Suntanned Serpent Sage Brown Zakynth

Dust of the ancients rolls over the time worn eyeridges to settle lightly about the mellow swirling of faceted eyes. Skin seems tightly pulled over narrow muzzle which tapers to a slightly blunted end where nostrils flare at each soft breath. It pulls just as stoutly down the smoothly muscled neck and into a deep barreled chest, outlining muscle and blood vessels alike in a carefully crafted sculpture. Time has been on his side in the warm brown that the sun has baked the hue of his skin has into, and with its soft oily sheen, he comes across like some carefully crafted body builder. More alive than any plain artists work, the detail continues no less finely down toned arms and legs to fingers that skin hugs tautly, only giving way to his rather golden-browned talons. Wisdom and humor gleam in the swirl of eyes as he watches you just look over his magnificent self, sucking in his belly ever so slightly and letting abdominal muscles ripple as profoundly as the sturdy swath of his haunches. Tail languishes behind, never quite dipping to the ground but casting its shadow just breaths above. Its slightly long to his proportion and tapers a little to quickly, the only mar of imperfection about him, before splitting into a graceful fork. There is nothing hard or angular about him, for he carries a serpents grace that slides along with the barest whisper of his presence both in figure and movement. The hue upon his belly isnt nearly as darkened a tan as the rest of his body, as if he forgot to rotate in his sunbathing a time or two. Wingshoulders are more heavily muscled than the rest of his form, betraying a deep strength to carry the impressive spread of his wingsails. The tender translucent membranes are imprinted with something more than simple baking upon the beach. Ancient ruins seem to rise, crumbling structures of old pillars, stone buildings and archways immense that defy gravity in their expanse. Nothing to distinctive, such that some will dismiss them as merely coincidental markings, but others may humble themselves to the tribute and reminder of the past it offers.

Egg Name and Description

Anthology of the Ancients Egg
The yellow-brown hue of aged parchment clings desperately upon the smooth surface of this egg. Time takes so much away, and it seems so little survives its wrath, but this egg shelters something ever precious. The literary works of history are tucked in neat scrolls, mythology displayed in a few unraveled sections, in faded ink that seem to depict such fantastically silly things as flying runners, or multi-headed dragons. Imagine that, it must be an anthology of ancient tales, of stories once passed orally from generation to generation captured by some energetic scribe only to fade into history, this egg its last desperate foothold into the world.

Hatching Message

Aged parchment is disturbed by an earthy rumble. It shakes this egg to its very foundation and one can almost see the most ancient of the scrolls crumble under the disturbance. Some archivist will no doubt bemoan the loss of such knowledge while others will shrug knowing that the practical know how survives, the anthology of the ancients egg a reflection of old soon look to be lost as much in time as its predecessors.

Again the anthology of the ancients egg is disturbed. The disturbance, however, comes for once from the inside. No longer will Nylaeth be so carefully turning and tending it, no, some other force has taken hold and the precious records inscribed upon the shell are broken by fine white lines as cracks work their way up from bottom to top.

Inevitable it is, to fall to time, scrolls crumbling to dust, pictures lost in the winds of change as cracks take hold in a dizzying array of diamonds carved across the shell of the anthology of the ancients egg. So many cracks can not forever be supported and the shell caves under its own weight into a million rough diamond shaped shards. Blinking in its wake, the hatchling once within shakes his head to dislodge the shards which stick there momentarily before falling to the sands as the dragon takes his first, deep breath.

Impression Message

There is a charged energy which clings to the find sandy grains within the hatching ground. An expectation met in the sharp snap of shell, the distressed cries of the newborn replaced soon after by joyous and hungry croons. Each questing in its own to find the one, the perfect and only one to match, time and time again the ritual repeated. It might seem like none look your way, and when your heart begins to sag, your shoulders just starting to bear the weight of doubt, preparing to be left behind, alone there comes a strange tingle upon your skin. As if the energy of the sands has transferred to you in this moment, the urgent cries of one recently shelled urging you to wait, to turn and look upon one who's quest will soon end. A pleading, needing, ecstatic moment as whirling eyes meet yours «I have searched so long, even from within my shell to find the perfect one and when found it took forever to get out! Can you ever forgive me for making your wait so Meaghan?!» a desperate creel escapes his suntanned lips as you are joined, mind, body, soul with this one. He who will ever more be your defendant, your protector, your better half… *ahem* there is a humored tint to the slowing whirl of his eyes and one can't quite help wonder exactly who's thought that was before he interrupts brightly «I am Zakynth!»


