Sword of Silent Courage Brown Yukenth

This average sized brown is built for strength instead of speed. Slightly larger than usual wings are affixed to broad shoulders, rippling with strong muscle. Stocky limbs end in white claws with a slight reddish hue to them. His paws are just a tad bigger than is required, making him anything but dainty on the ground. The rest of this dragon is covered in a dark deep chocolate, save the folds on the underside of his wings, which match the reddish white hue of his claws and spread out under him like lightning bolts. His head and snout is of average length and size, not thin and long but also not short and squished. His eyes sit back deep in his skull though, or at least appear to due to the enlarged eye ridges that shelter them. The eye ridges give way to head ridges, which continue down his neck and along his back to his tail. His tail starts out quite thick at the base, then tapers sharply to a thin point at the end.

Trifecta of Perfection Egg

This egg is hugged at the by a lush green carpet, the color of freshly cut grass or new spring leaves. Set against the lovely green backdrop sits a kite-shaped band of silver, bright and shining against the sea of green and large enough to consume an entire hemisphere of the egg. There is no tapering of color, from the green to the silver, just an edge cutting through the former like a sharp blade. The silver band traps a sea of cerulean blue, deep, dark and vast. The southern sea is occupied by a semicircle of long feathery islands connected by an inner half ring. These rusty red fingers circle a golden triangular patch. Three similar patches are stacked above the set of thin red islands, accentuated by two horseshoes of silver on either side.

Hatching Message

Trifecta of Perfection Egg might have moved. Its very possible that it maybe moved just a little tiny bit. Perhaps.

Trifecta of Perfection Egg seems to strain against itself. One side seems to bulge, then the other. It contorts itself into an odd shape that is looking less and less like an egg. Seams form along the bulges, the structure is failing at certain points and bits of egg crumble away.

Trifecta of Perfection Egg is starting to contort even more. Bits of egg crumble down to the sands below, until the whole outer shell splinters into pieces and falls away.

Impression Message

You feel a dark patch well into your consciousness. It grows larger, and brighter, to a deep purple, then maroon. A deep soothing voice enters into your mind. Its quiet, but still seems to drown out all the other activity around you. You look at the whirling eyes before you, and realize its coming from the brown dragon in front of you. «I am Yukenth Fmar. Hello. Let us go. It is time to eat.» Simple, concise. That is all the brown needs to say, so that is all he does say. Though there is definitely a feeling of warmth coming from the tiny brown. Feelings that do not need to be expressed in words.


Yukenth is a stoic, quiet sort of dragon. He doesnt talk much. Not even to F'mar, which might send the harper for a bit of a loop at first. He does talk slightly more to his rider than to the other dragons around, but he is still fairly quiet.

Yukenth is a neutral good personality alignment. He is loyal to a fault, to Fmar first of course, then to the dragons hes closest to. Even when the others are doing something he disapproves of, when they are caught with their hands (or claws) in the proverbial cookie jar, he is quick to back them up. He is always ready and willing to fall on his sword for Fmar especially, meaning that you will need to take care that he doesnt overdo things or injure himself making sure Fmar remains at the top of his class or wing.

Flights wont interest Yukenth as much as they will other males. That said, if hes coerced into one (or happens to be around one) hell put his all into rescuing the lady. Hes something of a reluctant hero, driven to action by fates design rather than his own choosing.

Yukenths eating habits will be relatively normal. However he will develop a habit of wanting a nap after feeding (which might become a problem during a pre-flight blooding!)

Yukenth has no grandiose plans for glory at the weyr. He is happy to perform his duties and do a good job at them. Any push for leadership of course will have to come then from Fmar, but Yukenth will take these quests seriously. Because of his calm, sensible demeanor, he is well suited to high stress work in the search and rescue wing but will perform well in any wing he is assigned.


Elements of Opposition
This mind is generally soft spoken. His voice is soothing and deep, and remains relatively calm for the most part. A voice of chocolate, evenly toned and not harsh or raspy. Your mind is filled with deep rich browns, reds and oranges, nice autumn colors. When hurt or angry though, this deep voice can become booming and frightening, though such instances are few and far between.


The theme for this clutch was Nintendo games! Specifically games available on Nintendos consoles. Yukenths theme specifically was Legend of Zelda, and his personality was loosely based on Link. Link to me has always been a victim of circumstance, the world is ending, Gannondorf is on the rampage and Zelda appeals to him for help. Instead of backing down, he faces his fate with courage. This is the sort of personality I wanted to capture with him. Yukenth is a mash of Yuki and Ken in Japanese (courage and sword).


Name Sword of Silent Courage Brown Yukenth
Dam Gold Celimoth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By
Impressee F'mar (Firamar)
Hatched November 23, 2014
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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