Looks Like a Six Foot Turkey Brown Velocirath

Even newly hatched this dragon is athletic in form, his muscles trim and limbs steady. A little on the larger size, this brown dragon has an innate predatory air, a sense of constant hunger and interest in the hunt. Khaki and beige form the base of his coloring, splotched unevenly all across his body, while loam brown streaks from his nose to this tail-tip in a solid along his spine and neck ridges that drips outward from there in a mottled assault against the paler base. Where most dragons are awkward at walking, this one has a natural grace that causes even those stuttered motions to seem purposeful.

Egg Name and Description

Secrets from the Past Egg
Large and firmly ovoid in shape, this egg shimmers against the paleness of the white sands. Butterscotch covers the shell like a thick candy coating, vividly golden from every angle. Thin lines are marked out along the longer vertical axis in dark caramel hues while bubbles of these darker shades appear toward the center of the shell, as though embedded beneath the yellowed coating. Combined, these marks create a semblance of striation, as if the egg were a flawed stone that needs just one good strike to shatter and reveal whatever is buried at the core.

Hatching Message

The faintest shiver eases along the shell of Secrets from the Past Egg, disturbing the sand around it for a moment.

Secrets from the Past Egg quivers, rocking forward to lean at and angle against the sand piled around it.

With a resounding 'crack' Secrets from the Past Egg fails and is breeched, the fierce blows from within forcing the shell outward and letting loose the Looks Like a Six Foot Turkey Brown Hatchling upon the world.

Impression Message

Looks Like a Six Foot Turkey Brown Hatchling prowls forth from the remains of his egg, stalking across the sands with eerie grace. Purposefully he scouts out the candidates, working down their line from end to end in a methodical fashion. One after another the candidates receive disdainful snorts of dismissal until suddenly he stops, staring at a tall, dark-skinned young man. Hesitantly the youth reaches out to touch the slender neck, then he bursts into laughter. "T'riq, is it? No, you're right, we would make easy prey standing around like this. It's a good thing we have lots of meat ready for you, Velocirath," the boy once known as Tanneriq says before they are led off to that meal.


Inspired by the movie "Jurassic Park". The egg is modeled on the amber that tops John Hammond's walking stick. The hatchling and mind are based on representation of velociraptors and their hunter mentality. Made by Kayse.


Name Looks Like a Six Foot Turkey Brown Velocirath
Dam Gold Shadhavarth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By Kayse
Impressee T'riq (Tanneriq)
Hatched June 3, 2012
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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