Your lifemate is an interesting study, a being who is hard to put a finger on exactly what he is and what he wants. «I am me, who else would I be? Just as you are you, no matter how many times you decide to style your hair different.» He is actually quite sensitive, a loving and loyal fellow who desires only the best for you. «The world shall know how great my rider is!!» There is a certainty which clings, a bold assuredness which will carry you thru times good and bad. Tough in the sense that when he thinks he is right on something he'll stand firm «I'm /sure/ that Anoryn wanted you bagging the firestone in /that/ way, not *this** way.» and inasmuch prodding you to be more assertive, more 'out there' «See you have it perfect. Now go show off, or shall I announce it for you?» and should you not jump to he'll be glad to bugle as LOUDLY as possible what a good job you have done, how you aced this or that test and what perfection the tailors have done with that new outfit… So, consider carefully when you hesitate. It's an attribute that will mellow somewhat as he ages, as you two bond more deeply and come to understand each other at that level where words are no longer necessary. He'll long to get into the air, proud to show off his body and strength «Everyone shall see how well you oiled me. Aren't I handsome? Can't I fly yet?!?» — Graduation will be a relief, being stuck under such a strict set of rules isn't really his thing, and it chafes against his more carefree personality. «Alright, now we can go where we want, when we want… So what do you want to do today m'dear?» It will mean that he can study and explore what he wants, fulfilling the drive to explore and learn. He doesn't want to know what everyone else knows, he wants to find something new. «And /everything/ around here has been turned over… twice!» Travel is a match which binds you well and you shall find yourself free within his grasp, the whole world beckoning while a place remains warm and welcoming back home. Western will always be that special place, and at times the desire for traveling dips away and you both may find the simple comforts in those you know best, friendships grown and nurtured to last a lifetime. An, should anything get to boring he'll be a bounty of ideas, taking an item learned and adding his own twist to it «I hear they did dragon races in Ista, perhaps we could arrange a set here but maybe do it as a relay, or how about half by swimming and half by flying. What do you think? Let's go talk to the weyrleaders to see. You'll help arrange this fun won't you??» oh, yup, you just got volunteered, watch out! It's a merry task you'll never face alone, the playful spirit forever young as he matches to, and brings out the best of you. — He is also a bit dense around proddy females. Hopefully an aspect which won't rub off so much on you as he mentally frowns and leans away from one particularly flirtatious green «Why is she acting so funny. Has someone discovered dragon-nip??» The actual flights however he is totally in tune. «Oh boy, oh boy she's gonna go!!! I'm so there, watch me.. I'm flying…I'm…» and he'll need all your concentration to keep on target, to not use up all his energy too early on and work the thermals and currents instead to his advantage. The flash of color upon the female is of little matter, a flight is a flight and he works as hard to catch green as gold, tho many times both will slip through his grasp and into another's wings. A time he'll need your utmost support in the utter desolation of loss «I tried so hard Meaghan, I really did.» making the times he succeeds all the sweeter as the glories and passions spill over in ways you could never have imagined.


Questing for Something
One brushes up against a thoughtful mind which seems constantly in search of … something. Exactly what that might be is the greatest mystery and perhaps lends itself to the stream of questions that others will sometimes encounter. Even when he states something, there always seems to be a question mark attached. It tempts one to doubt oneself, pushes one to remember to /think/, testing the waters of patience and virtue but never pushing to hard, pulling back just when the receiver might erupt in frustration or pull away in self-doubt. It doesn't mean to be so curious, so thirsting to experience, to understand and he is as willing share his own thoughts and memories, cherishing places near and far in vivid imagery. His mind is sharp, and images shared seem so real that when one closes ones eyes one could reach out and touch what is so clearly represented. The deep desire for knowledge matches well with the depth of his mind-voice, and should he get into the mood its that perfect voice for storytelling around the campfire.

