Don't Go Where I Can't Follow Green Tarieth

Soft meadow hues lend gentleness and grace to a slim and youthful form — the color of spring time a burst of radiant purity that sweeps dramatically across her delicate, dainty features. Her muzzle, tiny and well-formed, is where the soft springtime tones begin, meadow-green the color of fresh grass that sweeps up along the arching curves of her cheekbones, a scattering of mint and emerald freckles like flower blossoms that crown her headknobs and spill down along the arch of her slender neck. Slim shoulders accentuate the equally lean curve of her underbelly — where glistening skeins of ripe apple-green shadows flow along her underside towards her haunches. Curling from her slender flanks, her tail, short and slim is dappled with verdant streaks, like the pattern of freshly mown hay. Her wings, slender and small are pale green, the near-transparency of her sails stretched across the delicate wingbones like the veins of a just budded leaf, fragile and new — yet stronger than they look.

Egg Name and Description

Journey through Fantasy Egg
A palate of colors enfolds this well-sized egg, the march of varied scenery across the shell offering a differing glimpse depending upon the angle at which it is viewed — each side and curve as unspoken from the last as night is to day. Beginning upon the left most portion of the egg, a burst of spring green, the freshest bloom of life precedes the progression of darker green and a tawny brown that yields to a foreboding splash of ebony black. This is bisected by a jagged spike of stony gray wreathed in glimmers of misty white. In turn, a sudden aureate shimmer streaks the shell, golden trees crowned in sunlight in a magical wood. And at last, the journey is done, the shimmer of gold dominated by swirled black and red, fire-touched night that surrenders once again to the flush of spring, the cycle beginning anew.

Hatching Message

Journey through Fantasy Egg shivers and quivers with a gentle rocking motion on the sands, faint eddies of pale sand beneath it stirred into ripples as the egg shows evident signs of life. And then it stills, a momentary pause as silence seems to fall about it, and the world seems to hold it's breath.

And then like a sigh, Journey through Fantasy Egg begins it's measured gyrations again, a steady rhythmic pitch of back and forth and side to side. There's nothing violent about it's movements, at least not the frantic rapid jerking about like it's clutchsibs. And when the egg cracks, there's no loud echoing through the caverns, just a gentle click, and variated lines appear across the shell, just like that!

Journey through Fantasy Egg surrenders to the inevitable, the eggshell beginning to crumble inwards as the tip of a green nose pokes through the part of the shell where flame and fire hues seem to jolt upwards like a raging volcano. Another shove, and the egg splits neatly in half, falling like leaves around a slender form.

Impression Message

You! You're here to make an impression. Both in the figurative sense, for the crowd up there in the galleries is watching you and all your fellow candidates. But also in the literal sense, because just maybe, one of those hatchlings is for you. There's heat here, the rising warmth from the sands seeping through, too warm! And then, like a breeze, she's there, the softest of brushes against your mind. « S'ol, » she calls you. « S'ol, I need some food, we really should get off the sands. I'm Tarieth, and I am yours! »


For all her tiny size, and slender mien, Tarieth is a creature of great and caring heart. From the moment she was Hatched, her sole purpose and existence has been to be your loyal and true friend — the best sidekick you could ever have — and your staunchest, strongest supporter in life. That she is not merely a sidekick, but a life-bonded companion, Tarieth is nevertheless a reflection of you; friend, ally and truest love.

Sam: Not before Mr. Frodo's had something to eat.

Trust Tarieth to make sure that you are cared for, that you've eaten, bathed and gotten plenty of sleep. It's not that she mothers you, oh no. She's far too much of a friend you treat you like a mother might a child. Rather, she treats you the way a good-natured servant might chide his or her master into taking care of themselves. She truly wants the best for you, and being in the best of health, condition and of a good frame of mood and mind will help you in your daily endeavors. And that's Tarieth's job — to make sure that you have a good day.

She doesn't bowl you over with enthusiasm, her quiet effacement of greeting and the gentle way that she speaks to you is easy-going and friendly. Easygoing in manner, Tarieth does her best to humor you, and keep you in good spirits, although it never will be at her expense. No indeed, making a fool of herself to make you or anyone else laugh is beneath her, she is a reflection of you, and her actions are always going to be undertaken with a mind towards making sure you don't look a fool in turn.

