Gifted With Magic Brown Vereduth

Pale sandstone clothes a lean and graceful form in flawless brilliance, a long elegant neck rises from the curve of his chest, and cumulates in a tapered fine-boned head at the other end. Well formed headknobs rest above a broad and intelligent forehead, strong jowls giving way to the delicate softness of his dish-faced muzzle. A straight, correct shoulder and a trim barrel flow seamlessly to the span of his hindquarters and onwards along the shortened line of his tail. Save for a few places, there is little to mar or contrast 'gainst the uniform sheen of his hide. And yet, however, a burst of sienna — garish opposition — wends its way across his neck ridges, fading out as it meets his withers only to reappear again in tangled streaks along the downward fall of his forked tail. Perhaps most striking of all are his long narrow wings — saffron tinted along the leading edge of the 'sails, soon overtaken by russet highlights that finally give way to coppery tones along the trailing edge.

Egg Name and Description

Soured Sunshine Egg
Roughly textured by a rather haphazard pattern of illusionary pits and bumps, a veneer of bright bright yellow — as bright as sunshine — clings to the surface of this medium sized egg. Rather bulbous in shape, there's a funny little protrusion on the upper apex of the egg, as if part of the egg was budding off from the rest of it. At first, and perhaps even future glance, the darker shadows of goldenrod and saffron against the brighter sunshine yellow, and the curious way they seem to sink inwards gives the egg its rather pebbly texture appearance as if the egg itself were not entirely smooth. In fact, each little pit and dimple seems to be puckered inwards, as if whatever lies inside the egg is sour tasting — little lipless mouths drawn up tight in protest.

Hatching Message

Soured Sunshine Egg shudders violently, a flurry of sand flung up from beneath it as the egg spins halfway along it's axis, disturbing fresh new sand in the process. Another spin, and the egg seems to buck a little, jolting upwards off the sand before thumping downwards into the hollow it occupied previously. And there it lies, still and quiet for a moment or two.

Soured Sunshine Egg seems stirred into a new frenzy of motion, bucking and jumping on the sands in frenzied gyrations. Back and forth, back and forth, the egg tilts sharply towards the rounded point and then the end just pops right off, that funny little bumpy protrusion cracks sharply down the middle and falls off onto the sand. There's a pause, most likely the hatchling within catching its breath.

Is it somehow a random ray of sunlight shining down through the aerial tunnel from above, or perhaps the soft glow of an overhead light bathing the shell of the yellow, pitted looking egg with a nimbus of pristine and innocent limelight, but Soured Sunshine Egg seems ready to make its mark on the world. Renewed rocking bestirs the egg into action, the shell peeling and flaking away in long stringy strips, bit by bit, before it shatters completely, leaving a medium-sized brown hatchling lying there, glistening wet, brand spanking new.

Impression Message

« Iolain » there's a brush of whispery breeze against your mind, a faint echo that seems to roll from the heavens above, calling your name. « My Iolain, where are you? » Did you hear that? That calling, and that faint presence within your own private thoughts. Are you hearing voices, is the heat of the hatching sands seeping its way up through the soles of your sandals, the wavery shimmery heat glittering around you overwhelming you, making you hear things you should be not? « No » comes that voice again, denying all doubt as the pale form of a dragonet materializes in front of you, having wound his way through the throng of candidates to reach your side. Half furled, brown-rainbow wings fan the sand, his head turned upwards towards you in pleading entreaty. « You are not hearing things, my I'o. You are hearing me. Vereduth. We will seek the world, you and I. But first.. » he gulps and you feel a rumbly little pit of nothingness in your belly. « … some food for me? »


As a small ground-bound hatchling, Vereduth will yearn for the glory of the skies, hours might be spent in rapt contemplation of the movement of the clouds above him and the feel of the wind across his hide. There is a sense, you see, that the world is not right for him, that he's but a shadow of what he could become and it's only the lack of special powerful aid (in his case, time and growth) that prevents him from reaching his full potential. But when he does, the world will open up for him, and greatness can be achieved if he only strives hard enough.

Even as a youngster, still unsteady and unsure on his feet, Vereduth has been gifted with the roving nature inherent in his bloodline. He -wants- to seek, wants to find, and wants to know. Adventure is his life's blood, and yet, he'll never wander off into the unknown without tell you about it. Unlike his dam, and her nasty little hibit of hiding and making people's hearts skip a beat, from the first, Vereduth will always let you know where he is. « Because it's the right thing to do, I'o » he'll tell you. « Hiding and being sneaky about it might be right up some dragon's ally, but not me. » And in fact, there would probably be a chance that as he grows, Vereduth might very well insist that you accompany him on explorations around the Weyr.

