Fly Fly Away Blue Ujinath

This small blue dragon is lithe and limber. Thin of frame, there is no extra girth added to him, his limbs are fit with adequate musculature without being overdone. A long whip-like tail protrudes from strong hips and moves with ease to adjust his weight as needed. Broad wings fold neatly at his back. Cerulean blue washes over the hide of this dragon. Flecks of white give his flesh some texture, but are so small that they are indistinguishable even from a few paces. The ridges on his back fade into a deeper blue that runs down his spine and over the edges of his wings, creating an outline of his skeletal structure when viewed from above. A slender head ends abruptly in a squarish and angular snout. Deep set eyes whirl behind large ridges, making them look larger than they are and somewhat cat-like. Splayed paws have toes arranged in a V-shape, with feet a bit larger than the average dragon in terms of his size. Razor sharp claws of boney white sit on his feet, a dangerous foam sitting at the edge of the sea of blue. Curved and white, they look like polished marble in the sun.

Egg Name and Description

One Spectacular Spectacular Egg
This egg is covered in an explosion of color set against a dark backdrop. Reds, yellows, greens, blues and purples flecked with iridescence bloom forth like dancing flowers. These careless brush strokes blooming out from a bright center into circular poofs spotting the entire bottom half of the ovoid. Amidst the array of flowers are linear strokes of black and white and grey, giving the eyes a rest between the sections of bright color. Overhead are smaller flecks of glowing color which seem to rain down on the busy pattern below. A metallic grid pattern is barely discernible from the dark backdrop, but provides a sense of structure to the top of the egg and boxes in the flecks above. In one area against this busy colored backdrop is a spot of pure white, glowing outwards with four large tapering rays and surrounded by hundreds of tiny flecks of the same pure white. A crystal clear sun in the sky of color on black, it outshines even the dazzling array of color located below it, and radiates with a sheen that seems to refract light.

Hatching Message

One Spectacular Spectacular Egg lurches forward from its position in the sand, ending up in what appears to be a face plant. The white spot on the egg now pointing upwards instead of on the side of the egg.

A white claws suddenly emerges from the white spot in the One Spectacular Spectacular Egg. Then another. Then another. Soon the hole in the egg is big enough, and the dragonet hidden inside tumbles to freedom!

Impression Message

The heat of the sands. The roar of the crowd. The dryness of your throat. All the sudden it fades away, replaced by a serene feeling. Suddenly you feel your thoughts awash in a powder blue, and a smooth tenor enters your head. « Oh! Kiena! There you are. I thought I'd lost you. There are so many people here! » The color shifts from blue to a pleasant pastel yellow them, as the voice continues. « But none of that matters now, we've got each other. I'm Ujinath. We'll be able to run and jump and laugh and fly together. But first, I'm feeling a bit hungry, aren't you? »


Ujinath has a general good nature about him, even if he sometimes comes across as brusque and insensitive. He only speaks the truth, which may make things a bit awkward for Kaliena from time to time. However this makes him a very consistent foundation for Kaliena to lean on in times of trouble.

Blue dragons are known to be clever, and Ujinath is no exception. He has an above-average memory about events from his own past and things he's seen in Kaliena's past. However details still escape him from time to time, or he may mix things up, such as confusing Kaliena's brother with her father, or Theicher with Xander.

Ujinath will constantly be pushing Kaliena to her limits. Not because he wants to see if she can accomplish something, it's because he knows how strong she is, how fast she is, how smart she is, etc. A few more chops of meat, a few more steps, a few more swings of the hammer. Why doesn't Kaliena understand how great she is? This gentle sort of urging will help to bring up her confidence, or at the very least should serve as an excuse for why she keeps going after everyone else has stopped.

Ujinath will be far less confident in his own abilities though. Kaliena will certainly be the star of the show in his eyes. Ujinath won't get to the point of self-defeat, but it will be enough to make Kaliena have to prod him a bit when it comes time for his abilities to come to the front of weyrlinghood and beyond. He will certainly never lack for skill though, or grace in the air or even in the water or on land. Of course the uncertain side of the blue will be saved for Kaliena only. Outside he'll appear cool and collected while he worries to his lifemate.

Ujinath will always take an interest in what Kaliena likes to do. Expect him to take an interest at least from a far in her smithcraft, and even offer to blow fire for her or submit ideas for designs. « My third left claw on my right foot would work great as a dagger! Look how easily it cuts through this herdbeast… » It may be a while before his interest takes shape though, as Kaliena is only in the beginning stages of her craft.

