Promises You Don't Intend to Keep Bronze Ysgieuth

Promises You Don't Intend to Keep Bronze
Massive and thoroughly powerful in form and bearing, this bronze strikes an impressive figure. He's balanced, for the most part, for all that his legs err on the short side, sturdy in bone and muscle. This carries over throughout — a strong, crested neck, athletic shoulders, broad wings not too long for quick maneuvering. Walnut makes up the bulk of his coloring, warm and burnished, worn darker around joints and his topline. Bright shades of cinnamon and caramel seem to cling to the edges of him, limning the fronts of his legs and gilding the aristocratic arch to his snout before streaking up elegant headknobs and sharp 'ridges. Here he gleams, polished to the metallic shine he deserves, warm as though infused with candlelight. Indoors, he maintains this heated radiance, certainly not dull, but not nearly as flashy as some. Sunlight brings out the brilliant details of his lustre in places previously easy to dismiss: the center of his forehead, those powerful shoulders, and all down his tail, an elaborate pattern of gilt that sets him apart from his brethren. In flight, his wings show much the same intricacies, a base of pale tawny inlaid with candescent bronze in loops, braids, and distinguished ornamental patterns.

Egg Name and Description

Hint of Glitter Egg
This egg is extremely plain — mid-sized, nearly perfectly egg-shaped, tapering near the apex and rounder near the base. It's not overly lumpy or bumpy, mostly smooth but without a lot of shine to it. Dark, loamy brown, and bright spring green cover most of the shell in a random pattern, broken vertically by a band of flat grey down the middle. Occasional flecks of brighter colors speckle here and there through the green: magenta, softer violet, even pale cream here and there. They seem to almost shift and move, more lively than the rest of the plain shell, save for a flash of metallic twinkling precariously near to the edge of the grey-brown band. It doesn't quite surpass the vibrant speckles of color, but livens up an otherwise bland and empty, almost unfinished-seeming part of the shell.

Hatching Message

Hint of Glitter Egg gives a mighty shudder, sending glitter and sand cascading off of it. The glitter catches, here and there, on the spiderweb-lattice of cracks starting to form on the shell, sparkling in the lights.

Hint of Glitter Egg trembles. Still glittering, still shiny, it's making…less friendly noises, now. Groans. Creaks. A terrible kind of pop-pop-pop, little bits of shell flaking off. Is that a toe? Wing thumb? Oh — an eye, maybe, glowing in the growing lattice of cracks.

Hint of Glitter Egg crumbles, less dramatically than it might have seemed. Shining dully in the glitter and warm lights, a dragonet blinks, sits down hard, shaking his head like a canine. Oh! Well. This's what it's all about, then, is it?

Sands #1
Promises You Don't Intend to Keep Bronze is being very careful, here. He tests each limb individually, surveying them with suspicion. The white-robed mass of not-dragons aren't quite ahead of each toe on the scales of interest, though. They move! When he tries to stand, if he doesn't move his wings, he trips! Huh.

Sands #2
Promises You Don't Intend to Keep Bronze finally gets moving, sighting something among the candidates. He's not quite purposeful in his strides, yet, though. He's still got to figure out locomotion, you know. It's not easy. One foot, two foot — ow. He and a candidate go down, but both emerge from the brief confusion relatively unscathed. It's fine! Don't worry! He's got it all under control.

Public Impression
Promises You Don't Intend to Keep Bronze doesn't have any more incidents, thank goodness, but it's a near thing. His hind legs want to go at a different pace than his front legs, still so very hatchling-awkward. Here, though — all of a sudden all four legs stop, wings go akimbo, and he stares up at a candidate, slack-jawed. Oh. Right. It takes several long beats for him to recover his composure, but he does with time, arching his neck and pressing his forehead to the chest of the blue-eyed man who so startled him with great dignity.

