Second-in-Command to No One Toith

Egg Name and Description

Traitorous To The Core Egg

A silver metallic sheen drenches this egg from top to bottom. Few other colors, splotches they'll be called, mar the outside surface. Merely darkened hues of that glittery silver, reflecting light off and playing visual games. A purple sigma stands quite out in it's rectangular in shape and sharp gleaming shade. Also facial in dynamics, it menacingly stares out from it's location near the top end of the shell. Larger in size than many, with as triangular of a shape as possible for an egg. The tip of the egg starts out quite skinny, while the other end is much more flayed than usual.

Hatching Messages

Wobble Message

Traitorous To The Core Egg has very, veeeery deliberate movements. Each wiggle to the right is well determined, than that shimmy to the left is totally what it had planned. This egg here, this egg knows what's going on. The being inside waiting for just the right moment to make its leap. Oh. OH! And it leaps. A hop in the air, falling to the ground and starting to spin quite recklessly. Perhaps, not so deliberate after all.

Crack Message

Traitorous To The Core Egg keeps spinning, spinning, spinning. Seriously, now it's just the game. No real other wiggles or wobbles noticed, just smooth, seamless spinning. Round and round and round. Dizzy, dizzy, dizz— /CRACK/! A large sized opening erupts down the middle of the shell. However, the crazy rotating does not stop.

Hatch Message

Traitorous To The Core Egg is a swirling mass of whoooooa. The crack becoming more and more pronounced with each cycle it makes. A flash of color can be seen. Was it blue? Maybe green? No, bronze! Wait. Wait. No. And still, the crack becomes a canyon, the canyon succumbs as it breaks the egg completely apart, each part of the shell being flung to opposite sides. And in the middle, where once the proud egg stood, sits an upside-down green dragonet. With a few quick movements, all is once again right-up with the world and the dragonet stares out. Second-In-Command To No One Green Hatchling now controls the Decept—eeer, has arrived!

Impression Message

What once was is now no longer. Sands that were there are not, other candidates have disappeared entirely. Silence stretches, but a feeling, a vibe of not being along echos across your mind. It's there. Something. Someone. Suddenly, a light, full-bodied and just a little bit smug. « Oi! » A voice echos, female, yet with a hard edge. « Sorta sick o' being ignored down 'ere! Let's get wit' the show already, a'ight? » The laughter fades, but that smugness stays, wrapping around every portion of your mind and stamping a very firm and very forever, "MINE!" on it. « So, uh, you be R'sner, or Res, fo' short, got it? I's don' got the time t' keep callin' ya by your full name, after all. I'm a busy girl. » The mental presence recedes, not quite as forceful anymore, only to settle, quite contentedly, into the back of your mind. Always there. Never to part. « Oh! An' I guess you can go 'head an' call me Toith. S'my name, after all. Though really, y'all can jus' call me Toi. Let's book it, boyo. I see some grub wit' my name on it. » The heat of the sands returns, the other candidates remembered, but SHE is now there as well.


Never win first place, I don't support the team.
I can't take direction, and my socks are never clean.
Teachers dated me, my parents hated me.
I was always in a fight cuz I can't do nothin' right.

Everyday I fight a war against the mirror.
I can't take the person starin' back at me.
I'm a hazard to myself.

Don't let me get me.
I'm my own worst enemy.
Its bad when you annoy yourself.
So irritating.
Don't wanna be my friend no more.
I wanna be somebody else.
— Pink "Don't Let Me Get Me"

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails! These ingredients together form the perfect little boy! Except, when placed into the body of an innocent green dragon, they create one extreme clash of the titans. She's a green, which of course makes her a girls, but she REBELS against this fact. Your green Toith is no little lady, to be primped and pampered, cuddled and loved. Should you ever try to hug her, you'll be getting tossed aside, possibly trampled, depending on her mood. Of course, she won't be able to tackle you as easily once she's full grown, seeing as how she'll be much larger than you (but still small for her color!). But as a weyrling? More so in those first few months, she'll want to wrestle. Constantly. You might be busy, stitching together her first riding harness, and you'll suddenly find yourself eating dirt, R'sner! Perhaps walking on your way into the Weyr… -BAM-! On the ground, with a smudge looking green dragon leering over you. You'll never know when it'll happen, but trust me, it will!

Once she gets older and thus bigger, those instances will occur less and less, since as much as Toith might get a kick out of playing these games with you, she doesn't want to hurt you. So, of course, that means attacking OTHER dragons. The size matters not, neither the color. Whoever may have said something to piss her off or just looked like they deserved a good tackle to the dirt! She'll get them. One dragon, in particular, will be one of Toith's favorite targets. Maglinoth. Oooh, Maglinoth. She is your green's nemesis. She is the girl to Toith's boy. She's everything that Toith strives NOT to be. And because of that, Toith is gonna take her down. So be prepared, R'sner! Be prepared to separate your irate green from the other!

« Pfft. Figures. »

…what figures? «

« Mags is all pissy again, 'cause I totally smashed her muzzle into the dirt. S'why I hate her so much. 'Whaaa, my talons are dirty, whaaa!' Big baby! »

Toi! You can't /do/ that! You could've hurt her! «

« That's the point, Res, that's the point. »

She's not one for the usual comforts of life. Including being coddled and comforted. Given the opportunity to sleep upon her couch or on the ground, she'll take the ground. Good luck keeping her on her couch and on her ledge, more than likely, you'll be calling for her every morning, since she'll be no where to be found, when you need her for a ride down from your weyr.

