Crowned With Smoke and Fire Gold Tavehtiath

As if molten sunlight were poured into form and being, the faint gleam of frosted gold clings briefly to the edges of her extremities — the very tip of her robust muzzle, the rounded curve of shoulder and haunch and the end of her tail — a pallor of ice that warms swiftly into the warm aureate flush of gilded magnificence. At very first glance, there's nothing angular or sharp about her, for she is all smooth rounded angles, broad of forehead and jowl, a proud arching neck and the curvaceous sinuousness of her belly and hips that dip downwards into an elegantly rounded tail. About rounded headknobs, wreaths of dusky smokey-gold twine, a crown that weaves unerringly before a daring plunge along the arch of her neck wherein they disappear. Her wings, broad and strong, are touched with amber, deep warm gold overshot with flickers of apricot and skeins of brimstone — bursts of dragonfire etched into the very fiber of those near-translucent wingsails.

Egg Name and Description

Descent Into Darkness Egg
That which begins with such promise of purity is quickly corrupted and transmuted for the apex of the ovoid crowned with a radiant sunburst of golden light transitions abruptly from glorious splendor into an inky darkness that appears to greedily suck in all light, reflecting nothing back in return. It is as if what might have been never was — or what might have been has changed, transformed into something darker and malignant and the end of all hope. Against this midnight backdrop, globs of uneven shapes appear, the hue of which is a dirty white, just pale enough to make them out against the shadowed shell. There, a smattering of shape that might be a dragon if viewed just so — swooping across the upper curve of shell. Or there, a lumpy blob with spindled steaks radiating from it could be a creepy crawler. But the eye is oft drawn to the figure central most on the shell, the unmistakable conglomeration of shapes that could only be that of a human, arms and legs akimbo, mid-fall.

Hatching Message

A slight shiver stirs Descent into Darkness Egg, eddies of sand quivering beneath the base of the ovoid, like some great beast waking to life and beginning to rise rise rise. Another stronger tremor, before it falls still, biding time to wait.

Descent into Darkness Egg rocks sharply — first one way, then the next. There's no stopping it now, the dragonet within has been confined for far too long, and freedom is sought. A sharp crack can be heard, pieces of the shell flaking away to litter the sand beneath the egg with shards of darkness.

It's a story for the ages, how more shards of shell begin to peel away, the renewed frenzy of violent conflict within the egg signals the desperate escape attempts of the young creature it holds within that inky prison, for it its not yet time to reveal the prize. For only when the battle betwixt egg without and hatchling within has been fought to its bittersweet conclusion as Descent into Darkness Egg gives up the struggle, the dark shell of the egg falling away at last to reveal the splendor of the dragonet within.

Impression Message

There … did you feel it? That brush of coolness against your cheek, here within the Hatching Sands where the very sand beneath your feet seems to scorch and burn, where heavy warmth presses down upon your skin bringing perspiration and sticky icky feelings. How? How could such a thing be here? Another touch, like cool fingers against your brow, soothing the heat and cleansing you of whatever damp sticky feelings you might be heaving at this very moment — the purity of snow and frost a welcome relief to your surroundings. « Rhysanna. » The voice, entering your mind, is soft, as soft as snowfall, with no emotion or feeling to it as your name is spoken. « Yes. » It comes again. « You are the one, you must be perfect, must be what everyone will expect you to be. » And she stands before you, golden and poised — your lifemate, regarding you with cool examination. « Say my name, tell them all, they are waiting. » And her name you know, it springing unbidden into your mind … Tavehtiath. « And after that, you may feed me. »


When first hatched, Tavehtiath, is young — carefree and innocent — in that way that only a baby could be. Aware, perhaps, of her elevation amongst her siblings, she nevertheless is friendly towards the others, particularly Kaiath in whom she feels the closest of bonds. But youth and innocence never last, and as she grows older, Tavehtiath will draw back from others — turning away from the ties of siblinghood and becoming the aloof, proudly regal queen that she was always meant to be, because that is what she believes is expected of her.

"Be the good girl
You always have to be
Don't feel
Put on a show…"

You see, Tavehtiath has a Plan. A Purpose, if you will. While your mother might have had plans for you to the point of Impressing a gold, it is Tavehtiath who can take those dreams and hopes and make them her own, molding and directing you into her vision of how you should be, think, and act. After all, a mother is only a mother, but to the creature who shares your mind, heart and very being in a bond that can only be broken by the end of life, Tavehtiath has far more influence and control over you than can ever be imagined. And what she plans is Greatness for she is proud and glorious in her own right, and she would have you there with her, her strong and stalwart companion who should be seen by one and all as the perfect goldrider that everyone expects you to be.

"Get it together… Control it!"

