Fearlessly Voyaging Brown Thianth

An interlocking herringbone pattern of alternating earth tones, the lighter one resembling driftwood and the darker a more saturated shade of mahogany clad this imposingly large brown dragon in what looks to be a flexible and exquisitely crafted suit of armor. The descending chevrons of the dominant pattern seem to confuse the light that is reflecting off his hide. Parts of him that should be brightly lit, like the salt-laden driftwood color of his neckridges, appear instead to be shadow and his eyes, which should be shaded by his curved and closely-fitted browridges, stand out brightly because the armored pattern catches the inner light from his own scintillating eyes. The protective pattern does have termination points, forming ever-tightening and descending overlapping diamonds at his forehead and the tips of his wings. His tail fork appears to be crafted from a single plate of the darker mahogany color with just a spot of driftwood at its tip. Underneath this thick hide, his still-developing muscles promise the strength of many unspoken adventures to come. Sinewy and lithe wing muscles taper downward to merge with a massive chest and sturdy legs as if he were born to fly right out of his shell. For now, as a youngster, his bulk is a bit awkward but later he will grow into a truly remarkable example of his kind.
Thianth drawn by T'eo

Egg Name and Description

Wondrous Swirling Chaos Egg


This egg appears quite a bit larger than its companions though its hard judge accurately because it sits some distance away from the main grouping in a smaller grouping of its own. Surrounded by similar-sized neighbors, a closer look reveals astonishingly chaotic swirls of bright crimson that meld seamlessly with orange, at least three shades of a deep earthy brown, and even some isolated streaks of white. There is no discernible pattern to the rich and mesmerizing swirls of color, save for a hazy patch of red near the center. It's as if the shifting design was applied by some unseen howling wind that stormed across the face of this egg long ago, and left its mark, etched indelibly on the surface for you to see. Nestled in the grit of the sands, that surface seems as delicate as smoke. It becomes more difficult to focus on the details of this egg the longer you look but if you take the extra time, something new might be learned from its complex structure. Something previously hidden might arise from its beautiful chaos.

Hatching Message

A curious snout emerges from the Wondrous Swirling Chaos Egg. The head swivels deliberately to take stock of its surroundings. It certainly looks safe enough. With some effort the dragonette manages to kick itself free of the shell!

Impression Message

You become aware of an inquisitive probing presence. In the confusion of the moment it stands out like a pool of calm water. « I remember you. » it begins gently, slipping into your mind almost without effort. Once there, feelings and images blossom brightly into the forefront of your mind. Images are replayed from just moments ago. Heat. The cracking of an egg. The first murmurings of human voices dimly heard. Sunrises and sunsets mark the passing of time. How many feet have stood right here through how many Turns? How many wings are yet to fly started this very spot where you stand now? The comforting velvet voice of reason and truth returns, saying simply « I am Thianth and we are joined now and always, I am your friend. » « Our time has arrived, we join the long history of this place and begin our own. The journey…» there is a pause as if to gather strength, when the voice returns it is a thunderbolt of new courage and hope! « The journey never ends, but at least we are together, at long last. Let us go… and find new stars to steer by that other eyes have never seen. »


First and foremost he's your dragon. You may play him however you like in the end. That said, I think his mind description sums him up pretty well. He's a bit like a chess player who never quite leaves the game. He's always analyzing, always looking for the best move on the board, always testing what's happening against the knowledge he's already gained. He has extremely strong emotions, but those are concealed from everyone except you, and they are so intense, so raw, that they may surprise you at times! You may find yourself swept up in them, but these rare shows of emotion are like passing storms. He's got all the strength he needs (and then some) to keep things under control. Because he's always analyzing everything, he's very rarely surprised by life. Rock solid, mentally, he always seems to know the right course to take. But he so wants to be surprised! He yearns to be caught flat-footed in fascination and awe! A kind of inner boredom with that-which-has-already-been-tested drives him to always be traveling to new places, meeting new people, finding new things, and of course, discovering things about you! He will never get bored with you. He seeks change and discovery with all his heart and soul caught in an endless voyage to know, and go and find out! Some interesting physical things you might play with, his mind is extremely developed for a dragon, as such, he may, if you choose to develop the trait, find it easier than usual to talk to others mentally. As always, check with the person you're talking to OOCly to make sure this is okay — but mind-projection is not difficult for him. Also, if you should ever get physically hurt, he's likely to drop his detached logic and become a very emotional creature indeed, at least until he's sure you're okay. He has a strong sense of duty and does well both in a leadership role and as steady, unfailing, faithful support for you, and those you care about.


This mind reveals itself in total to its trusted companion. It will speak no lies, entertaining hyperbole and exaggeration only in extreme need. This mind is not content to simply allow the unknown to exist. It quests to find out, driven by fascination, exploration, and a deep sense of childlike wonder at what might be discovered, somewhere, out there in the wide world. This mind does not dwell in the wonder however, it dwells in truth, knowledge, logic, and facts. Each new experience is measured against what really is. Speculations are tested and results become knowledge. Knowledge is re-tested against new information and fresh speculation. So it is that this mind and its understanding are endlessly honed, becoming sharper each day. Strong emotions boil under the surface, kept in check with effort, analyzed, accepted, shared completely only with ones lifemate — used as a tool with others, when appropriate.



Egg and dragon lovingly crafted by A'ven. Your dragon's egg was inspired by the giant gas planet Jupiter. Your dragon was inspired in part, by your answers to the candidate questionnaire, and by the character of Spock, from Gene Roddenberry's original Star Trek television series. Live long, and prosper! Your dragon's name is loosely derived from the Vulcan word for 'logic' or 'the true underlying nature of all that is' I hope you find it suitable, it's the one thing I'm not sure you'll like.


Name Fearlessly Voyaging Brown Thianth
Dam Gold Nieleth
Sire Bronze Halinith
Created By A'ven
Impressee Av'ni (Avani)
Hatched April 11, 2010
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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