There is No Try Green Yodath

Aged, short and squat is what best describes this young dragonet with her broad chest, hunched shoulders and hips giving her much girth. Even her tail is rather short and stubby for her form, the image compact and stunted. Slender and dainty forearms are spaced a little further apart upon her frame, with one pair of talons on each foot tightly paired together, the appearance of three rather than five milky digits prominently displayed. Hind limbs are slender with knobby joints, some strength to support the awkward build they join. Rich olive hues engulf this hatchling from the edge of her jawline down to tail tip, only to be humbled by soft hues of a drab mossy green over her puggish face, broad feet and dainty forepaws. This only thing that brings youth to this new hatched elder is her wings; large and powerful sails with dense muscles attached, frosted in the same mossy green that adorns her.

Egg Name and Description

Ultimate Weapon Egg
This egg blends into near invisibility while nestled on the pale sands, appearing to be nothing more than a simple and nondescript round mass floating amongst the grains of the hatching grounds, spreading across the depths of the heated caverns. Upon a closer look, fine lines of slate race across the rough textured surface, a myriad of grid-work reaching in never ending paths around this ovoid form. A single line surrounds the circumference, almost dividing this egg into two perfect halves, in perfect symmetry. The only unique facet upon this shell is a smaller circle outlined in the same ashen hue on the upper half, like a single eye watching out into the world, unblinking, emotionless to those that dare peer back into it. Watching, waiting for something or someone amidst the pale grains of infinity and the remnants of all that stood before this imposing figure.

Hatching Message

While Ultimate Weapon Egg is not shy about its intent to hatch, shaking and rattling energetically, the movements of the egg are hard to discern from that of the sand about it as the twitching dislodges the mounded grains.

Ultimate Weapon Egg continues to wriggle about in its not-so-stealthy fashion while the sounds of tapping from within it carry clearly across the sands.

Ultimate Weapon Egg gives a final twitch before it explodes outward, shards of the shell flying across the sands to become immediately lost, owing to their pale color. From amidst the destruction comes There is no Try Green Hatchling, her mossy hide much more visible than the now forgotten bits of egg.

Impression Message

There is no Try Green Hatchling slowly waddles across the sands, pausing to sniff and peer at the air and space where no candidate stands. For a moment, the green doesn't seem interested in the batch, until she makes her way down the line and directly to the smallest of the white robed things. The dragonet leans forward, nudging the boy with her puggish snout and beginning to examine his hands. "V'der?" The boy, formerly Valonder, replies with a little giggle. "The food is this way! No, I know it's this way! I'm sure! I'm… not going to eat that, you are. Yes, you can eat first. Let's go." The Assistant Weyrlingmasters guide the boy and his newfound lifemate off to feed.


Ultimate Weapon Egg is based off of the Death Star, the dragonet from Yoda and her mind is The Force from Star Wars.


Name There is No Try Green Yodath
Dam Gold Shadhavarth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By S'rorn
Impressee V'der (Valonder)
Hatched June 3, 2012
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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