Keep Calm and Green On Tairath

This girl's definitely got the green thing going. From the brilliant shade of chartreuse that saturates her hide with a radiant sheen, her very being seems extrude confidence and a calmness of purpose. Her finely shaped head, crowned with delicate little head knobs is set on a long swanlike neck that blends smoothly into graceful shoulders. Lean of belly, and haunch, she's not scrawny, but rather lithe and given to a feminine figure. Her wings are that just right size, enough to give her a sleek aerodynamic look without making her appear too overbalanced,and her lean long tail adds length to her presence,without making her seem bulky or dominating.

Egg Name and Description

Berry Berry Goodness Egg
Angled just so in the warm wallow of the sands, this egg looks as if it rimmed by a scalloped band of sienna-brown crust, little curly cue half circles that march in orderly fashion along the shell's circumference. Butter-yellow hues fill in the central space created by that outer rim, and in the very middle of the shell itself, a heaping mo

Hatching Message

Berry Berry Goodness Egg jolts, a back and forth motion that sends sand flying out from about it in every direction. It stills for a moment, trembles and mightily continues its endeavors. The hatchling in here wants OUT! A loud crack rips a portion of the shell off, a flash of green seen within, before the egg tumbles forwards, rolling across the sand. Another crack, a sharp ripping sound, and a taloned claw pokes though, dragging into the warm sand. Another claw,punching sharply through the shell, and the hatchling tears her way free, pushing out of the confining egg in a manner of infinite calmness. Nothing rattles her. NOTHING.

Impression Message

Keep Calm and Green On Hatchling's entrance onto the hatching sands is one of poise, and grace., her mother's daughter without a doubt, and she sashays from the remains of her egg towards the assembled knot of candidates,her tail lashing back and forth in gentle precision. She knows what she must do, find a lifemate, get some food — in that order — and then get petted and pampered with an oil rub followed by a nap. And she's got her eye on just the /right/ one for her. A lovely green like her needs a perfect pretty companion, and that's Klara, the prissy little blonde who isn't quite so snobby now that she's been chosen by a dragon. Or at least, not snobby to her dragon anyway. "Oh yes Tairath. We are meant to be together. So perfect and wonderful. You'll see!"



Name Keep Calm and Green On Tairath
Dam Gold Shadhavarth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By Enka
Impressee Klara
Hatched April 1st, 2013
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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