Impression Message

Warmth — different from the sands, suffusing your senses slowly. Quiet, somehow, in the chaos of the sands. « Oh. » A voice, here: whispered, nearly, a surprised beat followed by a rush of some emotion you can't quite grasp. « Mine. » The emotion settles, a little, feels like joy and confusion and…hunger? Yes, that too, on a sudden rumble of the stomach for both of you that might be embarrassing if your every cell wasn't burning with a fierce rush of happiness not entirely your own. « Z'tan! It is I, your Ysgieuth. Do you recognize us? » The voice grows louder, briefly, unable to contain itself for the sheer excitement of the moment — but it settles just as quickly, warm and hushed. As if you're the only two here, as if there's nobody to talk over, to worry about, outside of the pair of you. You can't hear them, just now, can you? « I'm quite hungry, mine. Aren't you? Let's eat. » And then you can, the thrall of the moment falling: leaving the sands, and Ysgieuth's head pressed to your chest, a sharp counterpoint to the quiet of a moment before.


Z'tan, Z'tan, Z'tan. What have you gotten yourself into, now? Whether you thought it through all the way or not, you can't have foreseen Ysgieuth crashing into your life. With a flare for the dramatic, enough charm to get you both out of trouble, and a real desire to keep you happy and safe, your lifemate will have your back, whether you expected it or not. Not that he'll say so all that often, early on, unable to articulate that strong of an emotion as he will be.

At the start, Ysgieuth will be insatiable, in just about every way you can imagine a young dragon might be. He'll need food nearly constantly, itch like fire no matter how recently you've oiled him, and he'll have questions about everything. Why this? Why that? What do you mean by that? Faranth help you, because it's not like anybody else will be able to do much. He won't be chaotic like Zychaelth or relentlessly, occasionally painfully kind like Dalisyth, and won't quite have the same zest for learning as Chauth, after a while. No. But he will be restless, even as a hatchling, a little jumpy in his earliest days. Zychaelth causing a ruckus? For those first long sevendays, he'll be snappish sometimes — « Brother! Cease that! Really, you wherry, yours is sleeping! » — but not mean, necessarily. It's just that the world is huge, and hard to process, and it's all a bit much for Ysgieuth to take in. Overwhelmed? A little. Wouldn't you be, too?

Not that he doesn't try. He can't help but try, forcing himself to stay awake until he drops, just taking it all in. Ysgie loves to include others in this, too, naturally pulling in his clutchmates. Whether pride or genuine joie de vivre, this bronze rarely keeps his feelings or observations to himself. « Chauth! Chauth, stop gloating and look at how mine is oiling my wings! Bring yours, quick now. Yours were itching, right…? Ours are not, now, at all! » You'll have to pace him, at times, so that he doesn't overexert himself, simply trying to live, to drag as many of his siblings along with him that he can.

He's got a knack for remembering obscure facts for surprisingly long, even as a hatching, an attention for detail that will settle in firmly as he ages. Your little bronze won't have any shame in quizzing <Jovianth?> about hers's former life, or Chauth, or Xermiltoth — you get the point. He'll have a lot of time for this, kept awake by itching or hunger or some other small ailment in those first sevendays that he just can't get out of his mind. And if that's not enough, your young bronze will develop a habit — maybe playing off of Dalisyth's own oddness in linguistic prowess — of referring to himself in the plural. To make things worse, he sometimes actually does mean it plural, including you wholesale within the umbrella of himself. Good luck figuring it out, as the habit might well stick around past Weyrlinghood, in his more highly emotional times.

« We are not hungry, thank you, Jovianth. Is that…what is that? »
« Fruit salad. It's fruit, and a salad. At the same time! Imagine that. Ash likes it. »
« …ah. Thank you, but we're a dragon. We eat meat, brother. »

Although he'll grow out of it somewhat with time, in his earliest day, you will be hard-pressed to find a dragon more invested in the well-being and properness of his clutchmates than Ysgieuth. He just can't seem to help it. He won't be one to cosset you overly, but his affection for his clutchmates is different. Whenever he has a spare moment, he'll be checking in on them, keeping a weather eye on Dalisyth to make sure she's not getting picked on, watching <Jovianth> to make sure he hasn't tripped on his own tail again. He might ruffle feathers occasionally, with his attitude about it (which, early on, will still carry the edges of that hatchling snappishness), but he means well, honestly!

