Every facet of this golden bronze's build seems to be oversized - from the large, wide head that sits on his thick neck to the huge paws and their matching talons. Large faceted eyes sit between eyeridges that could almost be described as bushy, and blunted headknobs point off awkwardly in different directions, not quite symmetrical. Golden-bronze hues wrap like a heavy cloak as they settle over well-built shoulders, dropping down each limb and clinging to each oversized paw, giving way to axinite only at the very tips of his toes. Barrel-chested, his torso seems to flow into hips without any indication of a waist, tail flowing from there - thick almost to its axinite-dipped tip. Oversized axinite bronze ridges flow down his back with a grace that seems almost contradictory given their size, while overlarge wings are supported by their golden-spars. Orange-bronze sails, mottled by the lighter gold, stretch tautly from spar to spar, translucence revealing the structure beneath.

Egg Name and Description

Italian Restaurant Egg
Glinting with an inborn light, this egg has a warmth to the shell that is more than simply the brilliant red color. While flares of white and yellow, like the sparks from a flame or the heat of a hearth fire spiral across the apex of the egg. Deeper browns and muddy taupe mark the bottom of the ovoid, the sturdy foundation to the brilliant conflagration that occurs across its topside.

Impression Message

A soft chuckle tickles your mind, guttural and cheerful, even as the sweet hints of vanilla and cinnamon brush over your senses. « Lyonell. » There's a gentle mental shake, and the voice gets a little louder. « L'nel! » As caramel and chocolate hues dance over your thoughts, the sands seem to fade away, leaving only you and this new presence that has settled quite comfortably into your mind. « I am Soihath, and I am glad I found you. Together we will do what no one expects. » The sweet touches in your mind are slowly fading, a rumble seeming to come from your own gut as well. « First - we must eat! We have much ahead of us! »


Soihath will be somewhat of a handful from the very beginning, but there will never be a shortage of laughter and fun in your life from now on. He is truly a sweetheart, and while at times, his mishaps may cause you a headache or two, they're never on purpose, and if nothing else provide a good story to tell later on.

Soihath will be very slow to grow into his oversized extremities, and giant wings and paws are all the more difficult to sort out than normal sized ones. You'll often find yourself having to right him after a particularly odd tumble, and spend your time trying to sort out wing spars and sails and get them back where they belong against his back. In the worst case scenarios, Soihath will take it upon himself to regain his balance, and whatever happens to be in range is fair game - be it another dragon or an equally unsteady barrel of food, water, or oil. Disasters are likely to happen with Soihath in the room, and when it's all over, he'll return sheepishly to his couch, perhaps a bit embarrassed.

As Soihath grows, it will become evident that while he is awkward on the ground, he is anything but when it comes to his aerial performance. While certainly he is not as agile as the greens and blues, he has a certain grace to him, and a great bit of speed as a result of those oversized wings. While he'll not attempt the loops and twists of the greens, he'll have no qualms with the quick climbs and sudden drops, or even the sudden changes in direction, and it's these skills which will also prove to be important during Threadfall.

Soihath is truly a big teddy bear, albeit one that happens to have wings and rather intimidating talons. Despite his rather klutzy tendencies, he is gentle to the end and will throw his support behind anyone that he deems may need it. When you're having a rough day, he'll be there to wrap your arms around, or to sleep next to when nothing else seems to be going right. He'll never come off as threatening, and he'll do his best to assuage the fears of those that may be frightened by the presence of a large bronze such as him. Soihath will even eventually figure out his own version of the puppy-dog look - chin dropped, eyes fully unlidded and his shoulders and wings drooping just enough to look pathetic.

He will be the one you can lean on, or turn to no matter what. He is generally very laid back - believing that everything will come out okay in the end, and reminding you of this at every necessarily interval. He prefers to have fun while doing what he has to - be it lessons, practice, or the real thing - and he'll often pipe up with a random comment meant to diffuse a tense situation. However, no matter how much fun he has, he'll never settle for anything less than perfect, and you'll often find yourself repeating lessons again and again until they are -just- right.

For all of his bulk, he's lighthearted, cheerful, positive thinking, and fun. Of course, it helps that without your help he can't remember much past breakfast, but he'll be your positive influence.


First of all, I want to say congratulations, Lyonell, and welcome as one of High Reaches' newest weyrlings! As always, everything written here is just made up of ideas - Soihath is yours and yours alone to play as you wish.

The egg theme this clutch was 'Pop Music' and the Italian Restaurant Egg was based off of the Billy Joel song, 'Scenes from an Italian Restaurant'. The egg was created by Zillah, with tweaks by Scrabble. The song was originally released on his 1977 album -The Stranger- and appeared on many compilations after that. Made up of 3 distinctive sections, it is almost as if 3 songs have been fused together to create the 7 and a half minute piece.

The hatchling theme this cycle was 'birds' - particularly 'birds of prey' but it was expanded to allow for the inclusion of more than simply hawks and the like. Soihath's description is based on a great albatross - one of the largest flying birds. Great albatrosses, which inhabit the Southern Ocean particularly near the sub-Antaratic islands of New Zealand, may have a wing span as large as eleven feet, though the average male is slightly smaller.

The choice of the albatross seemed appropriate given your request for a large dragon - and while Soihath is not one of the largest bronzes, neither is one of the smallest - it is all about how one carries himself. The silly, goofy, and generally fun aspects that you requested come from none other than Ace of Cake's very own Duff - a man I know you know well, and I'll not ramble describing him.

The last bit of explanation comes with his name - Soihath. I've been saying it 'So-Eye-Ha-th', and it comes from the name of Duff's own bad - soihadto (So I Had To). It struck me as amusing, and it seemed to fit, no matter how many other names I tried, I kept coming back.

Again, I hope he's what you were looking for, and that you enjoy him! Congratulations!


Name Lord of the Winds Bronze Soihath
Dam Gold Chienvith
Sire Bronze Ceannath
Created By Angharad
Impressee L'nel
Hatched 09 November 2009
High Reaches Weyr
Seven Spindles MUX

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