Deliberate Performer Green Xiliath

Of no great size or startling physical beauty, this young hatchling relies on other ways to catch attention. One of them is her poise: She actually manages a sort of regal grace while many of her clutch mates stumble over their own feet. She is slower to move than many of her siblings, but careful steps mean that she stays upright and her head remains held very high — especially high when she realizes eyes are upon her. Actual coloration is relatively odd, pale in the extreme to give the impression of plants left in the sun a little too long. The exceptions to this are found over her flanks and chest, where she carries at least a small bit of very dark green and in the absolute ends of her body. There, along her muzzle, talons, the tip of her tail and the ridges down her back pale green gives way to almost dark yellow. This all combines with her slightly-too-heavy-but-not-quite-fat build to give a decidedly average appearance that is only broken by her distinctive way of carrying herself.

Egg Name and Description

X Marks The Spot Egg
Almost unstereotypically white, this egg is average enough in size and shape that it is likely to be missed at a first glance. To the uncurious even seems uniform and free of interesting textures, an entirely bland little egg. A closer look shows irregular and interesting rings around it, a very subtle blue in color and thin enough that they can be found more from their indentations than the color. Walking around the egg, or viewing it from another angle reveals something startling: A very large mark in the shape of an X, much like one would use to mark a map or the like. It takes up at least half of the egg's backside, if one will call it that, and is colored a brilliant blue.

Hatching Message

The X Marks the Spot egg moves ever so slightly. It's almost imperceptible at first, but after some seconds it can be seen to jump and actually goes so far as to roll several feet with it's curious 'X' marking pointing directly up.

The X Marks the Spot egg shivers once again. It then begins a rhythmic up and down motion as the hatchling within begins to beat on the shell. Slowly, cracks begin to form and after a good minute's work the shell splits — right under that curious 'X' shape.

The X Marks the Spot egg is now jumping and wiggling violently under strenuous efforts from the hatchling inside. Hairline cracks around the 'X' blossom into outright tears and with a final, powerful split the egg finally gives up the ghost and spills out a green hatchling — who lands on her feet as though she had been doing this all her life.

Impression Message

As the green purposefully turns her head towards you there is the sensation of suddenly being stabbed directly behind the eyes. Everyone said that impression was supposed to be a gentle, peaceful thing. This hurts — in fact, it hurts alot. Vision is cut off and your head swims. Balance is a thing of the past and your feet threaten to give out and send you to the hot sands below. Fortunatly, it is only painful for a bare microsecond and then a strange warmth seems to spread out from your head outwards — a gentle heat that radiates through your face, arms and legs. There is the sensation of having a body clinging to your own, and feelings — not your own — of absolute adoration drift across your thoughts. And then, finally, her voice is headr. « S'uin? S'uin! S'UIN! » It seems to come from afar, growing stronger and stronger as her attention focuses. There is an edge of almost panic there, as though she worried she lost you. « S'uin. Finally. It is just me. See? I am your Xiliath. Food? Please? »

Mind Description

The Careful Stalker
Xiliath has a very simple and direct way of communicating to you and, from what you can tell, a very complex way of conveying herself to others. To you, her mental contact is confident and positively ambrosial. For the most part, her bond to you is exceedingly gentle, her thoughts and images appearing behind your eyes accompanied by gentle hues of yellow and green that match her body. Even when angry, she rarely raises her 'voice' to you — greens rising to blues but almost never bespeaking you in harsh tones or colors. To you, at least, her voice is sweet and delicate. To others, it depends on who they are. Other greens will recieve smooth, gentle and even tones that tell very little about her. Blues are her favorite, and almost always they get a warm broadcast that is second only to you in adoration. Many low, inviting colors. Browns and Bronzes, she does not react so well to — responding curtly amid neutral grays, occasionally earthen tones and sometimes even a white.

Mind Touches
The Careful Stalker seems to envelope your thoughts in black, velvetey darkness. The contact is incredibly powerful, and one cannot immediatly shrug it off even with a great effort. Amid all of that darkness the only thing that can be focused on is a pair of soft lights, a short distance apart. Very much reminsicent of eyes in the darkness.

The Careful Stalker remains dark, the blackness like syrup around your thoughts as the twain points of light begin to move towards you. At first they are slow, but after a few seconds they are hurtling at you like a beast on the attack. It is then that the first caresses of a deeper contact can be felt — a prying examination of your thoughts and feelings. A tingle beneath your skull. The eyes are almost upon you now, but there is nowhere to run — if you could even move.

