Boiling Water Blue Yojokitobuth

Pale is barely the word to describe this blue. So light is his hide in certain lighting it almost looks white, but on close comparison, is actually a very pale blue. Intricate swirls of dark blue are penciled finely all over the hide of this beast. Big swirls, small swirls, all tiny threads of blue reaching from his head to the tip of his tail. The swirls become more like vines on his wings, large trunks of dark blue travel up the ridges and then fan out like branches to their own swirly designs. Blue swirls lick the head of this blue but go no further. Instead two dark blue diamonds surround his eyes, and taper off slowly in the back until they are wispy lines that run a ways down his neck. Swirls are more pronounced at his hands and feet, becoming thick lines that become solid dark blue at his claws. His tail tips are also covered in this dark blue anti-frost color.

Egg Name and Description

Sweet Juicy Lovin' Egg
Perfectly smooth upon the surface, one would question if this egg was born of glass or just happened to been rolled around the sands a little too much by the ever doting dam and sire. Rich aubergine gives it's sulty embrace to this delicate dark shell; a soft twirl of sweet hues with nothing more to disrupt this dance of color than a single saffron kiss, a kiss that cradles the tiny seeds of chartreuse dotting that bright and brilliant apex.

Hatching Message

Sweet Juicy Lovin' Egg is rockin' and rollin'! It's swaying from side to side in well timed, if jerky motions like it's doing some sort of awkward dance. Left, Right, Left, Right.. Back! Forward. Back! Forward! And… faceplant. The egg tips over in the sand and is still.

Sweet Juicy Lovin' Egg seems to be tuckered out from all the dancing and flopping. It looks like it might be taking a nap in the sands, face down. Then the egg starts to tremble a bit, and there is a loud *CRACK* noise as a big chasm opens up down the center of the egg, arching nearly over the entire exposed hemisphere. Several candidates jump and one of them… hey. What's that smell?

As some of the candidates peer around looking for whoever… dealt it the Sweet Juicy Lovin' Egg is starting to chip away at that big crack down its spine. Pieces are chipped away, and the smooth crack becomes riddled with jagged edges. There are no more surprising noises, though eventually the crack has become a large enough hole, and the dragon inside pokes it head out before working its way onto the sand.

Impression Message

Boiling Water Blue is having a rough time of it. He apparently, is stuck to his shell. Most of him seemed to get out okay. Tail, arms, wings, head… leg? Only one leg has come free. There's an excited scramble for the candidate line that ends in failure. The blue can't see to get anywhere with one leg anchored to his egg, which is anchored in the sand. Instead his free leg just digs a hole into the sand. After a few tries of this he manages to get the egg somewhat dislodged, but it almost immediately falls back into position, taking the dragonet with it. There's an annoyed growly-bark noise made at the leftover shell and teeth attack at the spot that's got his leg caught. Shell pieces go flying everywhere for a few moments, then he is free! Free! He wriggles out his leg and then bounds over to the candidates, nearly jumping on top of one right away. Apparently he'd seen Ravithaye from across the sands, a tall girl with raven black hair. She falls backwards onto her behind, laughing. "Ah! Ooh! Hello to you, too, Yojokitobuth! Sure… Raye it is. I know, that egg was especially pesky. But it's okay now! You don't have to go back into it, let's instead find you a nice wallow you won't get stuck in. And maybe a bite to eat." After Raye is on her feet, she dusts herself off and heads off with one of the weyrlingmasters.



Name Boiling Water Blue Yojokitobuth
Dam Gold Miraneith
Sire Bronze Suldith
Created By S'rorn (egg) & Zi'on (dragon)
Impressee Raye (Ravithaye)
Hatched April 7, 2013
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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