A Lovely Little Green Taiyokanth

Delicate of feature and rather small compared to other dragons, this petite green makes a statement, not with size but vivid coloration. Tiny mint-hued speckles spray across her dark green wingsails, the base color so dark that it looks almost black. The dusting of pale flecks becomes more dense nearer to the base of her wings and spreads around her upper body to give way completely to a light underbelly and throat. The rest of her body is sooty green, the appearance of her hide akin to plush velvet, providing a showy contrast to the very pale markings on her wingsails. Perhaps the most spectacular accent is best seen when her wings are unfurled fully where dual bands of the mint color extend from the top, outer curve of the wing downward in a subtle V shape. The pale stripes define the darker center where the natural line of the wing forms the subtle curvature of a heart which condenses to a teardrop when the grand sails fold against her back.

Egg Name and Description

A Deepening of the Evening Egg
The color of this egg reminds one of the sky at dusk as the blues of day give way to the deeper purples in the fading light. Here and there, a crystalline intaglio of fine white and gray lines emerge out of the fathomless illusion of depth that the deep color provides to seemingly float closer to the surface, like fine spinner webs or cracks in thawing ice. The effect of this combination is twofold. First, new patterns may be found in what seems to be the interior crystalline structure of the egg, as the thin lines of white weave themselves together Second, it becomes clear that although it seems you're looking into the depths of the egg, it's just a surface pattern that provides the illusion of depth, endlessly drawing your eye into its center, when in fact, of course, it's just a shell.

Occasional Moments of Absolute Genius becomes aware of your reaching out immediately and welcomes your thoughts and all of their new possibilities. In kind, you find yourself accepted, without judgment or question, without test or key, simply by virtue of who you are. You are invited into the swirling excitement of a personal adventure. This mind leaves the destination of that adventure to you though, it agrees to follow where you might lead simply because it trusts that whatever the destination, the journey contains the lesson, and it craves what you might teach it - Are you brave enough to take the first step?

Occasional Moments of Absolute Genius accepts your leadership and begins the journey. It shows you a little more of itself.

You learn that it is young and yet mature in some ways. It accepts all things as they are, just as it has accepted you, and from that acceptance of what is, shapes a greater possibility, crafting a result that is greater than the raw material. Your mind is more deeply explored, looking for that raw material. Your past, your faults, tears shed long ago as well as the laughter become iron for the creative forge. You are brave for sharing so much. What will be the result? The difference between genius and failure is often a matter of bravery.

Occasional Moments of Absolute Genius is ready. All has been shared. You find yourself drained by the depth of the communion. Nothing is secret anymore. Must you be so exposed, so tested, so venerable? Is the treasure at the end of the journey worth it? Then insight strikes. You were accepted at the beginning of this journey. There was no testing, no judgment, your bravery and character alone is sufficient. Your faults, now known, have only tempered your strength, as iron becomes steel. All your trials have been driven by purpose. You need be nothing other than yourself, forever for you were crafted to be sufficient for the task from the beginning. This mind has offered you the realization that all things in life work together for good, even the trials that strengthen you. A treasure indeed!

Every test that was and will be — has just been passed.

Hatching Message

There's a bit of a wiggle from the Deepening of the Evening egg. Then another. Then it starts to tip! It's going to roll across the sands! It's trying to escape! Runaway egg! But it never quite makes it to a full roll, there's too much sand keeping it stationary.

The Deepening of the Evening egg lurches backwards and forwards in the sand for a period still trying to get a roll going, then seems to stop to catch its breath. There's little movement from it, but those with good eyesight can probably see a small crack forming at the crown of the egg. It's a tiny thing, barely visible against the blue backdrop. Slowly it dances across the surface, becoming bigger and wider like a fast flowing river. Tributaries spring from the main line, but quickly fade to nothing. Soon enough the entire top bit of the eggs is littered with cracks, spelling out the egg's eventual destruction.

It's an egg-splosion! The top bits of the Deepening of the Evening egg are sent in all directions. A holder candidate looks very put-off about this, as well. She has -egg- in her -hair-. While she's busy muttering curse words under her breath, two talons creep their way up to grab hold of the top of the egg. There's some struggling, as the dragon inside struggles to pull itself up and out. Then suddenly the egg tips in the sand splitting open and spilling its draconic contents out onto the sand.

Impression Message

Your mind is suddenly pierced with a burning bright light. One of the dragons has mauled you, you're dying! But no, this is a good feeling. The brightness fades into soft pinks and sky blues, and everything around you becomes vastly more vivid. And then you hear a voice in your head, it's excited, but sweet sounding. And it's giggling away happily. « Raev! Hi! Hello! Hi! It's me, Taiyokanth! » The giggling stops only for a moment, but the excited feeling won't go away! « I'm here, isn't this exciting!? Let's have a lot of fun together, okay? We have a lot to do! But first, let's get something to eat! Yay! » There's so much pink!


Most things will come natural to this green, be it swimming or flying or hunting. She'll even understand betweening in a stroke of genius while her clutchmates are just getting the hang of projections. For the things that don't come naturally, she will show great determination to master and push to overcome any challenges faced along the way. But she isn't one to brag, or to start charging ahead in lessons. Even if Raevella is anxious to show up her classmates Taiyokanth will opt to stay behind and give her less fortunate clutchmates a helping hand. Raevella will always come first of course, but the green is philanthropic in nature and always eager to give more than she receives. Even the most stubborn and antisocial of dragons will find her cooling, calm mind voice to their liking. If you can get them to admit it.

She will enjoy meeting new dragons and will gladly accept more people into her and her rider's life. She will be coaxing Raevella to take a love interest as a weyrmate likely long before her rider is thinking the same (for better or worse.) This caring nature will go beyond people and dragons, and she'll even take a liking and caring attitude towards any firelizards or other pets Raevella might pick up along the way.

