Boisterous Befuddled Briny Blue Taruth

The gentle lull of ocean waves lap serenely as briny waters shallow toward encroaching land. Tropical blues mingle in these shallows in brilliant succession of all manner of watery hue lit by sun and rippled by wind and tide. The hues rightly douse this dragon, splashing across his angular wedge shaped head and breaking upon the rather pointy neckridges. The water pools below the rapid whirl of his eyes and at the base of his jaw, caressing the strong angular bone. It plays down the sinuous arch of slender neck before washing into the greater hulk of his body. Cerulean and aquamarine twine in sunlit pools around the muscle of his back, only to drizzle out upon the strong tapered length of his tail darting back and forth between the smaller ridges there. Deep barreled chest and lanky body seems to have settled slightly further off-shore. Here hues no less vibrant mingle, but slightly deeper, are broken by striations of darker shadowed blue and blue-green where coral lies submerged along his flanks and belly. Occasionally one will find a flirtatious highlight in silver, red or gold, imitating the tiny fish one usually finds darting among the coral just beneath the waves. It seems a whole protected ecosystem is so played out upon his hide. Talons hide in matte flashes of soft coral yellow, which creeps ever so slightly upon his fingers, as if they somehow have managed to breach the surface of these warm waters. Wingsails blend to his body, floating neatly folded at his sides, but when spread echo the deeper hues of waters farther out. The darker clarity of the open ocean plies the greater expanse of translucent membrane only to lighten again upon the trialing edges as he seems to reach to the very edge of another world in a bunching of blue lines like cresting waves, and the splattered crash of foamy whites hinting of arrival upon that distant paradisiacal shore.

Egg Name and Description

Hidden Paradise Egg
Crisp tropical ocean blues splash brilliantly against dark black stone. Where the two meet, the waters churn in foamy whites while the rock holds the ocean tide stubbornly at bay. Here and there along this meeting line there is a wider swath of glittering sand that invites trespass into this virgin world. One will have to search carefully for these swaths of paradise, hidden so neatly by the sharp cut of black stone and awesome power of the ocean blue. Beyond the stone a jungle sprouts. Only the edges are just barely visible across the shells surface, patches of another part of paradise, hidden secrets in the swaying of palm fronds that flirt just out of reach.

Hatching Message

The tantalizing sway of palm frond's upon the surface of the hidden paradise egg is abruptly enhanced by the slightest of shudders that sends the egg rocking ever so gently in its sandy nest. Perhaps there is trouble in paradise, for the tremors continue to shake the pristine world, lapping the ocean waters more harshly against the rocky shore and threatening the jungle just beyond.

Trouble in paradise indeed, the hidden paradise egg rocks much more noticeably now. The welcoming drone of the dragons doing little to soothe, and all to much to incite the occupant within that seems to want out .now. Cracks break upon the surface, bright white against the tropical scene, the treasure its hidden for so long, all to soon to be revealed!

With a final definitive shudder the cracks growing upon the surface of the hidden paradise egg merge into a long jagged scar that is pushed apart. The shell gives grudgingly, paradise forever lost as the final segments are pried apart and a small birth damp hatchling falls bleating with surprise onto the hot sands.

Impression Message

There's a ripple of energy that rips through the air, feeling like thunder against your mind without the accompanying boom. It settles as dust upon the sand, a whisper of something coming, of two paths about to collide, merging the fate of two into one, irreversible. Then, then he is just there. As if it had always been. «La'n… Fi'an… N'ial…» he tests, the voice clear but unsure. So many choices you have, and soon, very soon you will need to make up your mind! Perhaps one is what you wish, or something else entirely will roll from your tongue, it suddenly doesn't seem to matter so much as long as you are happy. He knows his own name hoever, and in a bubble of joy that wells up from deep within your chest and threatens to explode you find you know it just as surely -Taruth- So clear as if you had spoken it, and perhaps you did? A name, so sweet and simple, yet so deep and binding as your eyes refocus upon the briny blue being which hovers impatiently at your feet.


