Darkening Sunset Bronze Zavadoth

Vibrant, yet soft, sunlight drifts in feathery whisps along his forehead and down the back of his proudly arched neck to pool at his shoulders. Pure bronze lays beneath, covering lithe form from muzzle tip to the darkness that slides along haunches and tail. It seemingly lays untouched, almost barren of the marring of any other shade, until the pure shades reach his muscular chest and its here that they are abruptly put to an end. Laying in the near center is the vibrant circular spot of near-gold or even something close to yellow. Like the bright sun shinning out against early morning sky, delicate shades of paled gold stretch out along his sides, only to disappear against the darker bronze and copper shades along his haunches. The same shades continue to slide and twist down his long tail, the final touch ending in such a deep shade of the two colours that it appears almost black. Long and slightly large bronze wings lay folded against his sides, the hidden display along the sails hidden until unfurled they will reveal dustings of bronze-greens and the fairly odd shades of ghostly blues.

Egg Name and Description

Mystery in White and Blue Egg
Trying to be different or unique, this egg tried to bare a different colour then the off whites of all the others that lay nestled in the sands with it. But it failed in a way, as it's smooth shell is unmarred by anything but almond white. Then the light strikes the surface of the shell at a certain angle and the brillant appearance of the tints of aqua and sky blue make their entrance. Look quick—for the blue tints dance and play across the surface, only to shimmer briefly before disappearing again and leaving nothing but the dull almond white to view.

Hatching Message

Mystery in White and Blue Egg seems finished with being mostly immobile. Time to get this show on the road! Rocking back and forth furiously for quite some time the blue tinted shell gives way to the widening cracks along it's surface, crumbling away to reveal the dark bronze hatchling beneath.

Impression Message

One moment you can feel the heat of the sands overwhelming you and the sight of the rocking eggs and wandering hatchlings finding their way to their lifemates seems almost too much to bare. Then, unexpectidly, it all disappears in a twisting array of colours as purest of blues trickle infront of your eyes and into your mind. Then the cool shades of bronze and copper slip in calming waves as a ringing and deeply toned voice suddenly fills your head and calms any worries you had. «Don't be afraid R'hem, I am here.» Who is here? Who knows, but suddenly the sands and everything else come back to view and you find a bronze hatchling staring up at you intently. «I am Zavadoth and I am always here to help you now.» The calming voice tells you, before a gentle request is given. «But before I can help, you must help me! Can we get something to eat? I'm /really/ hungry!»

Mind Description

Silver Threads of Illusions slip into your mind as silver threads across liquid and bubbling blue shades. Emotions of deception and the feeling that all is an illusion wash over you briefly — then all disappear from your mind as though it were never there.

His voice is best placed as soothing. Calm and quiet, his deep, ringing tone seems to abruptly end any anger or pain you feel. The addition of the trickling colours of blue and the waves of dulled copper and bronze might add to the effect. His voice will never rise unless he is truely, upset and when that happens the soothing, quiet voice is no more. It becomes loud and even deeper, rolling across your (and others) thoughts like the thunder after a powerfull lightning bolt. But these times are rare, and it's often that his calm and quietly deep voice is all that you will hear.


Zavadoth with be active and full of energy for the most part, wanting to do everything and anything he possibly can fit in one day. Most of his time though is spent asking questions or observing things as well. He'll have a playfull side to him, sometimes not wanting to lay around and do nothing. Noble, brave, polite, courageous and bold would be several words used to describe your bronze lifemate at first whim. There is nothing he won't do to help or for just the sake of gaining knowledge or the appraise of those around him. He'll want to take the "leader" position of situations as well, never too afraid to voice his opinions and ideas towards what /he/ thinks should be done.

When Zavadoth is young, he'll be very active and wanting to do everything or participate in anything he possibly can. With so much energy to spare, it'll be spent mostly towards asking questions or two completing the weyrling lessons he receives with as best he can. But what good is there to simply work all day? No, this bronze will tire after a few moments of listening to instructions or simply lounging around. He'd rather be out and having fun! Playing, in a sense, is something he'll love to do, even as he grows up into a fully mature bronze. Even the occasional trick or prank will be pulled by him (with your help of course!) although not too often. Zavadoth does have some nobility to him. He knows his manners and is quite polite to others. Especially the ladies. He'll be bold and courageous at times as well, finding no feat or challenge too difficult! Knowledge is something else he'll crave from the first day, along with the need for everything to be organized so that he can do what he needs to without much hassel. As he grows, all these traits will become more apparant and he'll sometimes surprise you with a sudden change. Zavadoth loves to help or plan things. As long as he's the one leading most of the time, of course! He'll be quite the leadership type, wanting to be the one who brings everyone together and organizing them to do what he thinks is helpful to the situation. Come time for mating flights, be it gold or green, he'll be the perfect gentleman. Well. Almost, anyways. He'll try to woo her over a bit with witty comments or displays on how great he is. But he'll be competitive and give his all once in the air.


The inspiration for the desc was roughly based on a sunset. The inspiration for his personality is Kane a Hawaiian God. The male generative force of creation. Na Wahine and Kane mated spiritually to produce a royal family, who became additional primary gods worshipped by the Hawaiian people. In ancient chants and rituals, three sons: Ku, Lono, and Kanaloa, along with Kane are the four major Hawaiian gods. For more information and a legend on Kane, go to: http://www.konavillage.com/history.asp and http://www.coffeetimes.com/gods.htm.

=Darkening Sunset Bronze Zavadoth
Dam Gold Embreth
Sire Bronze Varbaeth
Created by Anoryn
Impressee R'hem (Rahem)
April 16, 2002
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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