On the outside, Taiyokanth is always happy and chipper. She's a ball of energy and is always zipping around. Even the most dull and repetitive of jobs will never cease to excite the green (even better if there's a chance she might run into a favorite dragon or two of hers). Of course this comes with a bit of a price. She'll end up eating more than most other dragons her size. A full sized herdbeast every other day, or at least a wherry or two every day. She'll also be one of the soundest sleeping dragons in the caverns. By day's end she is -pooped- and it will be hard for Raevella to have pillow talk with her before bedtime. Most of their personal time together will probably be while the green is eating, up until when they can start to fly together.

However Taiyokanth is very empathetic to Raevella's feelings, and will spend lots of time worrying over her rider. Beneath the bubbly surface is a dragon who cares deeply for her rider and worries more about Raevella's happiness than her own. Expect Taiyokanth to be wracked by guilt when a flight doesn't go exactly how Raevella was hoping, and an angry dragon to suddenly emerge if her rider suffers a bad break up or some other emotionally devastating event. The weight of Raevella's happiness or unhappiness will be heavy on Taiyokanth's shoulders.

Boys boys boys! One of her green clutchmates is likely to go proddy before her (or maybe the green of a weyrlingmaster) and she won't understand why she can't chase! But it seemed like such fun, and everyone else was doing it! It's not that she longs to be one of the boys, or even that she thinks she is one of the boys, she just doesn't understand why things should be any different for her than it is for them.

Physically proddiness will show itself on Taiyokanth. She will glow like a queen almost in the days leading up to flight. However don't expect her to -feel- much different. She won't be flirting with the boys or acting out of character. She will of course be enjoying all the extra company she seems to keep during this time! So expect her to maintain a harem for a few days, and to wrangle males like sheep.

Due to the sheer amount of energy she puts out, Taiyokanth will probably want to blood before her flights, even if it's done at a very quick pace. Expect her flights to go much higher than other greens and be a very intense experience for all those involved. Smaller males might have trouble keeping up with the amount of endurance she shows and the length of the flights, while larger males will have the usual problems as she will still maintain the maneuverability of a green.

Taiyokanth will be adaptable to any wing Raevella decides they are a good match for. Her sheer energy will allow them to make more deliveries in one day than a typical transport rider, her caring and nurturing nature will allow her to help younger dragons should Raevella want to be a weyrlingmaster and her determination and desire to help would make her good at search and rescue. As long as she is outside and actively involved, it will be hard for Taiyokanth not to put forth 110%.


Occasional Moments of Absolute Genius
This is a mind filled with sensitivity and creative genius. It is a vast swirling maelstrom of possibility out of which can bubble flashes of true greatness, or ruin. When conditions are favorable, this mind is a stalwart friend, sensitive, insightful, flexible and imaginative. When under stress, however, it can become indecisive and lazy, preferring to let outside forces shape its course, rather than choosing its own. That is perhaps its greatest strength and weakness. It changes to fit circumstance and necessity, making it supremely adaptable and loyal, but ill equipt to find a way through adversity on its own. If caught in a rainstorm, it would find a way to enjoy being wet, rather than seek shelter. This mind will need another of strong will to guide it in those times.


The clutch theme for this clutch was "Months of the Year", and Deepening of the Evening Egg was for the month of February. Eggs were based off of each month's birthstones, and basic mind descs and touches were to be loosely based off of Zodiac Signs, in this case Aquarius. Thank you to A'ven for writing the egg desc and touches, and Lissi to creating the dragon desc!

I'm Taiyokanth you guys!

That's right, Taiyokanth was based on Hikaru, from the Anime Magic Knight Rayearth. In her are sprinkled little bits and pieces of the Aquarius Zodiac symbol's traits, the month of February, and also the holiday of Valentine's Day.

Besides being a ridiculous joke, the above statement really tells a lot about Hikaru's personality. On their first meeting the three protagonists in MKR introduce themselves. Umi and Fuu give very formal introductions, including both their names, how old they are and what grade they're in. Hikaru, she gives a very informal, excited introduction, what you see above. Then she tacks on how old she is and what grade she's in. (Which shocks the others, as they can't believe she's as old as they are.)

You said you wanted a friendly dragon, one that would challenge Raevella to start moving outside of her comfort zone. Raevella seemed to be prissy in her own right, so I didn't think a very flowery girly dragon would do much for her character other than support her current personality. Rae rather reminded me of Umi from MKR at the get-go. Umi was from an expensive prestigious private school in the manga, she's tall and beautiful and a bit stuck up and snobbish. She's also whiney and complains a lot at the beginning of the series, but becomes more sympathetic and open-minded as it progresses. Much of her change I felt came about by witnessing Hikaru's happy-go-lucky nature, and her willingness to put her life on the line for others (even if they were whiney and complained a lot.) I think Taiyokanth could do the same for Rae, if that's the direction you are looking to take her in.

However there is more to Hikaru than just her naive bubbly personality. She is perhaps the most affected by the tragedies that happen during the series, and I wanted to capture that as well. A dragon who is happy all the time wouldn't be interesting to play at all, of course. Like Hikaru, Taiyokanth has a brooding and deep private side to her. It's something that you may want to share, or you may want to use it as something only Raevella experiences in private. Or it may be something that you choose to ignore.

Of course Taiyokanth is yours and you should of course play her however you feel fit. Everything written here are just suggestions for -your- dragon and you can choose to take all, none, or pieces of it into making a dragon that best fits Raevella.



Name A Lovely Little Green Taiyokanth
Dam Gold Miraneith
Sire Bronze Glyith
Created By A'ven (egg) Lissi & Zi'on (hatchling)
Impressee Raev (Raevella)
Hatched July 31, 20011
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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