You, Z'tan, you. Even as a hatchling, overwhelmed with the world and all of the parts that he has to or wants to play, that you have to play, you are the center of Ysgieuth's world. If it pleases you, it pleases Ysgie, and it's rare that he will truly argue with you. He might not seem like a dragon who actually enjoys your schemes, but he is. Your charisma, your warmth, are echoed in the very bones of this bronze, and he's more one for complimenting you on a well-considered plot than trying to divert or obstruct you. He can be cautious, certainly, and he has a natural uncertainty about chaos, but well. If you're diving in head-first, there's nothing for it, right? There will never be any question, for Ysgieuth. He finds your conquests alternately hilarious and flattering, too — after all, you are a reflection of him, as much as he is of you. As long as you go about things properly, well.

« Of course mine was kind to yours, Aydoth. What else would you expect? An uncivilized brute? Tch. »

All of this does not detract from the fact that Ysgieuth's sense of propriety is, well, highly developed. There are Right things, and then there are Wrong things, and for the most part, the world will follow the Right path or he is going to have something to say about it. Usually at length. He's not shy, and he won't bite his tongue just because somebody doesn't like what he's saying — a trait no doubt inherited on down through his parents. When you learn Law as a Weyrling, Ysgie is going to pay attention, and while a dragon's memory isn't so great, yours is better than you might think. Unfortunately. All those dreams about reams of old parchment as a Weyrling might come in handy someday, though, right…? Suuuure. Your own knowledge, your insight on trade and the movement and handling of material goods, will be endlessly interesting to your dragon. You might not find too many who are interested in such things, but well, your bronze is a dragon unto himself. Whether your memories are, well, entirely related to trade or not is neither here nor there. He's not one to judge. (You. And only you, sometimes.)

For a dragon as prone to speaking his mind when and where he thinks it's warranted, though, he will never be one to prosthelytize on you or try to curb you. No, no, Ysgieuth's place for you is far more sinister for the world at large — a co-conspirator, if quiet.

« Compliment the cut of her skirt, man. »
« It shows you're paying attention, Z'tan. Trust me. »

And the thing is? He usually has good advice, when he's not in a high temper. Ysgieuth has a mind for solving problems, for worming his way into the good graces of whoever he deems worthy of his efforts — or yours. If this is developed, if you play along, it could take you both far, balancing both of your flaws and strengths. He's just got a knack for it.

That knack for tactical thinking, for figuring out problems, will serve him well in whatever wing you decide to join. It would take him some time to settle into the bravery of Archipelago, but the methodical nature of sweeps will appeal to him, and give both of you an outlet for your more dashing and charismatic nature. Seamount would bring him into his element — a place to show off his innate understanding of commerce, of how goods move from place to place. Islet? He loves, more than many things, telling other dragons what to do, and he's not bad at it either. He'll apply himself to the training of his young charges with a ferocity and protectiveness almost unmatched. Ysgieuth would settle with aplomb into Atoll, even, should you wish to join in the administrative efforts — Atoll a comfortable combination of many of his favorite things in life.

Wherever the two of you settle, wherever the long, long, (long, long, long, Faranth bless you) talks in Weyrlinghood take you in the end, Ysgie will fall in line with you with ease and warmth. You are the center of his world, but his wingmates? He's astoundingly loyal to them, and will fight tooth and claw for their safety, their comfort. Unfair restrictions placed after one too many incidents within the wing? You can bet that he will argue until the wherries come home in favor of his wayward 'mates.

« Ilyscaeth! You cannot tell us that because Krijuesth's allegedly fought with Zaloth's, and in theory has several times this sevenday, the entire wing deserves diminished liberties! Be reasonable! »

Don't expect him to join you for carousing or plotting until he's had his way, either. Ysgieuth is about as stubborn as they come, and he won't back down. If he gets an idea in his head, all of his considerable charm is poured onto the target until he gets his way. He's got the charisma and grace (not to mention ability to batter spirits by simply talking until one gives in) that it usually doesn't take too long, at least, and he's always keen to make up lost time to you. If you join him in his crusades for Justice, though? Ysgie is even more unstoppable, supported by the most important person in the world.

