For All I Know You’re A Duck Green Stoth

So very pale, the light green hide of this dragon is icy in hue as it drapes down to cover nearly the entirety of her body. She is fairly compact and rather rounded, even almost chubby in spots along her neck, shoulders and belly. She slims down though when it comes to her legs, those looking very frail to support her upper body. Brushed with crystalline glitter that glows gold, it seems sprinkled across her entire body and concentrates across the bonier parts. Flashy and rather large are her wings, spangled in pale green and dusted with white gold across her 'sails before the gold fades out to just that same pale, pale green.

Egg Name and Description

Cuddled Warmth Egg

Stark in near black on white, this egg is seemingly a study in monochrome. Thick lines shadow across its surface, with some leaving small splotches toward the top. One larger oval speckle decorates along the top curve, while slight motion seems to over take the egg, sliding down to where it nestles in the sands. There is one bright spot of color though, a brilliant yellow patch held near the center of the egg. Outlined in thick black lines, the color seems an almost luminous, glowing gold that plays up how drab the rest of the shell is.

Hatching Message

Wobble: It rolls slowly, the Cuddled Warmth Egg, gently rocking in the small hollow where it was laid before moving a bit more vigorously. Back and forth before it finally stills to a stop, resting eventually right back where it started.

Crack: Fine lines start to appear on the Cuddled Warmth Egg, the beginning fractures to the shell that will spell its undoing. They slowly grow over time, spreading around and around until the shell is more fractured than whole.

Hatch: It does not take very long at all now, for the Cuddled Warmth Egg to shatter and expose a pale, pale green hatchling. The hatchling immediately gets to her feet, shaking out her wings and then heading off to see who is available. She takes her time wandering around, before finally stopping in front of a rather plump young woman. She pushes her head forward, nudging the young woman until Myalli answers. "Yes, yes, Stoth. I'm right here."


Soft and Fluffy



Name Stoth
Dam Gold Feyruth
Sire Bronze Emeliuth
Created By C'vryn
Impressee Myalli
Hatched August 27, 2016
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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