Ujinath, like Kaliena, will be initially untrusting of other dragons. Unlike Kaliena though he'll be far more trusting of his own brethren, notably the other weyrlings. Ujinath will end up as something of a flirt with the other lady dragons about, even though that won't often be his intention. He will likely never understand why Kaliena gets annoyed with his behavior around the greens (and even the golds) because he'll think it as only friendly.

As for Kaliena's love interests… well, I've intentionally left this section mostly blank. I am too biased to make an impartial judgment on how Ujinath ought to react towards them. He will be protective of course, but overprotective? It's hard to say, so you decide! He will encourage Kaliena not to lie to herself though, because if anyone deserves to be happy it's her.

Ujinath is a hunter by his very nature. A flight is similar to a hunt in many respects, and he will take all of them quite seriously. Because Ujinath is a smaller dragon, he will rely on his agility in the air more than most, which may provide him an advantage as he's able to slip between the other chasers, sometimes in more unconventional ways. He will tire more quickly than his larger brothers and cousins, however.

As for the number of greens he chases, that will mostly depend on how often he's left to lounge in the bowl while Kaliena is off distracted with her craft or other things. If left to his own devices he will chase often, but if Kaliena is insistent then he will try to keep his instincts under control.

Ujinath's instincts are to hunt! And hunt he shall. And not just in the feeding pens. While his brethren stick to herdbeast, he will be off chasing wherries (expect Miraneith to be annoyed, those are her wherries!), fish, feline, even runner if no one tries to stop him. Hunting will come naturally to him, and will be an activity that he feels comfortable and calm about. Expect him to involve Kaliena as much as he can in the hunt, and for some of their best conversations to occur before or after.
Ujinath will work well in almost any wing, though unless the duties him and Kaliena are assigned spark his interest or hers he won't make it a point to overachieve. Duties are duties, and he will do them with diligence. If Kaliena should find herself wanting a bump up the ranks though, expect Ujinath to push into overdrive wherever he can to help her achieve her goals.

If Ujinath should find himself in a leadership role, he will settle from follower to leader easily and have a good grasp of the responsibilities that will be his. His general good nature will help to offset the harsh truths he will tell his brethren. It will always be to help them improve though and he will be quick to make sure they are taken care of.


This mind is bursting with creativity and sensitivity. Its tendrils of thought explore the realms of beauty and art and seek out the deepest emotions that can be felt. Constantly brimming with excitement of what is to come next, it is constantly in danger of leaping before looking. Its prime ideals it holds high, and is always willing to tough it out for them because it knows that come the finish they are all that matters. When its eternal dogma is shaken though it will take another just as strong to hoist this one back to its self.


The theme for this clutch at Western was music in movies. The Spectacular Spectacular Egg was based off of the movie Moulin Rouge, of course. The egg's desc was based on the Moulin Rouge itself, (check out the cover of the DVD). Lots of bright shiny colors, very busy and plenty of contrast. For the mind touches I chose four of the songs from the movie. The first touch was based on Come What May, the second was based on Because We Can and El Tango de Roxanne and the final touch was based on One Day I'll Fly Away. I tried to capture the theme of the songs into the touches.

Since the egg theme was Moulin Rouge, I went with a blue diamond as the theme for Ujinath's description, trying to keep it relatively simple as you preferred. I went with a smaller sleeker design since that seemed to fit Ujinath better, but with some angularity.

The name comes from mixing together two Japanese words yuujin - friend, and naiya - diamond. I tried to keep it simple yet different.

Ujinath was a bit of a challenge for me. I had voted Kaliena on green just so that I could make her a real Katniss dragon. It was a bit more difficult to roll Katniss into a blue, which is why Ujinath has developed some Peeta traits as well.

Both Moulin Rouge and The Hunger Games have the common theme of a strong female protagonist that falls in love unexpectedly, and it throws their world a bit out of order. So I've written Ujinath to sort of support that role without being overly loving or mushy like Peeta or Christian. I'd like to claim that Zi'on is who turned Kaliena's life upside down, but we both know that would be a lie. ;) Just the act of impressing will probably do that for Kaliena, since she will indeed be tied to the weyr at that point. Instead I've tried to focus on the complexities of Katniss and some of Peeta that make them interesting as characters and roll that up into a dragon personality that would be suitable for Kaliena as a character.

With that said, Ujinath may not be exactly what you're looking for. But the good news is now that he's yours, you are free to take him and do as you will with him! Everything here is just a suggestion of course. Ujinath is yours and you should make him yours.

Thank you so much for coming out to stand at Western again, Kaliena. This cycle would not have been the same without you! <3 <3
- Zi


Name Fly Fly Away Blue Ujinath
Dam Gold Shadhavarth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By Zi'on
Impressee Kali
Hatched June 3, 2012
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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