When he's not fighting for them, though, your bronze isn't always a soft touch with his peers. At the same time that he's fighting madly for them, it's entirely possible that he's reading them the riot act, walking them back and forth over where they went wrong. Or their parents went wrong. Or possible their children, or their rider's children…he's not exactly picky, when he's in a temper. They don't last long, and he's not cruel, just Very Exceedingly Thorough. Thankfully, this isn't a side of your dragon that you will see: if you make missteps, he's right there with you. There's nothing for it, at that point, than to fight your way out, right? Live and learn. He's got a bit of a blind spot when it comes to you, Z'tan.

Whether or not he's in a leadership position within his wing, Ysgieuth will feel the pressure to not let his wingmates — or you — down most keenly. He takes the responsibility of a dragon very seriously, whether of a wingrider, or whatever position he manages to talk you both into down the road. Your bronze will spend a seemingly-unreasonable amount of time studying older dragons, drilling for drills, actively seeking to better himself and you, too. He does have an off-switch, a strong appreciation for the finer things in life and a willingness to disengage from his obsessive regimen for you and your well-being, but. Well. He also drills in his sleep sometimes, dreaming of repetitive maneuvers.

His Weyrlinghood fondness for Dalisyth and Zychaelth will transfer, perhaps a little awkwardly at first, into a lifelong habit. He's subtle, certainly, so much subtler than the dragons and humans which so draw his loyalty, but Ysgieuth is nothing if not steadfast. The loud, awkward, kind will almost always draw your bronze like a moth to flame. They're loud where he's not usually, not afraid to be so loud, so awkward, where he finds himself hesitating. Ysgie's loyalty is not only bound to these brash souls, he's loyal to even the equally-stubborn dragons he sometimes butts heads with, like Chauth, but. There's a softness to him that few outside of you see — but they will.

« Don't worry about what they say, Dalisyth. I can understand you. Just because they're not listening doesn't mean that you're not conveying yourself appropriately. »

It's not that he won't also occasionally chide those who he holds close to his hearts, won't take the time out of his day to explain to them in detail where they've gone wrong. It's just that he'll do it with several degrees more…patience, maybe. He might have a bit of a blind eye, like he does for your occasional shenanigans.

« Don't wait up for me, Z'tan. You'll be okay by yourself, won't you? Luyillath has a wherry-brained scheme. »
"And you don't want her to get in over her head."
« Well, I thought that was obvious. »

Ysgieuth is not a dragon who typically enjoys the spotlight — you are the one who should be in the spotlight, should shine for all to see. When golds and greens glow, your bronze won't always be the first to sidle up to chat, to woo, and he won't usually be amazing with prose or poise when he does. You're the one who has the Skills, and Ysgieuth is plenty happy simply playing backup to that, trusting you to sway the rider half of the pair. Do you fancy a greenrider? Well, then, he'll just have to chat up that green, won't he. He's a practical soul, is he, and friendly enough that many greens and golds will favor him simply for his calm and attentive nature, even if he doesn't often catch the competitive bug.

Don't get me wrong: Ysgie knows how to woo. If either one of you ever takes a real liking to another, he'll find that competitive reserve. You might be surprised how cunning your bronze can be, how far he'll go to thin the competition a little. Never anything bad, no, no. He won't poison their wherry or anything. He'll just…talk to them. Convince them that chasing a different tail is the best course of action, if you really look at the situation. He'll put just as much effort into wooing the green or gold — the finest herdbeasts, exotic leather for straps, some extravagant evening for you and the dragon's rider. You never know exactly what he'll come up with, but you can be sure that if Ysgieuth sets his mind to a thing, he'll do his best to win. Even down to simply outflying the competition, practicing swift maneuvers as often as he can in the days leading up to the event.

