Making It Up As I Go Bronze Suldith

Dark bronze hues have almost lost their metallic gleam, the mottled metal of raw bronze and aged copper conspire to drape this hatchling in subtle and shifting shadows. Rounded features, rounded body, plump little legs and a long, whip-like tail come together with smooth, curved lines to craft his frame. Much smaller than most bronzes, and yet unmistakably marked as one by the intensity of his gaze, his round, deeply set, and expressive eyes rest beneath gently curving sculpted eyeridges. These features combine to make his gaze softer and more approachable than many of his kind, yet wildness remains. Those same eyes carry the indefinable stamp of the first unpaired dragonettes. A distant gleam of that harsh and dangerous predatory past lurks just behind his disarming gaze. His headknobs, not surprisingly, are wide and rounded as well, curving soothly at the tips. Exquisitely proportioned wings hold the legacy of his true color, though, with golden bronze threads woven into the night's cloak of his wing's impressive expanse. His talons are blunt and stocky, and as dark as the rest of him. The overall effect of his features leave the distinct impression of a sleek sheen of softness brought about by a lack of harsh angles. No doubt this will serve him well in the air and grant him remarkable maneuverability.

Egg Name and Description

Caught in a Crafted Dream Egg
This egg's base color is just slightly silvered in appearance. Layered on top of this almost imperceptible sheen are six other distinct bands of color radiating from slighty-off center patch of deep-sea blue. One section features rich browns and reds, while another is clearly metallic, sporting copper, a silver, cobalt, and emerald hues that feature a just-perceptible sheen that makes the egg look crafted by a skilled team of artisans rather than naturally occuring. Still other sections seem to borrow from the dazzling combinations of broken light that make up the rainbow. Crimson, bright emerald green, deep violet hues. Every time this egg is viewed it seems to present something different. That's no mystery. Surely, different sections are exposed each time the Queen dragon who cares for it shifts its position. Each visit is a new creation, but the changing face that is put forth isn't random. There's a definite, planned, overall design that is only revealed by careful study. Provided of course that one is not distracted by the dazzling combinations of creative possibility that emerge from the shifting colors.

Hatching Message

Impression Message

A clarity of mind comes upon you. Suddenly your vision seems sharper. The acrid smell of the Sands and the sounds around you become distinct. Some of the earlier events of the day bubble their way back into your consciousness to be re-experienced in the light of this new single-minded certainty of purpose. The ever-present heat haze seems to lift and discomfort is momentarily, blissfully, surprisingly, distant. It's as if some sleeping power within you, waiting your whole life for this moment, has finally roused itself and the power of it jolts you into a new reality. A new awareness flows into this freshly awakened portion of your mind, fitting itself into your consciousness so perfectly that it was clearly meant to be there from the beginning. That which was missing, all these Turns, is missing no longer. The joy of mutual completeness washes over you as a tangible thing. Never again will you face an uncertain world alone. « My name is Suldith » says a new voice in your mind, as comfortable as warm silk. « Could we get something to eat? » « We both have waited a long time. Put your doubts aside, I am yours forever — and there is much to do. » The 'forever' lodges deeply in your awareness as you realize you have added your name to the history of this place, these sands of Western Weyr, like so many before you. You arrived alone but depart together, Dragonrider.


Suldith will forever be your partner, risking life, limb, and personal safety in your shared adventure while forsaking all others. That said, he's also got a wild side, some untamed part of himself that makes it clear he doesn't belong to anyone or anything, some part of him that holds humankind at a careful distance. You may find him rebellious, naughty, headstrong and unpredictable at times, and though his reasons may be unclear at first, you'll find his heart is always in the right place, trying to do what he feels is best for you and for the Weyr. Underneath is deceptively 'friendly' soft appearance, he is a hundred percent dragon, and though he's playful, and expressive, and easygoing in private, he's a cautious predator when confronted with people you haven't introduced, always right on the edge of giving into his base instincts. Rather like a person who keeps a pet lion cub, you must never forget he is a wild thing, no matter how much familiarity may lull you into thinking otherwise. Many players strive to give their dragons 'personality' - imbuing them with some person-like qualities You might enjoy instead focusing on his 'dragonality' that wild part of him that is decidedly not human. Your bond of love runs deep, however, and that tempers him greatly. He is a truly formidable ally equipt for an earlier and more dangerous time. As always these are just suggestions and you're welcome to change his nature to suit your tastes.


This mind flows with the creativity of collaboration. Nothing truly great can be accomplished alone. When minds come together be they rider and dragon, mother and child, family and friends, then great things are afoot. It knows that we must make the dream we live, as we go, moment to moment, It knows that dream should be shared. In a way, reality is just an agreed upon dream, built piece by piece, like a movie that we can all sit down and watch, and have a completely unique reaction to the same storyline.



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