One issue you'll have with Toith through her entire life is her hatred of baths. She /hates/ them. Hates them yet desperately, desperately NEEDS them. Toith will go out of her way to make a mess. Any mud puddle, any large pile of manure, whatever she can get into that will make her a mess, she'll do it. The moment you're lucky enough to get her clean, you'll need to keep your eye on her, or she'll dash towards the feeding pens and roll about in dead and dying animals and all those wonderful, wonderful juices that go with it.

From the first moment you feed Toith, to when she's catching her own prey or blooding her kills, you'll notice something is… off. She's a seriously messy eater. Like even more so than normal dragons. This isn't completely her fault, not really. You see, Toith has a very slight deformity. Something you won't really notice until you get that first long look into her gapping maw. She's missing one of her main fangs! The bottom right fang is just… not there. As if it never even grew. No other teeth have bothered to move in where it once were, instead, there is just a hole. A big gap that can be seen if your green ever gives a toothy draconic grin. It matters little to Toith, she totally thinks it makes her look more badass. However, it means when she has one heck of a mouthful of food, she'll dribble out that bad side of her mouth. So really, on top of all that mud and other guck that is found on your dragon's person, let's add a crapton of blood and bits of dragon-food as well!

Some greens turn girlie, some greens turn mean, some greens become flirty… your green. Your green does NONE of this when her proddy cycle is upon her. She becomes possessive. Normally, Toith couldn't care less about material things. The less, the better! Less to care about, that way. But when she gets that feeling to fly in her ichor, it triggers something in her that makes her start HOARDING things. She becomes greedy, demanding, creating a decent sized pile of belongings, whether they are hers legally or not doesn't matter, on her ledge. Once her needs are met, she'll have no issues just pushing the pile out of her weyr and onto the poor Weyrfolk below. But during that proddy time, she'll bite off anyone's head who comes near.

Blooding will be hard on her, since she lacks that fang, causing her to need to kill double the amount of beasts to get the right about of blood down her throat. This also means she'll be a bloody mess down her muzzle and neck, which of course means blood droplets will just fly from her onto her suitors that follow. She'll fly fast and she'll be adventurous in the air. She's a heck of a flier to begin with, having little fear of pain and reveling in battle wounds, so acrobatics during mating flights won't be surprising. Toith won't be one to linger, and defiantly won't be sticking around with the male that wins afterwards. Your green isn't one for finding a mate for life! She'll hump 'em and dump 'em! They served their purpose, and oooh… is that a dead herdbeast? Let's go roll in it!

In the end R''ner, your green is just a true and blue tomboy. She should've been hatched a blue, but genetics determined her to be green. S'all good, she'll roll with it, kick up some dirt, and spit in the faces of all who tell her to act her gender!


There is no pink, puffy hearts and swirling girlie colors of love and sweetness mingling within the mind of this dragon. None of that at all. Only ragged blues, of most shades, dark and light, though nothing dainty. Mountains of boyish tones make jagged peaks and deep valleys as Toith speaks.

She's rough and tumble, her tone always taking on a brusque tone. She's got no time for silly, fluffy words. She says what she wants, when she wants. Her voice, itself, is not womanly in the slightest. There is a slight lilt to it, in the way you just just barely tell it's a girl that's speaking, however, there is also a hard edge as well. It's a bit deeper than normal, taking on a more of a mezzo-soprano. almost to a tenor range. Toith is very lazy with her speech. She'll use contractions when she speaks, cut off parts of words, to the point what she's saying may not completely make sense. Even though she fully knows you as R'sner, she'll even make your own name into her own nickname, preferring to call you 'Res', while calling herself 'Toi'. Cause really. The -th isn't needed!

« Hey! Hey, Res. S' wha' ya think gonna go down ova' there? Y'know, by the bowl an' stuff. »

As far as her mind scent goes, Toith is all about the nature scents. The strong, sweet scent of fall is her favorite. When leaves are falling off the trees, finding their home on the ground where they will eventually return to the earth, only to begin the cycle once more. Mingle in the smell of fresh soil, newly laid out, and you have the essence that is your green dragon!


R'sner, R'sner, R'sner! Welcome, welcome, welcome to a life of extreme fulfillment that is dragonriderhood at Fort Weyr! We are very excited to see what awesome things will come forth from you and your Toith!

Toith and her egg were both created by Vi'leko! Our theme this time around was Supporting Characters of 80s Cartoons! They were both loosely themed off of Starscream from the original Transformers. Starscream is the leader of the seekers and second in command to Megatron of the Decepticons. He's a greedy sucker, wanting to uproot the command from Megatron and take over. He has a large hatred of the Autobots (guess who Maglinoth is based off of! There's good reason that she's your dragon's worst enemy!).

Toith's name was derived from the name you originally stated in your questionaire, "Toth". Sadly, the name Toth has already taken, so we played around a little bit and found that Toith, with the nickname of just 'Toi' matched your green quite well!

Of course, Toith is yours and yours alone! This is just how we see her, but you can play her however you see fit!

Clutch Siblings (PC)

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Name Toith
Dam Kessa's Gold Choth
Sire Ma'kai's Bronze Garanth
Created By Vi'leko
Impressee R'sner (Risner)
Hatched November 20 2009
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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