When — not if, you're both charismatic enough that unless you forbid it, it's inevitable — Ysgie catches a gold, he won't exactly transform. No, the meticulous, relentlessly vigilant, sometimes snappish dragon that he fully embodies then is simply this bronze's natural Stressed State. Eggs? What's he supposed to do with eggs? Hatchlings? Candidates? He has a relatively full social circle among dragons, but how do humans work? Is he supposed to take care of them, too? You're the only human he actually pays attention to most of the time, are all of his eggs' potential bonds like you? Should they be? Should he send the meek ones packing? The loud ones?

You might have to talk him down, every once in a while. Still. Once he settles down, Ysgieuth is a remarkable clutchfather. He actually pays attention to things: each candidate, each dragon who brings them in on Search, the condition of the barracks, condition of the sands. Condition of his mate, the eggs. You name it, this bronze is on top of it, putting all of his considerable prowess with tactical planning behind ensuring that the whole thing goes over without a hitch. Keeping an eye on him, ensuring that he doesn't overexert himself, might be a good idea — but he enjoys it, too. Feeling the dragonets growing in their eggs, listening to their thoughts, bringing in the very best food from all around Pern for the dam and her rider, too, for that matter.


Ysgieuth is a handsome fellow, isn't he? Maybe a little plain, without a good sunny day, but he strikes a pretty impressive figure. He's big, but not massive, broad but not quite chubby (barring a few Weyrlinghood months wherein he puts on more weight than his growing frame can keep up with, of course, but he's a growing boy), without too much physical awkwardness. He carries his weight well, lighter on his feet than one might expect, not nearly as clumsy even as a young dragon as some of his siblings. It's not so hard, once you've learned the purpose of every limb, to keep them in order, for Faranth's sake. He'll never be one to knock over your prized…pottery, or cabinets, or what-have-you, at least.


Like so much else about your dragon, Ysgieuth's mind is steady, orderly, as calm and quiet as several of his siblings are not, the slow tick of some great clock over a quiet rainfall. Or is it a metronome, maybe? The speed varies, after all, depending on what mood, or how much subtle plotting is going on beneath Ysgie's surface thoughts. In pleasant moods, far, far distant music seems to keep time with the steady beat, quiet and full of romantic strings.

Ysgie's voice is warm baritone, sometimes clipped and precise, in softer moments drawn into a slower drawl. He rarely seeks to block out others, and tends to modulate his tone lower than others, if he's speaking in a larger group, but if he needs to be heard, he will.

Inspiration & Credits

Welcome to Weyrlinghood, Z'tan! 8D We are so happy to have you, in this awesome class we have here! I hope very much that it's a fun time for you, and that you enjoy Ysgieuth! You requested a kind of foil to Zeltan, a Cogsworth to his Lumiere, so that is what our Ysgieuth is. He's got a fair bit of Cogsworth in him, and Lupo, also, on top of a base of as much charm and charisma as I could fit with those two. I hope that I balanced it right!

Our clutch theme this time was "Luck", and the Hint of Glitter Egg was based on a lucky penny. :D Find a penny, pick it up, and all.

More than anything, Ysgieuth chose the name Z'tan. I was leaning towards Z'ltan, but that was off the table for Ysgie, so I went along with it. But if you'd prefer, I'm sure you could talk him 'round. :D

The name Ysgieuth is drawn from a Religieuse clock, the closest type of old French clock to Cogsworth that I could find! I tested out a lot of names with combinations of the word, but Ysgieuth seemed to fit best with the strange-letter combination you requested. I've been pronouncing it "EZ-ge-yooth" and "Ez-gee", but you are definitely welcome to pronounce it in the manner that makes the most sense to you.

However! As ever, he is yours — his name, his everything, for you to change and grow as you see fit! <3

Name Ysgieuth
Dam Ilyscaeth
Sire Xermiltoth
Created By Citayla
Impressee Z'tan (Zeltan)
Hatched April 21st, 2018
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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