Eyeshine in the Night Blue Yiskatiresiath

Darkness. Pure midnight born from the shell in draconic form manifests in this young hatchling, leaving not a speck of day light claiming any hold on his hide from his blunt-squared maw down to his long whip-like tail. Neck ridges share not even a speck of the stars, pure ebony blending in with the shadows of the night where they trickle over and fade across this one's broad body supported by powerful muscles bringing brute strength to this dragonet. His shoulders are wide; wielding large wings with spars extending a little further than the sails themselves; a creature inspired by nightmares. The head knobs upon his large head are almost too small in proportion to this beast's massive frame, stunted and malformed to be recognizable. Round eye sockets are covered in steel; the threatening metallic visage in the darkness over thick ridges and extending down the length of his body, only to fade into faint mottling as they reach out. Out towards muscular hind legs that are canted outward, awkwardly like one of the lowly crawling lizards of the ground. The digits on his powerful paws are long, almost curling upward at the tips were it not for ebony talons extending from their sheaths to claim the ground below, giving the final touch to this shadow of a dragonet.

Egg Name and Description

Go For Broke Egg
The perfectness of this ovaloid is wrought in brilliant shades of red, green, orange, and brown. Dusky colors dominate this rustic encasing of mud, twisting around phthalo greens in a give and take display of intimacy from the fattened bottom, to the delicately coned top. Vibrant crimson cuts into the middle, reaching elongated, pointed ends back, back, to nearly meet up again along the spine of this playfully colored egg, and up, up. Thin black lines curl throughout such a vibrant red, forming a pattern so intricate that it leaves the impression of veins in a harvest leaf. The centerpiece is amber, brilliant enough to give the impression of a sun, but too misshapen to depict a clear picture.

Hatching Message

Go For Broke Egg vibrates in the sands, quick like the warning rattle of mild irritation before it fades quietly and begins to be still once more.

Go For Broke Egg shifts to one side, before slamming into the shells of the eggs beside it with brute force. A dark fissure emerges across it's own surface, violent crackles that slowly cease after engulfing half of this prison egg. Then again, silence.

Go For Broke Egg erupts, sending shards flying across the sands. The egg-wet dragonet bellows, flaring it's wings wide open as it hisses and puffs towards the blurry white things and clutchmates without descrimination. Eyeshine in the Night Blue Hatchling rumbles quietly, observing the things around him.

Impression Message

« Ir'e. » A single word. A command, wrought in dark shadows and static as they sink into your mind, forcing out the slightest flicker of heat from the sands and the roar of the crowds around until you're left with nothing more than the silent night, the pulse of silver flecks emerging as the only light. Deep and harsh baritone echoes from all directions, each calculated word bringing a chilling cold touch upon your skin and the scent of ashes to your senses. « You don't dare make your dear friend Yiskatiresiath wait now, would you? » There is only the slightest shread of innocence in the query and the rest is coated thickly in insatiable hunger. « Where… is the food. »


In the beginning, it will definitely be a battle of wills. Yiska will be stubborn, doing things his own way whether you want him to or not and it's going to be his way or the high way. Even though your bond with him is undeniable, be prepared to stand your ground. He'll respect you for it and will give you the lead in time, even if it's out of curiousity or to simply observe your ability to handle things. If it's not to his standard, he'll get you there in his own way and often, at your expense. He is not going to be an overly social dragon throughout his turns. He will speak his mind as well as speak the honest truth to you, his lifemate, but no one else. The only one he'll remotely mind aside from his lifemate are the dragons appointed over him throughout weyrlinghood. They're giving him the skills he needs to take charge, they're an asset. Everyone else? A liability. Getting him to work with others is going to be a challenge as a result. Have fun with this.

Like his source of inspiration, he will be able to quicky judge the quality of, and find even seemingly minor flaws in most materials. Most notably: straps. « You must not have a strong will to live if you're going to put those on me. Your weight, especially. » He will not let you skimp and be lazy in training at the least. If it means he runs behind you and head butts you during exercise, randomly batting at you with a wing when you're not paying attention or sneaking up on you to sharpen those reflexes, Yiska will not let you be idle at all during Weyrlinghood. He isn't kissing anyone's ass. This is work, these are skills necessary for survival and to stay on top. This blue is already set on getting there, he'll take you there kicking and screaming if necessary. You will will not fail or he'll make you pay for it.

As he begins to reach that stage in maturity where flights come into play, don't expect him to quicky rise to the ocassion. Oh sure, he'll go up and give chase every now and and then but when he does, he will not play nice. Rough and brutal, he'll tire out or bully his way past the other males to get to the green should he choose to participate at all. He won't permanently disfigure anyone, but he is going to be a pain in the ass. Yiskatiresiath will move for no male, if they won't move, he'll move them. Once the flight is over, win or lose, this blue's back to keeping you in check. He'll brood in silence for a little while, but you're going to be the outlet of that energy as soon as it comes back.

No matter what, Yiskatiresiath is yours to play as you see fit. ;) I hope you enjoy the little monster.


This mind has every little bit of Riddick that makes the man who he is. The way he speaks about things, his seemingly calm and collected manner of putting his point across until the situation dictates otherwise. When calm, there's only a faint static around the edges of his rider's vision when he creeps into their mind. Infuriated? The world will be washed in black and white, distorted and cold with the scent of ashes from a spent blaze. Curiosity and peace will keep the world it perceives as cool as a summer's breeze and just as colorful as reality displays it to be. An ambitious mind is a dangerous one, like the tunnel vision of a predator or the haze of light seen through even the darkest of shadows, this mind will make sure your attention is fixed where it's sights are locked in.


Go for Broke Egg was created by Ila'den. As you requested, your lifemate is based off of the one and only Richard B. Riddick, or simply known as Riddick. There's also a little bit of a hint of black Crested Gecko with his gait and physical appearance. Cause they're both dark and cute at the same time. Ugly babies is something only mother's and lifemates could love, so this blue is most definitely yours.

Yiskatiresiath is a combination of both Greek and Navajo. The Navajo word Yiska: The night has passed and the Greek Tiresias: A Blind Seer. Kinda funky in appearance but easy to pronounce while trying to stick close to his inspiration. Yiska-tir-esi-ath. Dragon was created by Ila'den and S'rorn.


Name Eyeshine in the Night Blue Yiskatiresiath
Dam Gold Shadhavarth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By Ila'den & S'rorn
Impressee Ir'e (Theicher)
Hatched June 3, 2102
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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