Truth in the Echoes Brown Vhaosath

"The deeper the lie, the more truth in its echo."

He is a striking figure, favoring raptors in his dark, harsh visage. His musculature is bulky and angular, and it will be a wonder if he can fly at all, given the lack of width to his wings. Equally formidable in coloration as he is in physique, he's all dark crags and smoke, blanched earthen tones darkened with soot and natural wear. Striations mark him liberally, veins of copper, diamond, and obsidian shattering the loamy depths of his hide. Pale marbling makes a mask that spans both his eyes, smooth spattering appearing again across the sharp corners of his shoulders, the crook of his ribcage, and flaring along the undersides of his wings. Solid of body, heavy of form, with legs more akin to pillars than anything else, he is a mountain that will not bend to the wind, no matter how it might howl.

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