Sweet and Savory Pastry Green Tianath

Petite in stature, her hide boast a predominantly yellow-green hue that fades more to a spring green along her slim and gracefully built limbs. Slightly darker shades of green play along the angles and curves of her sides, accentuating the agile look her color is often known for. She may look dainty and sugar sweet, but is anything but and she carries her narrow and angular head with a sense of pride and confidence, her true strength carried within rather then out. Powdered mint frosts the gentle sweep of her eye ridges and small head knobs to disappear along the slender curve of her neck, only to reappear in the middle of her back and down the length of her tail. Her wings remain whole and untouched, save for the sails, which fade to a more translucent hue along the edges.

Egg Name and Description

Let the Festivities Begin Egg
Smaller in size then some eggs, what it lacks in size it seems to make up in color. With no true sense among the chaos, various tones and shades of green, purple and gold collide across this egg as hundreds upon hundreds of tiny and larger specks like so much glittering confetti. Up close, one may be able to pick out little details here and there, shapes hidden among the swirls of color, but in the most vague of hints that leave one wondering if something was seen at all or if it was merely a trick of the light.



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Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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