Sam: I made a promise, Mr Frodo. A promise. "Don't you leave him Samwise Gamgee." And I don't mean to. I don't mean to.

Tarieth will always be there for you. As she grows from hatchling to fledgeling and then to full adulthood, she is your constant companion, the light in the darkness and the friend who is always there to help you. She's not perfect of course, she can't fly as long as Indianath can or as fast as Cimarroth can, but she's deft and nimble, her small size meaning she's quiet acrobatic, which is turn will keep her as close to you side as possible. Because she's made a promise from that moment she made eye contact and chose you for her own. She's not going to leave you. Ever.

Sam: This is it.
Frodo: This is what?
Sam: If I take one more step, it'll be the farthest away from home I've ever been.
Frodo: Come on, Sam. Remember what Bilbo used to say: "It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to."

Adulthood brings changes; first flight is a thrill and a joy for the both of you as you soar together, the wind beneath her wings. Yet still, there is some hesitation on Tarieth's part when she is at last deemed ready by the Weyrlingmasters to take that important first leap *Between*. That's when you'll have to coax and cajole her, to plunge into the dark, cold abyss of nothing and emerge on the other side intact. Once she's done that though, taken that first fateful leap, there'll be no stopping her after that. Whereever you go, whereever the world will send you, no matter how much you'll try to be alone, Tarieth will be there.

When it comes to mating flights, Tarieth isn't much of a flirt. In fact, she's a bit clueless about the opposite sex — even if there are some male dragons who've caught her eye and well .. se's a bit infatuated with them, even if she can never really seem to get up the courage to approach them. Her maiden flight will be quick, the little tiny green taking to the sky almost the minute she begins to glow. She won't blood, nothing ever so indecent as that, but she will flitter and dart, this way and that until the males manage to catch up with her, at which point she readily succumbs to a gentle embrace.

Sam: I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you.

Tarieth isn't there to carry your burdens in life. She can't do that, you've your own worries and fears to bear, but the one thing she can do above all else is help you lighten the load and carry you along. Not merely in the physical sense, but in the mental and emotional one as well. She's there, the strong wings to bear you up and carry you on. Friend, love, and loyal and true, Tarieth is yours forever, faithful to the end.


Spiced with the sweet scent of fresh clover and new mown hay, her mindvoice is as soft and gentle as the rest of her. Soothing, unobtrusive and mellow, there's a lingering taste of strawberries in cream and ripe orchard fruit that tingles on the tongue. Her words, when spoken are low, like a breathy whisper. Her words, chosen always with care and thought are laced with a sense of purpose and supportiveness, with the delicious scents of imagined treats to give a boost to those she speaks to.


Welcome to Weyrlinghood at Western Weyr, S'ol. We're really happy you can be part of the fun! Now, the theme of the clutch was Music and Movies; and one of the best movies that I think that comes with a killer awesome score is actually a trilogy, and that's the Lord of the Rings. The egg itself is based on the Journey of the Fellowship through the realms of Middle Earth. From the start of the journey in the Shire through Rivendell and into the Mines of Moria before emerging in the misty mountains and the repite found in Lothlorien, before the journey resumes through Mordor and the fires of Mount Doom before the return to the Shire. In keeping with the egg theme, and wanting to give you the loyal friend and partner you wished for, I chose Samwise Gamgee, and your dragon's hatchling name comes from one of the best lines Sam ever spoken in the whole movie. Her name comes from Tariel which in Sindarian Elvish (keeping with the LoTR theme there too) is a translation for Regina, which means Queenly in Latin. And while she is certainly not a queen of dragons, Tarieth is a queen of friendship and loyalty. Also, her name is nice and short, rather feminine and can easily be nicknamed to Tari. Enjoy!!


Name Don't Go Where I Can't Follow Green Tarieth
Dam Gold Shadhavarth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By Enka
Impressee S'ol (Solarus)
Hatched June 3, 2012
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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