Lakes of Crystal Blue Tivonth

Pale, glacial blue creeps along this hatchling’s back, slowly engulfing his small body, light hues sliding over his shoulders and hips before they drip down his sides. The deeper blue of a cold lake pools on his stomach, lapping lazily at his throat, and casting the underside of his tail into shadow, though it is unable to overcome the lighter, constant hues of the wall of ice that are carved into the ridges along his back. Upon his wings, the ice and water fight for dominance, feathery hints of pale spreading outwards from each spar, threatening to overcome the watery-blue hues of his windsails completely, just as it inches down from his ridges to cover delicately formed headknobs and his small muzzle, like a dusting of snow upon his head.

Egg Name and Description

Furled Fingers Egg

Dapples of soft green gather upon the shell of this egg, the hues of a forest floor cast into speckled sunlight as golden rays filter downward. Forest green swirls in broad strokes, spirals that seem to climb upwards from the sand around the shell, furled tighter and tighter with each twist. Leafy strokes of shamrock form a soft background, like new leaves from a central stalk, while hints of jungle great speckled here and there, shadows hiding the unknown.

Hatching Message

Wobble: Furled Fingers Egg barely moves, shifting a bit in the sand, as if rustled by a soft breeze - except there is no breeze, and the movement comes from within.

Crack: Furled Fingers Egg moves again, this time with a bit more vigor, and small cracks begin to slip across the surface, spiderwebbing outwards from one central location, like dirt pushed away from a persistent sprout.

Hatch: Furled Fingers Egg is suddenly no more, as the pressure from within grows too great, and the occupant pushes himself out. A generally pale blue hatchling is left to linger for a moment, as he sorts himself out before he is headed directly to a dark-haired, dark-skinned man who is close to aging out of candidacy. Tofilau pauses for a moment, turning dark eyes to the pale face in front of him. "Tivonth.. We will find some food. And then we will find some quiet.." He offers after a moment, T'lau turning to follow the weyrlingmasters to the side.


Hushed Words on the Wind



Name Tivonth
Dam Gold Feyruth
Sire Bronze Emeliuth
Created By L'ton
Impressee T'lau (Tofilau)
Hatched August 27, 2016
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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