Taruth may start out a small bundle of curious energy, when he grows you'll likely find the only difference is you now have a large bundle of curious energy on your hands. He is a source of eternal optimism, merely snorting amusedly at the pessimists around you and he before dragging you off to one corner or another of the big wide world. «Tomorrow's ALWAYS a better day! What do you imagine it will bring?» and so he'll tend to be up just before the crack of dawn, to watch the day arrive and breath deep as he bathes in those first rays of sunshine. He surprisingly won't be all that eager to get into the air «Why should I? there's so much to discover on the ground and the caverns are getting smaller by the day! Why do they have to shrink so, I'll never get to finish checking them out?!» Of course, after he gets over the rim of the bowl you might just think his eyes will pop out of his head as his shared surprise explodes with joyous ecstasy within you «Why didn't you TELL me it was so big?!?» So will start the expansion as you two fly everywhere the wind will take one. He does prefer to fly over, exploring on the ground outside the Weyr is less interesting to him than carrying you on his neck and sharing the joy of travel and discovery from the air. He'll likely be a bit disappointed to discover that herdbeast and wherry taste the same most anywhere one goes, but if anyone can manage to, he'll be the one to begin to distinguish subtle flavors and find regional preferences, much like a taster of fine wine. That's not to say he wants to be out and away every second, and here *between* will be a handy trick to know, slipping back to the weyr on a warm summer afternoon to doze…err meditate on the sun-warmed lagoon shore with his friends. He's eternally your supporter, your defender. Quick to come to your side at the barest moment's thought. He has an easy grace to his stride, both on the land and in the air, control of his body movements fine tuned over time until even the most subtle sway of his hips, the gentle swish of his tail has some other meaning you will come to know. Know what he's thinking without hearing, what his mood is at the barest glance and whom he is most interested in at any given moment, besides you of course. When you settle to the ground outside of the Weyr you'll discover another side to this fellow. One who respects greatly the needs and custom of others, dipping his head, or doing his best imitation of a human-like bow in greeting to the strangest of strangers. A charmer he is, warm and friendly. He's also all to aware that he represents the Weyr when you and he are away and though it may chafe a bit at times, for he'll remind you of the manners best for each situation. A silent partner guiding you through a particular custom or practice «It's use the silverware from the outside to the inside.» or «They kiss on both cheeks for introductions at this cothold, remember?» — He also enjoys wind chimes, wood or stone ones over metal, but they are all nice in the end to him and you'll likely need patient neighbors as you hang them around your weyr while he puffs away to sound off his favorites. Anything you make are especially nice as they clank and cling in the otherwise quiet. And stone couches… one must be from the stone age to like to lay on -cold- -hard- stone, so expect to be retrofitting your weyr equally with pillows «Reeds are to messy, and you can't chew on them as nicely» as the array of colorful pillows decorate the bottom of whatever your inner haven. «Besides… PILLOW FIGHT!!!» and off you two will be, laughing into the early hours of the morning as you explore his more playful side. — Of flights he does fancy. Once he's given it a few tries he comes to understand the rhythm and ritual of such affairs and settle into the customary expectations in the way he does when meeting new people. He presents as always the best of Western, flashing his healthy hide and showing off his own tricks… and if he can manage to catch a few greens while he's at it, all the sweeter! Such a charmer, he'll be difficult for the ladies to resist unless they are the more hissy-evil kind of proddy, and that he won't ever quite understand. «You are always reading how wonderful love is, why wouldn't she feel happy-good when she goes proddy?» Ah, the boyish innocence of this one. Western's greens are his favorite, and while you might… that's .might. get him to resist taking part in a flight else-weyr, when he's on his home turf just toss in the towel cause he's going up baby! — Overall, he's a joy, he's a pain, but no matter how weary you both might be from your travels far and near at the end of the day there's the warm satisfaction of returning to your weyr, the comfort and welcome of home, a sense of belonging, much like the two of you together, that nothing can replace.


