every aspect of it by the letter, following all the exercises exactly and likely being the best of all her peers at flying. Adding you into the picture might at first cause a tear in that perfect world she imagines so often. Why? Because it's something to change the balance of her flying. She will have to adjust for you, your fears and your thoughts and this at first might be a bit of a difficulty. But with her love for you she shall try her hardest.

This feature will be Sinasapelth's biggest challenge. Dealing with the less than perfect. Not to say that Sina herself is totally perfect, but she tries so hard to be and make her world around her such that when one thing goes wrong, it's hard for her to face. At points she might end up in a smoldering temper. At others she might break down with a list of faults. Often she will blame others, but you must help her not so much to blame herself, but to realize that perfect is not possible.

This desire for perfect will be very prominent in mating flights. Unlike most greens who are daring, flirty and spectacular in their performances in the air, Sina is more precise. Her movements are complex, but not risky. She makes it a point that only the most capable and worthy are to catch her.

Sinasapelth would likely be well suited to your desired life as a riding Weyrsinger with her strong independence and pursuit of excellence. She doesn't need others to validate her existence, just you. You both can pursue your craft with the vehemence that she puts forth in things you both love. Should you chose not to she would likely excel in any wing you put yourselves in with her ambition and

That's Sina in a nutshell. I hope she suits your wishes, but naturally you can tweak her however you'd like. Welcome to Weyrlinghood at Western!


Sinasapelth's mind is a warm bath of bright oranges and golds, smelling strongly of citrus and age. Happiness brightens the colors and freshens the scents, thoughtfulness ages them and anger darkens them into pools of thick murk. There's a constant desire for achievement and honor reflected in orange and gold banners, with the distant hum of expectations. Citrus and liquor permeate when she is happy and things have been accomplished, the liquor leaning towards a bit towards her more haughty disposition. When she is particularly pleased with herself. The citrus for lighter and less serious happinesses.


Welcome to Weyrlinghood at Western!

The Theme for this Clutch was:
People who have embodied either of these phrases— "The power behind the throne" or "For the hand that rocks the cradle, is the hand that rules the world"

Sinasapelth and her egg were created by T'eo and are based off of William III of England, also called William of Orange. William III was the king of England in the only true joint Monarchy in Europe with Mary II. Born Dutch as son to the Prince of Orange, it was William's good contacts with his English maternal family and his and ambition that brought him to power… but also a great sense of duty and patriotism to get him there successfully. William had a strong hand in the spread of Protestantism, working hard against the influences of Catholicism starting with invading and displacing King James II, his father in law, who was Catholic (This is also called The Glorious Revolution). Indeed he's well hated to this day in Ireland and Scotland where many rebellions had to be put down due to his lack of lenience in religion. When not putting down rebellions he was often abroad making certain of other Protestant-Catholic conflicts in Europe leaving Mary to rule in England.

Sinasapelth's name is derived from the Dutch word for 'orange/citrus' which is sinaasappel. Orange is forever the color associated with protestantism in Western Europe thanks to William, Prince of Orange and thus is the reason Orange is on the Irish flag. Her coloring comes from the striated color of a citrus tree leaf.

While creating Sina I took William's overworked nature and devotion to his duty in spreading and maintaining his religion every way possible and added some aspects of Hermione Granger from Harry Potter to help give a stronger personality (and a more feminine one) to a man of whom little is known of his personality… As there is no religion on Pern, Sina had to be more diverse in her obessions, as well as focussing her desires to more acceptable ones. Her stubborn perfectionist air and high expectations are shared, in pieces, by both individuals. And like both she is willing to push the rules to their limits to accomplish her means.

I hope you have a great weyrlinghood and that I've helped you to be able to enjoy Sina to the fullest!


Name The Glorious Green Sinasapelth
Dam Gold Sevaruth
Sire Bronze Odryth
Created By T'eo
Impressee Kyldar
Hatched 2 August 2009
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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