Regal Bearing Ancient Bronze Xalmyrilth

Folds of ambient copper sweep across the belly of this beast in a majestic display of brilliance. His metallic head held high, small veins of green can be seen lining the proud eyeridges, give the appearance of well-aged bronze. Deeper sienna dappled with honey hues stretches across the expanse of his back, and up along his wingspars. The sails themselves are composed of an almost translucent pale bronze, a wispy pattern almost akin to a mass of flowing hair. Pearlized talons arch from his well-formed claws.

Egg Name and Description

Water Sapphire Egg
This egg displays colors ranging from deep blue, to violet and light blue and grayish blue depending on the angle that one views it from. The base of the egg appears to be the darker shades, lightening up near the top.

Hatching Message

The Water Sapphire Egg twitches a bit, then rolls over and cracks. The shell splits itself in half and a regal bronze steps out. The hatchling stretches his wings and surveys his surroundings, then takes a step or two before tumbling down the small hill of sand he was hatched on.

Impression Message

A flash of bright light, like the glaring sunspot off a calm lake, bursts forth into your mind. It is joined by fresh greens and blues, dancing together across your senses. Suddenly, a low, soothing 'voice' starts to vibrate along with the colors, the 'words' unintelligble at first and then suddenly « I am Xalmyrilth! You will do for me, Z'ac. Together we will do great things! You're a wonderful, smart, and able man. I think you'll be able to find me something to quell this horrible pain in my stomach. » And suddenly you feel it, a great hollow empty feeling deep in the pit of your own stomach and Impression is made!

Mind Description

Enlightened Strains of Reform
The mind touch of this dragon is all flashes and bright lights. White glares and fresh greens and blues. The tone is right there, in your face, and always contains a sense of ability. The mind touch of this dragon always caters to your ego, making you feel as if you could do anything, be anything.


Loves to learn, even if not the best at it. Very big on trying to change things for the better. Prefers to be making the plans rather than executing them. Fair and impartial, but fond of helping the underdog overcome great odds.

This bronze will be a teacher and a leader. He is patient but can ruthless if it's necessary. This doesn't involve violence or injury to anyone, more a 'do it now!' type attitude and only when absolutely needed. He's an ego stroker, likes to make others feel good about themselves.

Why Z'ac? You have been chosen by me over all the others on the sands because you exude qualities that are similar, yet different from myself. You are a leader, in both heart and mind. You have a grand sense of honour, and will be able to handle almost any situation we may encounter together. You have an open mind, and that is the biggest thing that drew me to you. Together we will learn, and be able to pass that knowledge on to others. Together we will do great things!


This dragon is based loosely on Charlamagne, Holy Roman Emperor. He has been tweaked and twisted slightly to only take the good things that Charlamagne accomplished in his time. He is also tossed with items from your application. I hope you enjoy him and find that you can make him your own dragon… remember, the items on him are only suggestions, it's up to you to create him in a way that will work for you.

Regal Bearing Ancient Bronze Xalmyrilth
Dam Gold Biancath
Sire Bronze Koliath
Created by T'ren
Impressee Z'ac
March 17, 2002
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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