Intangible Eternity
Warm and friendly there is an eternal depth to the wisdom and cheer within this ones thoughts, though it can be hard to put a finger on him precisely. It is an optimism and curiosity that reeks of history, rich customs and is well steeped in tradition. Not so much so that it gets stuffy or boring, no in fact it's merely the outermost layer. Those who don't do much more than give it a passing glance may be charmed and humored, but they won't get to know the deeper energy that resonates throughout his being. It flirts with those who would want to know it better, a deep sense of so much that it slips past often revealing but little at any one time of himself. Not wholly a bad for if one looks to long one might just feel as if one is brushing against eternity, an overwhelming sense of being all and nothing that can to easily frighten and just as easily fill one with the greatest of humbling confidence. His mind tends to be very colorful: particular of greens, stone grays, reds and gold. Images are not uncommon, often of elaborate stone temples or golden statues that reflect his vivid imagination for no such places exist on Pern.

Intangible Eternity dances close to your mind. Friendly warmth seeps through the wispy thoughts as it steps to its own rhythm, staying just out of reach. There is a depth of custom, as if you must be greeted in just the right way. The importance of introductions, should you wish to be introduced into its world. A fabulous depthy rich world it is too, dangling just beyond your thoughts reach. A feeling, nothing more, of something so much greater, so much more everlasting and yet the harder one reaches for it the more easily it slips away. Something that must be earned, it can not be by force captured.

Intangible Eternity swirls close and settles with you to a stony courtyard. This would not be so unusual except that it resembles no place on pern. Stone buildings rise all around you, full of curves and carved decoration. The largest rests in front of you and seems constructed of gold which gleams through a soft mist that filters the light overhead. Warmth again greets you, intangible thoughts flickers with hints of flowing red cloth that tugs at you to explore this foreign mysterious place. A temple to grand as to make one feel humble, a reminder of how insignificant each is, and yet drawing you to be part of a whole that is so much greater.

Intangible Eternity dances around you in a welcoming tangles of crimson red cloth and delicate veils of gold. It's a colorful and energetic display that speaks of rich history and custom. Of course it's not always so formal in laughing bubbles of green and blue which twirl in odd helical spires. Open and refreshing it offers a lighter side to life, a lift to ones spirits that takes away the care of the worlds, at least for a few short breaths before it settles down to meditate in its paradisical realm.

Intangible Eternity greets you more sedately this time. In a more formal mood perhaps, the sweep of a colorful costume bows deeply before you, yet there is a twinkle of mischief to the one who leads you on a tour of the latest temple-scene in which you have landed. Big old stone monument over there, nice deep well over here, 'nother building to the right… So much to see that you lose track of the sense of this one as it explores you more than you it. Such depth that no matter how far or fast you go, forever it seems to go on. There's a humorful sigh as you are returned to your own contemplations in a rustle of palm leaves.

Intangible Eternity sweeps into your thoughts upon the musical tinkle of wind-blown chimes. The wind brushes through like a living thing, nudging this pipe and that to knock against one and another and produce what seems like a never ending chime. A deeper chant joins the background, a low thrum that tingles the senses as if a hatching is about to start. Yet this sound is deeper, and broken in words that are not understandable but seem to penetrate through every pore.


The theme of the eggs was a celebration of nations. To pick a country of the world and celebrate the things/people/places and/or history that makes that country special and unique. This egg/dragon is inspired by Thailand. Admittedly, I've never been there, but I have a coworker that loves to go visit. A lot of the egg comes from what I have heard of his travels and experiences, as well as some more standard literary sources. The egg was inspired by some photos of the Phuket area beaches. Most of the stone is admittedly more gray, or brown-gray but one picture I saw was more black and that was nicely dramatic. His mind is based on travel stories, the rich customs and friendly folk that live there. As well as some inspiration from the UNESCO world heritage site of Sukhothai. The dragon description was generally inspired by Tarutao National Park, the first marine national park of Thailand. It is also where his name comes from, Tarutao generally means ' old, mysterious and primitive'. While I hope I've given some interesting concepts to consider, in the end he is yours and make of him what you will, and enjoy being a rider for he would fit no other so much as he fits you. — S'ym


Name Boisterous Befuddled Briny Blue Truth
Dam Gold Nylaeth
Sire Bronze Xalmyrilth
Created By S'ym
Impressee F'inn (Filan)
Hatched April 15, 2006
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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