The Careful Stalker seems to get even darker as the 'eyes' reach you. With a single, final motion like a predator going for the kill they crash into you and the darkness explodes into a violent, silent sea of bright light and sparkles. The caresses become pervasive and extreme, a rending tear through your psyche as you are examined forcibly — and then, as quickly as it came the light and darkness fades away — leaving only the X shape of the egg staring at you.


Xiliath (Pronounced 'Zil-ee-ath') is very much not your average green, and its just not her fault. No matter how much she tries to blend in with others, there is always something different about her that makes her stand out in one way or another. It could be physically, it could be in how she carries herself or it could even be the way she talks — it doesnt matter what shes doing, shell always be the sore thumb in almost every situation. Youre going to have a lot of trouble with this as she grows up, with her constantly questioning why she has to be different than everyone else. It wont be a problem with just the questions, either. When it is inevitably pointed out to her that she just doesnt quite fit in, she will try harder and harder to be something that shes not always oversensitive to what others want her to be and not who she imagines herself as. Youll have to keep her on the right track, because you are the one person that she accepts as telling her the truth. Everyone else, they all want something for her that is wrong (though it doesnt stop her from trying for it) except you. You know what is best for her, and shell constantly look to your guidance to sort herself out after some horrid mess.

You are not just the center of her world, but her anchor as well. And it is from you that she finds the straight line with which to center herself once again. This is important, for not only does she tend to attempt to become what others want she immerses herself in their problems as well. If someone is hurt, she must be there to fix it. If someone is sad, she must attempt to cheer them up. If someone has anything wrong, she will want to fix it. She is very much the healing sort and is drawn to problems going on around the weyr. What she doesnt understand, and will also lead to trouble, is that many times one doesnt want her meddling in their affairs and she will genuinely be very- hurt when her attempts to fix the problem are either rejected or fail. Everything that is possibly troublesome is her canvas and she will involve herself in everything she wants there is no stopping her, which likely leaves you to pick up the pieces afterwards.

She simply doesnt have a sense of what is her business and what is not. Fortunately for her, she is armed with several built in defenses. One of those is overwhelming manners and poise. She manages to carry herself in such a way as can be described as cute meaning that many are often more concerned about keeping her happy than what she was meddling in. As she gets older, shell be better and better able to control this natural cute factor to get what she wants. She will become a master at using guilt, wits, and the draconic equivalent of bambi-eyes. It is very strange, because she will especially be an expert at playing young blue dragons who she has a soft spot for. But not in any sort of sexual way, the very idea of mating is very private to her. Rather, she likes manipulating others into doing her work for her.

Ah, mating. That thing that all green dragons are bound to do at one time or another. Along with her cute aura she very much has a private mindset. She is not quite so flirtatious, often appearing shocked when others suggest something of the kind to her. That is her business, and her business only and she sticks with this to the point that many will wonder if she has any interest in it at all. Of course she does, she loves the aura of freedom that flights give her and the attention they bring. But, they are so damaging to her innocent cute persona that she chooses to pretend in front of others that shes never even heard of such a thing and seem shocked that they would say such a thing to her. She has a very strong love for blues, it should be said again. Its probably because she sees them as the underdogs of dragons always forgotten for browns, and the more glamorous bronzes. If she had a choice, a blue would catch her almost every time.

All in all, your Xiliath is about poise and charm something that she at least manages to use to get herself out of trouble. It would be a wonderful tool, if she didnt stop trying to re-invent herself whenever someone put a lot of pressure on her. Its going to be lonely for her, since its hard to get to know her, as her cute aura means that she has trouble integrating herself into groups for anything more than manipulation on her part. She wants to do good, she really does, but her constant pressing in the wrong place, constant mis-representing of herself and the like mean that she is going to get in quite a lot of trouble.


The actual 'X marks the spot' egg is a pretty obscure place. It's a reference to Saint Francis Xavier University, in Nova Scotia, Canada. The egg theme was meant to be symbolic of educational institutions. The egg's creator (L'dran) went to school there, and their 'symbol' if you will is an X on all things. The rest of the personality, design and such pretty much came from your own hints and the creator's head. He had a little bit of difficulty in trying to come up with something that references a RPG somehow. He believes that somewhere, the 'stereotype' of the modest but prideful healer in there. A little like a cross between Tifa and Aeris. He isn't really sure, his brain works in funny ways.

With that in view, he'd like to remind you that everything on her is not set in stone and that you are welcome to change her as you wish. As you probably guessed already, L'dran created her. =)

Deliberate Performer Green Xiliath
Dam Gold Noleandrath
Sire Bronze Illusiath
Created By L'dran
Impressee S'uin
February 10, 2008
Telgar Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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