Mind Touches
Questing for Something spills into your thoughts in a wild rush of randomness. Disorganized chaos reins a few moments until its just settles, concentrating on nothing so that the world will make some semblance of sense. Won't it? Will it? Oh!! Your presence is suddenly noted and sharp intellect hones in, be you friend or foe?

Questing for Something accepts you as friend and tugs to pull you along in its adventure quest. So much there is to see, to know, from places literal to actual. It doesn't seem entirely sure exactly what its looking for, but it seems to feel that it will know it when it sees it. Surely you know how that is? Lost!? No, never, it knows exactly where it is, even if not where its going and for every adventure there must be a beginning right? This one begins in the musty records rolls, with scrolls and books piled high about, treasures found in the written word and so much has been written.

Questing for Something bounds into you, oops! It tumbles and you feel a wave of apology followed by an odd sense of hunger. Well, one can't quest forever on an empty stomach. How about some honeyed pistachios? The sticky sweet treat is shared in a mental flavor of pistachio nut green and golden honey amber. It offers a quick energy to the thoughts which turn away from the musty written world and entreat you to follow it out into the light of the "real" world.

Questing for Something surrounds you in a burst of bright light. The sun seems harsh after the musty cavern you emerge from. The world is not anything you've ever seen, nothing like pern at all. Before you is a huge structure, with large pillars that seem to reach right into the sky. It would be all the more grand if it weren't already half collapsed in ruin. Still there is a majesty to the structure, to even the stones which lay crumbling on the ground around you. Massive in size it's hard to consider just how the ancient people's of the past constructed such a monument, and to what exactly. What was its purpose and the thoughts tangle, curious in the mystery, awed by the massive scale of what lies before one.

Questing for Something hovers at the edge of your thoughts like an eager puppy. Oooh…. ooo… notice me… pick me… helloo!!! It practically begs for your attention, and when given rushes in, drawing you back into its fantastic world, moving on from one structure to the next, a huge coliseum which rises several stories around you. Again, the building is in disrepair, as if it had been abandoned to the ravages of time, yet enough of it still stands for you to get a good ideal of what was once there. Then its on to a series of baths. Not like the warm natural pools you are used to, but square and rectangular man-made structures that fill with water warm and cool brought in from afar. Ah, perhaps here would be a good place and time to relax, no sense in wearing oneself out before the greatest adventure begins after all.


The theme of the eggs was a celebration of nations. To pick a country of the world and celebrate the things/people/places and/or history that makes that country special and unique. This egg/dragon is inspired by Greece. The egg was inspired by the volumes of greek mythology. A long history of oral tales was eventually written down and now today enjoyed by countless numbers. However, so many eggs have been based on a particular greek god/goddess that I wanted to shy away from that and provide for a different reflection of the country. The mind touches provide the literary touch of this being, while giving a short tour of ancient ruins from greek and roman alike that can be found in Greece. He's more like a mix of scribe or bard. Exploring these ancient places is full of excitement and adventure. The desc itself is more a reflection of the greek islands. Greece is known for many things, but thousands throng to the islands with their quaint villages and endless stretches of beach. Ah, warm sand and sun, what more does one need? It is from one of the islands his name comes, there are so many it was hard to decide but eventually the island of Zakynthos won out. It is attractive and one of the greener islands with mountain villages, and monasteries, as well as flat plains and blue ocean, and is the principle nesting site of the Mediterranean green loggerhead turtle. In the end while some thoughts have been provided, make of him what you will and make the most of your time together for you share a special bond that will never truly end.

Suntanned Serpent Sage Brown Zakynth
Dam Gold Nylaeth
Sire Bronze Xalmyrilth
Created By S'ym
Impressee Meaghan
April 15, 2006
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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