But to do that, you must forsake emotion, according to your dragon. That's not to say that Tavehtiath has ever felt emotions of her own, although the depth of love she has for you is never something she will ever voice aloud to you — ever let you truly feel how strongly the bond between you lies. But she is afraid to show it, afraid to be anything less than the elegant, proper gold she portrays herself as, and risk letting everyone down. She's not a tyrant or overbearing, although Tavehtiath does desire to see that you are given every right which is your due in the hierarchy of the Weyr, and may yet dream and scheme of the day when she is foremost amongst golds — even should that day never arrive.

"Please, just stay away from me! Stay away!"

To be that dragon that everyone expects, and to mold you into the person you have to be because that will be what's expected of you, Tavehtiath conceals her feelings, and comes across as cold and uncaring — something she might truly regret as it means keeping herself from Kaiath, no matter how much the green tries to be a part of her life. There's a great deal of politeness in the reaction that Tavehtiath has towards others, that stiff formality of prim and proper authority.

As a result, because she doesn't always display emotion, Tavehtiath has a knack for manipulating the feelings and emotions of others, of playing off their feelings to get a desirable outcome for herself that gives her the chance to be seen as the ideal gold. And rest assured, you will not be spared, as Tavehtiath tries to work her way with you to conceal your own feelings, to not show and always be seen as the best and brightest. Failures are not options, after all.

"Let it go, let it go
I am one with the wind and sky"

Full maturity brings a new aspect to the complexity that is Tavehtiath. Suddenly, there's feelings and emotions she can't quite control and overcome, particularly in concerns with the male dragons, and she's never before felt that way. Proddiness, and first flight, will be almost a shock to Tavehtiath, where she's suddenly dominated by these raging hormonal feelings of lust and the drive to procreate. When proddy, you will find her torn between the desire to repress her feelings as she has always done, and the need to react to those overwhelming feelings. Her first time on the feeding grounds will likely result in carnage as she starts to let emotions overcome her and you'll have to be forceful to make sure Tavehtiath bloods, and not feast. Once in the air, with the wind beneath her wings, she will throw all caution to the winds, and "let it go". Suddenly, unburdened by the need to hide her true feelings, she will be free to fly fast and far. Here, her desire for manipulation can come into play, freed from her restraints, she'll play her suitors off one another, seductively sweet in such a way that she's drawing them into her clutches, each convinced that he and he alone is worthy of the prize. While subsequent flights might not be as emotionally shocking to Tavehtiath, she nevertheless will revel in her momentary opportunity to release her emotional feelings and will always try to test her chasers to find the best partner for herself.

As a clutching queen, there may yet be some small flow of maternal warmth towards the eggs that she lays, however brief, and whilst she might willingly guard the eggs as long as they are bound within their shells and can't see the love she lavishes upon them, as soon as they are hatched and impressed, she could care less, and her life will return to the same pattern that it always has.


Laden with a faint chill, the touch of Tavehtiath's mind is one of frosty detachment and the pale bleakness of a frozen landscape. She who holds herself aloof, to protect herself and her innermost feelings, can only but respond with that air of coolness — crisp words delivered in the manner of stiff politeness. Contact with her mind would only show a world leached of color, for the lack of color gives distance and detachment — and her mental words are often accompanied by the swirl of a snowdrift, or the sting of wind-driven frost when she is angered.


The theme for the clutch is Angels and Demons in Pop Culture, and for Descent into Darkness Egg … well, you get an angel who basically became a demon. Everyone knows about Sauron, thanks to the Lord of the Rings movies, but he was small fry compared to Melkor, one of the Ainur (basically, angels) who in his pride and arrogance, became corrupted and fell into Darkness to be known as Morgoth.

Her description has a little teeny tiny bit of white gold — since you said you didn't really want much of it — but is mainly color. Lots of color. I decided to try to adapt a bit of a concept from The One Ring (yes, THAT One Ring) since it was forged by Sauron, Morgoth's 'apprentice' so to speak in order to get a colorful type gold, and then took some of description of Morgoth's being crowned with smoke and fire to get some more color (especially on those wings)

Since you wanted a dragon that was based off Elsa (totally my favorite character in Frozen) and I tried to incorporate a teeny little bit of Morgoth as far as being a little manipulative and secretive in feelings into her as well, I hope that the blend is a good one, and gets you the dragon you desired.

Tavehtiath's name comes from the Finnish word for winter — talvehtia — and I'd probably pronounce it as Taa-VEH-ti-ATH, but really, it's ultimately up to you how you'd want it said. Because when it all comes down to it, Tavehtiath is your dragon, and should be played the way you wish her to be played, the above is only a guideline after all.

Enjoy, and welcome to the insanity that is Western Weyr with a dragon, we're glad to have you on board!


Name Crowned With Smoke and Fire Gold Tavehtiath
Dam Gold Shadhavarth
Sire Bronze Tzettenvonth
Created By Enka
Impressee Rhysanna
Hatched February 16, 2014
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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