Fur Coat and Flippers Brown Zaloth

From the way his brown hide, a fairly non-descript mahogany hue, is overlain with skeins of sienna and sorrel, there lies an impression of a curious furriness to his skin — but only the illusion of course. He's fairly blocky, a stout big brown with an impressively curved chest, a rather squat and powerful neck, and a broad head that narrows from a wide forehead down to a pointy little muzzle. His headknobs, rather tiny on such a big head, seem to point backwards just a little. From that impressive rounded chest and muscular shoulders, he only seems to widen — stout ribs and sides that move back to muscular haunches. His wings, are surprisingly in contrast to the rest of him, rather narrow while his overlarge paws are splayed out, almost like flippers.

Egg Name and Description

Blue Horizons Egg
A stunning motif of azure and cerulean with hints of turquoise and sapphire dominates the coloration of this egg. In short, it's very very blue. And yet, the separation of the sky — so blue, it looks as if it were the tropical hue above the island itself — and the perfect shimmer of watery-blue is neatly separated by a sudden line of tan, rocky gray and green that shows a mimicry of the island coastline — looming rocks that form the boundary between water and sky — a band of white-gold that stretches along beneath the rocks to resemble the beach sands. In the centermost portion of the egg, four sleek gray shapes can be seen; beautiful dolphins leaping skywards, a froth of foamy white spray in their wake. The leap is a glorious one — each gray shape curved just so as they arch in unison towards the blue skyline above, together and majestic.

Hatching Message

Blue Horizons Egg gives a sudden jerk, a little movement to show that there is indeed life within. In fact, the dolphin-like shapes upon the shell seem a little more animated now, the egg giving a brisk shiver before it ceases its movement.

Blue Horizons Egg seems renewed now, the jerking and quivering beginning again, only this time with more enthusiasm and energy and it's not more than a second or two later that a crack is heard, and a rather broad forepaw emerges from the egg itself.

The crack around the forepaw sticking out of the Blue Horizons Egg widens as the occupant within shudders and shakes about, the egg wobbling about furiously, as another crack appears, and the brown hatchling within dives out, spilling onto the sands with an indignant sound that uncannily sounds like a disgruntled bark.

Impression Message

Fur Coat and Flippers Brown Hatchling waddles forwards awkwardly, letting out another barking sound before he flip-flops his tail back and forth. He's got to choose, oh he's got to choose. But it's so hard to choose. Flopping onto his backside, the brown tilts his head back, scratching under his jaw at a bit of eggshell stuck to his throat. And then, he pops back up, catching sight of one of the Dolphincrafters searched for this clutch. Emitting a croaking bark, he paddles forward over the sand on his overlarge paws. "Hang on Zaloth," his chosen one scolds him. "We'll get you some food." Clydeseymour (that candidate with the really long name) can now shorten his name to C'lyde as he walks his new-found lifemate over to the food bowls.


Name Fur Coat and Flippers Brown Zaloth
Dam Gold Miraneith
Sire Bronze Glyith
Created By Enka
Impressee C'lyde (Clydeseymour)
Hatched November 21, 2010
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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