The Elusive Wild Gold Theiath


A slender form is drenched in pure gold, a rich hue that falls somewhere between light and dark. Likewise, her overall build could best be described as average; she is neither stocky nor lightly built. A solidity, which originates in part from her natural build and in part from how she carries herself, is inherent in the smooth curves of her neck, the powerful muscles of her shoulder and chest, and in the gently tapered tail. However, there are a few sharp features which stand out. Notably her headknobs and neckridge are slightly enlongated with a bit of angle to their dimensions while sharp claws at the end of her talons contrast with the rest of her form. A light dusting of rose gold spreads across her chest and belly, much as the setting sun spreads tendrils as it clings to the horizon before disappearing, the color most evident in the shadows and highlights cast upon her hide. Headknobs, wingspars, and the very tips of her feet are burnished a slightly darker rose-gold, while her muzzle is a slightly lighter flaxen color mingled with just a tint of golden-orange. There is nothing ethereal or intangible about her rich coloration and formidably built body.


Oh what a dynamic creature your Theiath is! The little details of her personality, as well as how you ultimately play her, are really up to you, Amarante, but here are some ideas and generalities to get you started.

For the first few months of her life, Theiath is exactly what she is: a baby. She's new to this world, and although she understands that there is 'something' different about her, it will take a bit of time for her to fully comprehend this in a meaningful way. As she grows up her personality will be shaped by a multitude of events and your interactions with her and the others in your group. However, despite it all there is an underlying nature and proclivity towards specific traits.

Theiath is not exactly an open dragon, or a particularly loud one. She much prefers to keep to herself, and yourself of course, but towards other dragons she tends towards aloofness and distance. That is not to say that she is entirely unfriendly or unwelcoming. Like any other, she enjoys a bit of play — a definition of which may end up being different from others. While some dragons may wish to play tag in the air, she may much prefer skimming across the Bay with a school of dolphins or making up some game for the two of you to play. Have a diplomatic mission to go on? She'll be suggesting a subtle game to play, though nothing that would get you or Eastern in trouble, she's not a mischief-maker after all. Aware of her position, she'll always try to act the part. She carries herself with dignity and as much grace as possible, though the first few months of her life she'll be clumsy as she tries to learn this skill, and she tries to cultivate an impressive and imposing figure. At first she'll be inclined to say whatever comes to mind, a trait which she'll retain whenever she becomes angered, but otherwise she chooses her words carefully. She'll also expect you to do the same. The two of you have a role to hold to, after all. This is what she was born for and what she chose you for.

Unfortunately, your Theiath has also inherited the infamous temper of Eastern golds. She can be a little hasty in taking comments the wrong way and overreacting at times. Her notable triggers would be any perceived insult or slight against you, her, and the Weyr in that order. When angered she becomes a hissing, spitting mass of golden dragon replete with scathing, cutting remarks designed to cut down the current focus of her attention. And were it not for the short term memory of dragons, it's likely she'd be holding a grudge against half the Weyr for some reason. If there are anynotable grudge-worthy incidents that linger in your mind she'll be quick to pick those up and act on them. Accordingly, she is a very possessive and jealous creature, and she has no qualms about showing these traits. If another dragon is eyeing her meat, or something on/near her couch, she'll be very quick to inform them that it is /hers/ and they are to not even look at it like /that/. Should you ever take a weyrmate, she'll be tolerable of him. After all, she knows that she is your one and only and no one could ever come close to that. However, her territorial and possessive nature will prevent her from ever actually warming up to another dragon and sharing, which is something she'd never do. It's not really a concept that exists in her little world.

When the time comes for her to mate and she is proddy there will be a slight reversal in her behavior. She'll be even more jealous and possessive than usual, particularly in relation to the other golds at Eastern. However, towards the bronzes she'll be more open, even slightly affectionate, and all kinds of sweetness. Theiath will actively seek out the company of others and will beg you to spend more time 'out in the open' so that she can get more attention. Although she'll never actually be a chatty dragon, this is the time that she'll be more inclined to 'converse' with others.


Creeping Danger Egg
A large frond of green wraps upwards from the base of the egg. Initially one segment at first, two other lobes break off and nearly enclose the entirety of the leathery egg, whose color where it is uncovered by green is a faint brown wash. At the edges of the greent territory there is a light scalloping of the boundaries and a hint of red is peppered along these seams, moving inwards towards the center of the green wrap.

Mind name

Lurking shadows

Lurking Shadows lap at the periphery of your subconscious, cool and dark. Soft waves gently crash, building up as the presence within the egg stirs, becoming aware of you. As the cool shadows slosh against you, there is a rising hint of curiosity.

Lurking Shadows settle into a gentle rocking motion with the occasional swirling eddy that brings with it a rush of something alien and strange and a faint hint of copper. The mood shifts quite abruptly with a mighty splash that threatens to drown in cloying darkness and then quickly the liquid shadows recede, an almost playful feeling broadcast from them.

Lurking Shadows calm into a gentle rocking once more, and then the dark shadows slowly coalesce into something a bit more tangible. The retreat of the mind is less like the ebb of a tide and more like the dragging of cloth through dirt.

Mind Desc

Theiath's mind has matured since the first time your hand grazed the surface of her egg. The dark waters have brightened, lit by a coming dawn, over which rosy and golden hues are cast. The coolness is still there and can be just as duplicitious as cold water that can be either soothing or bitingly painful. Belying her moods are the waters of her mind which are ever shifting. One moment she might be quite content and the very personification of an idyllic lakeshore with gentle wave lappings, but if provoked she's very quick to whip up an oceanic gale.

Hatching Messages

Creeping Danger Egg shifts a wee bit in its mound of sand. If you blinked, then you probably missed it.

Creeping Danger Egg tilts to the side and pulses slightly as the hatchling within tries to force its way out into the world. Finally there is give in the shell and a crack forms along the side before the egg stills, resting before making its entrance.

The crack in the side of Creeping Danger Egg elongates as the hatchling pushes against the weak spot. It's not long before the shell finally gives and a single forepaw emerges to claw at the air and break down the egg shell. In no time at all the hatchling is freed.

Impression Message

A soft rippling breeze, carrying on it a slight scent of salty sea air, rises from the hot sands. This is followed up by the sensation of cooling water lapping against you, a mere prelude to a veritable deluge that sweeps over you. There is something else there, another carried in on that wave. « My Amarante » a soft voice says into your mind. Accompanying this announcement is the sharp feeling of emptiness and an aching, almost consuming, hunger within your stomach. « Me? Oh, I'm your Theiath of course. » Were you expecting someone other than the young gold before you?


The egg theme for this clutch was flora, and this egg (Creeping Danger) was based on poison oak/ivy. The mind touches were lightly inspired by the ocean. As for the dragon, well your animal was a unicorn, heavily drawn from The Last Unicorn, and you suggested that would be a good compliment to Amarante. Theiath is derived from Erytheia, a name which you provided as one that you liked. Egg and dragon created by Mianyi for you, Amarante. Enjoy!

Name The Elusive Wild Gold Theiath
Dam Gold Elisith
Sire Bronze Redwalth
Impressee Amarante
Created by Mianyi
Hatched Sunday, October 12, 2008
Western Weyr, PernWorld MUSH

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