Prickly and Ponderous Brown Veritath

Prickly. He looks prickly. His hide is comprised of a sort of splotchy arrangement of brownish gray down the back and a more pale underbelly marked with a blue toned patina, leaving the very center of his blotched brown tummy exposed. The watery shimmer fades at his sides and makes only a scant appearance along the underside of his tail, fading to a more green-brown stain before finally giving way to a putty hue along the top. Along with his somewhat ill-matched coloring, there is a definite arrangement of slight peaks along his tail, forming a ridge of short spikes. That pattern is repeated at the very top of his head from the bridge of his muzzle, up and over not unlike a spiked mohawk that fades at the base of his neck. His talons are dark and extend from sturdy paws; even at this age, his muscular frame is evident in his strong legs. Thick wings are needed to support such a husky body and his are almost ebon in color, making a striking match to the wide, dark band at his neck.


Egg Name and Description

Secrets of the Deep Egg
Both smooth and rough, dark and light, round but tall, many opposites come together to give shape, texture and color to this egg. Vivid blue fades to a more pale hue then back to the darker color, the changes subtle, soft, giving the illusion of stripes without being definitively stripey. Akin to knotted wood, darker circles and ovals appear now and again as well as a few dashes of white, some long like fluttering ribbons, others shorter and more sparse, as if painted on with an artist's last bits of paint, streaky and faint. The rump of the egg is decidedly round and while it does taper at the top, the body of the egg is long, giving it a tall, regal disposition, as it sits perched on its sandy throne.

Hatching Message

With one strong push from inside the top of Secrets of the Deep Egg bursts first, though not long after the bottom breaks away and the center is left to fall by the wayside. Wet and glistening the hatchling doesn't flail or fumble, in fact at first he hardly moves, eyes slowly opening to take in his surroundings, then a stretttttch and his head lifts along with his wings, he takes care in getting his feet beneath him.

Impression Message

Is that rain? Here on the sands? It smells like rain, a storm in fact, and while your feet never move the change in surroundings is almost startling. A myriad of color is swept around you as if on the wind, its voice soft and low. «I am honor.» Dampness invades your senses to the point of a feeling of submersion, does it awaken the instinct to swim? Flail? Do you find yourself compelled to thrash? «I am truth.» Thunder echoes and a dazzling display of light makes your watery environment sparkle like the sea kissed by the sun with gem-like flecks of color floating all around, close enough to be touched but evading any attempt to do so. «I will always be here.» Comforting warmth swells up and surrounds you, cradling you as if a child, «I have always been here.» Up, up, up, swimming upward, as fast as you can, water changing to wind, the flail of your arms replaced by the steady downbeat of wings, the sea is the sky and your mate stands before you, waiting for you to realize. «I am yours. I am hungry. You should feed your Veritath.» The gnawing in the pit of your stomach agrees.


He has so much to learn and is yet already so intelligent with a mind constantly at work, always seeking your best intrest, your happiness, your safety, you. He was born for this you know, it is his life's calling, his life's meaning, you define him and he you. He's been waiting a very long time to find you, to care for you, and he will be eager to do just that, almost to the point of smothering you with attention and instruction, you need him, you see. All he knows is truth and at first he will have no social skills to temper it, he will not hesitate to tell that your shirt is a bad color match for your skin or that your breath is bad, or that you made weird sounds in your sleep that would indicate a possible need for a digestive remedy, or the cessation of consuming cruciferous foods and those which produce such horrendous gasses. Sadly, especially when he is young and not fully in control of his own mind, he'll share those thoughts, unintentionally of course, and he will feel a depth of sorrow disproportionate to the crime, as if he's wounded you irrecovably. Do be careful of this, he will be prone to silence to correct himself, self-imposed punishment for even the slightest pain he might've caused you.

No doubt he will get you into some sticky situations with his version of being truthful but with patience and love he will settle into himself. Once he masters his mindvoice and learns to keep some truths to himself, he will be able to focus on other things. Your technical background will fascinate him, machinery is easier to maneuver, no feelings to trample, no sensibilities to treat with care. He loves your mind as much as he loves every other part of you and to him it is one place where you are most connected, the way your minds seem to meld. It is here you will see a bit of him no one else really ever will, playfulness. At times he will almost bounce with delight to join you in a quest for an answer, race you for it, throw suggestions and answers at you sometimes so quickly that he'll even confuse you, and himself. That too will be outgrown eventually, but who knows how long it will take, perhaps forever.

As much as he is serene and analytical, he is also male and the need for mating will consume him at times. He considers himself choosy and is normally unaffected by the overt flirtations of a female, preferring one whose mind is full of more than fluff. Should he ever meet one whose approach to life is akin to his own, he will likely chase her every time he gets a chance. Though in all things, you are his priority, he would happily decline to chase if you bade him refrain, he will always put your needs first.

His voice, once matured, will be smooth and mellow, until then perhaps somewhat loud at times, his need for being heard will confuse him about volume. In groups he will be ever-watchful, like a sentinel, his busy mind working at paths of exodous, studying over those in your company, judging them for safety, no one is ever truly your equal but he will tolerate anyone who comes in peace and treats you with respect. If his snarl and the manner in which his spines stand up don't scare off any ill-doer, then he will not hesitate to pick up a person and deposit them on an island far far away. That may or may not be a good thing, if you ever argue with a friend or lover.

He does love the water. It purifies, it cleanses, it nourishes, plus it feels darn good! He will want you to love it too, and will not understand a fear of it, it isn't logical, to him. As always, in the end this is your dragon and while I have tried to incorporate as much of you as I can, only you can add a depth to him that makes him all your own.


Determined to be the logic in any situation the mind of this brown is methodical, measured, calm and serene. While his approach to things may seem clinical, there is a definite warmth that colors his thoughts in shades of twilight; dark purples, deep pink, blues, vivid orange, and even a lovely shimmering gray. The colors are matched with scents of a storm, subtle but fresh, clean, free of tarnish, easy to follow, a clear-cut expression, straight to the point. So much so that at times he may seem disconnected or even unfeeling, though this is far from the truth, he feels very intensely and so strongly for his mate that it is for her and her alone he ever reveals that depth of emotion.


The theme for the clutch was the solar system and alien beings. Your Veritath's egg was based on Neptune and "The Abyss" was the basis for the mind touches. I did try to use some Vulcan-esque quirks to draw on your Trekky side as well as some less-than-perfect quirks all his own. His name is derived from "Veritas" which in latin means Truth, and even before you requested a dragon who was not a typical beauty, I had become fond of this lizard's coloring and used it for the basis for your dragon, and while Veritath isn't multicolored, this was my influence for his coloration:

This was my first dragon and I designed him from the ground up with some editing help and advice from L'ton. I hope you enjoy him as much as I enjoyed creating him! ~Lissi


Name Prickly and Ponderous Brown Veritath
Dam Gold Nieleth
Sire Bronze Halinith
Created By Lissi
Impressee Selchis
Hatched April 11, 2010
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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