Fully driven by his desire for the skies, Veredeuth is the perfect student. It's not that he's a suck-up, you see, so rest assured that other dragon's won't be naming him "teacher's pet" anytime soon, but he learns quickly, studies hard and is a stern taskmaster in making sure you know just what you're supposed to do as part of your owning weyrling training and your care of him as well. This is not because Vereduth is a goody-goody, it's because he wants to fly, and the only way to do that is to learn, to grow and to be ready.

When maturity and growth is gained, and he's of the size and muscle to launch himself into the air, Vereduth will be all but hopping from foot to foot in anticipation. The fact that he won't is just because he shows too much dignity to do anything so childish, but he's no doubt going to be one of the first dragons in the air. And all too soon, you'll be making your first flight together. It probably won't be terrible, or awful, because by then, Vereduth will have learned to gauge the currents and thermals, and while he might have a little trouble adapting to flight with a rider on his back, it'll be smooth sailing from here on out.

With graduation and the freedom of becoming a full-fledged rider opens up new possibilities for you both. While Vereduth might have a sense of duty and obligation to the Weyr, and a need to make sure that the two of you carry those duties out, he's also interested in seeing what lies on the other side of the hill, so to speak. There is so much of Pern to see, places to go, the world to find. And you'll be there,side by side.

Pleasant enough to the greens of the species, Vereduth is gentlemanly enough to give them the time of day, and engage them in occasional conversation. He's polite enough, to be sure, but a rake or a "skirt-chaser" he is not. He'll chase, but extremely rarely, the golds being too lofty and large for the likes of him and the greens … too complicated for his tastes. That's not to say he'll forever remain chaste as far as a dragon goes, but it will take a green he's close to and friendly enough with to launch himself into the skies in pursuit.

In short, Vereduth is himself, a creature of the skies, bound to you, the human of the land. You are balanced, bonded and while not quite the opposite sides of the same coin, you share so much together. Without you, Vereduth would not be the dragon that he is. Youare each a special unique part of the pairing, and that is the way the world is meant to be.


Vereduth seems to have inherited a mental fantasy, a dreamy sort of state of mind that he shares with his dam. Upon contact with his mind, his mental signature is largely dominated by soft puffy clouds and the faint shiver of a breeze that overlays his spoken words. There's a faint echo effect when he speaks mind to mind with you and with other dragons, the ring of his words seeming to roll out into a long and sonorous trill — spoken perhaps by someone very far away … or very high up.

The colors you can associate most with Vereduth's mind are pale hues, mainly of blue like the summer sky, the pristine whiteness of the clouds above, and the silvery sparkle of the wind given shape and form. But make no mistake, he has his darker aspects too — his gentle blues can darken to angery midnight, and his cloudy white can rumble into stormcloud gray, although it's rare that he should do so.


Inspired by fruits for the eggs and cartoons for the dragonets, the theme of Western's Search for Spring 2013 was … you guessed it, fruits and cartoons. The Soured Sunshine Egg is none other than that lovable sour fruit … the lemon. From which lemonade can be made. The cartoon character that I chose was She-Ra, which was a particular favorite of mine as a child, however, in keeping with the idea that your dragon is male, I chose not to go with the obvious and choose She-Ra as the inspiration. And being as you asked for a dragon capable of adventure in your questionnaire, how could I not give you anything but She-Ra's magical flying unicorn, Swiftwind?

Gifted by Magic Hatchling gets his name because Swiftwind is actually two different personas; he's Spirit, the horse of She-Ra's "normal" alter ego who with the magic of She-Ra's sword, turns into a creature of fantasy and magic, yet he retains the gift of speech and intelligence given to him even in his mundane appearance.

As far as Veredeuth himself, the name comes from Latin 'veredus' which means "Swift Horse" and since Swiftwind is naturally a very swift flying unicorn indeed, the name was very appropriate. It's a nice medium length name, and I'd likely pronounce it as Ve-RE-duth.

In the end of course, Vereduth is yours to play as you feel he should be played, welcome to Weyrlinghood at Western Weyr!



Name Gifted With Magic Brown Vereduth
Dam Gold Miraneith
Sire Bronze Suldith
Created By Enka
Impressee I'o (Iolain)
Hatched April 7, 2013
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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