Ethereal Tyrant Gold Valigath

Forged in nightmares, a beautiful and haunting form composes this vivid dragonet from her narrowly tapered snout and high poised head knobs down to her fatal talons gleaming milky white in the light. Molten copper pools beneath each eye ridge and around large orbs, those same brilliant hues extend from the edges of her wide jaws curled upwards in a sinister glasgow grin and down tall neck ridges. Masculine is her form - muscles twist under a hide of burnished gold on broad shoulders and powerful hind quarters where they thin out at the end of a long whip-like tail. Monstrous wings unfurled take on a life of their own, flickers of gold and flame kiss the tips of wing-spars, the ivory sails bearing a single mottled ring extending across spars of patinated copper. An warning eye sits on each wing, watching with their expressionless gaze all caught in their wake.

Egg Name and Description

World of Balance Egg
Coal and crimson glow at the round base of this rough textured egg, sending tendrils of smoke to whisp and rise across the surface. Those tendrils reach out hungrily, tiny flecks of metallic ore dancing against the dark silhouette as they reach higher and higher to the top. The darkness in battle with the sky; illuminating amaranthine holds strong at the apex, sending reaching tendrils of it's own intertwined with strong cobalt tones down to combat the force rising below. The final touch giving watch to the battle upon this egg is a small oval of jet back, a flying vessel floating across the raging shell.

Hatching Message

Wobble: World of Balance Egg begins to vibrate on the sands, rattling against the shell beside it until the grains around it's base begin to dislodge, giving room for this egg to tilt upon it's side before settling into stillness.

Crack: World of Balance Egg jerks, a violent crack erupting across the center of this egg, sending small lines of fractures throughout it's vibrant surface before the force within settles once more.

Hatch: World of Balance Egg explodes from the force of eggwet wings being flung open, casting aside large bits and pieces of the shell that once held it captive. The young dragonet raises it's head, and with eyes whirling red, it bellows to the shapes and sounds surrounding it.

Impression Message

Eyes and lungs sting with the harsh burn of coal and cinders as a piercing wail shatters the sounds around you, a high-pitched maniacal laughter. The echoes of cheering from the packed galleries, dragons bugling and the sands all fade to a distant noise. « Aglaia! » thunders into your mind, blinding your vision with a smoke screen, pulled into the destructive heat coming from within. You are not alone. « I am Valigath! Now everything is ours, ours for the taking! Starting with the food, I'm hungry. » The smoke growing darker with her brassy words, becoming one with the new life radiating within you. « Ahem? There's sand on my feet. Do something about it. »


Valigath won't waddle around like a mere infant for long. As soon as she finds her footing, she'll be /prancing/ around gleefully, knocking anything she can off of cots and shelves her long tail can reach. On purpose. Getting her to participate in any weyrlinghood training is going to be pure hell unless destruction of some kind is involved but when the time for flights comes around, her baby clumsiness will show and she'll have some issues getting her wings in rhythm to get her off the ground. Dark jokes and comments will be made about her clutch mates, followed by her signature laughter before going about her business. Woe be to those other weyrling dragons that speak poorly in her direction.

When the time comes for your queen to reach maturity, Valigath will parade her glowing hide, bugling her presence to all around her. She'll trumpet to the heights, summoning her suitors to do her bidding and unfortunately for the weyr, conquering isn't done on any predictable schedule. Bring her food! Clean the sand off her feet! She doesn't like that rock or that tree, destroy it! All while sending a shrill childish glee and giggles through your mind. Even during the most inopportune times when peace and quiet are needed most.

Flights! Flights will be a total nightmare for Aglaia. Valigath will stop at nothing to overpower the males who give chase. She'll be absolutely reckless within the air, using her strength to weaken and conquer the males! Talons are there and sharpened for a reason, what kind of queen would she be if she neglected her pretty milky claws? Someone will be crafty enough to catch her in that final embrace high above but not without coming away a little shredded in the process. You… you can do /that/ later, she demands a bath. Now.

Through out the trials this tyrant queen puts you through, she'll always be supportive of her other half. All of this, of course, is just suggestions. She's yours to play as you see fit.


Valigath's mind is wrought with steam and smoke, the taste of coal and the scent of fires burning emanates from her thoughts. Metallic clangs and clicks echo within the recesses of her mind when she's deep in thought, contemplating or planning with great intensity. Those smoke becomes almost choking in her rage, flashes of flickering light momentarily blinding. Her mind is a constantly working machine, feeding into her iron will.


Our egg theme was Nintendo games! World of Balance Egg is based off of the world in Final Fantasy III (American Release), the dark speck on the shell being an airship over a chaotic horizon. Valigath is based off of General Kefka, the main antagonist. The prototype to the Magitek Knights, Kefka acts as Emperor Gestahl's court mage carrying out the emperor's orders, but behind his back schemes for his own ends. Her name is based off of the Esper Valigarmanda that Kefta attempts to capture, setting the world events into motion. Egg and Dragon were created by Kadesh.


Name Valigath
Dam Gold Celimoth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By Kadesh
Impressee Aglaia
Hatched November 12, 2014
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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