Ancient Copper Statue Green Zelinath

Like ancient copper, soft earth tones peek out from under the vivid matte green that the metal forms when aged. Her extremities are brightly shining. Talons, wing spars, tail spade and head knobs all glitter as if the copper was newly poured. As attention migrates inward however, the copper fades to a dark shade of brown and only inches farther, transitions to a glowing sea-foam green at her joints; elbows, hips, knees and the top of her spine. It is this color that dominates her athletically toned form. But even this isn't to last. Wide spread wing sails reveal a green so pale it's more of a green tinted pearl than a true color. Her delicately proportioned head holds the darkest of the green shading, while the greenish-pearl color coats her throat and under-belly. Faceted eyes are wide and alert, barely ringed with that freshly poured copper hue.

Egg Name and Description

Not So Happy Kingdom Egg
The totality of this small egg is wrapped in stony gray and dark sable shadows. Seemingly, the contrasting gray and black forms a sort of imperial palace placed amidst the more intricate and smaller designs that could be anything from other buildings to people. Whatever it is, there seems to be hundreds, maybe thousands of these shapes. Shrouded in cool lavender mist, this egg is deceptively calm, peaceful even, for what it contains.

Hatching Message

Though there has been turmoil in the kingdom, the problem is about to be resolved in the only way it could have been. The Not So Happy Kingdom Egg begins to shudder furiously. Almost in a fit of rage, it explodes, expelling shards in all directions and getting some impressive distance to boot. Amidst the ruins of her former palace, a green emerges.

Impression Message

Crackling fills your ears, like static on the Weyr radio. Just when it becomes almost too much to bear, your vision is filled with a shimmering wall of scarlet sparks. «R'al! R'al, there you are. Oh R'al. We're going to do /so/ much together! I'm Zelinath and.. oh.. I'm terribly hungry. Let's eat right now!» The energetic feminine voice trailing off as she's distracted by another thought. Though the static has faded, the red seems to soak into your mind, entangling itself with every thought you've ever had and dragging you along for the ride that is Zelinath.

Mind Description

Egg Mind and Poses
Flighty. This egg is not only easily distracted but also neglectful of what it should be doing in pursue of it's current obsession. It's also very stubborn. Despite warning after warning it pushes on without care or thought to those around it. It only knows right now. It doesn't think of the future and tends to be highly wrapped up in the newest fad or it thing.

Enthusiastic Waves of Curiosity burst upon the scene in an array of dazzling scarlet lights. It's on a journey, a quest No wait! Sojourn sounds better! It's on a 'sojourn' and you're the lucky recipient. Don't bother to hide your elation. It's what everyone should feel when approached by this 'obviously' great force.

Enthusiastic Waves of Curiosity slows down just a bit to inspect more carefully. As it trolls through your mind it leaves a wake of shimmering liquid of that familiar scarlet, but it is unconcerned at the mental mess it's making. Fully caught up now in poking where it shouldn't belong sometimes to a tear jerking or mildly painful result to you, the kind host.

Enthusiastic Waves of Curiosity is bored. This is boring. If you're going to return, return with a story to tell, an adventure to recount, a mystery to solve. You are entertainment purpose only to this being and just as quickly as it entered, it leaves in a fanfare of scarlet sparks.

Enthusiastic Waves of Curiosity spark and flare at your touch but at the moment seems caught up in itself or rather, some idea or thought that has just occured to it. The scarlets that trail the mind of this egg are faded. Can't you see that it's busy? Shoo! It has no time for this. The color suddenly drops off and the presence vacates quickly.

Zelinath's Mind
Sureal Showers of Glittering Crimson Light
The mind of Zelinath is a hectic place to visit, but you live there! There is never a moment when this enthusiastic young lady doesn't have three or four thoughts zipping about in her brain. And you know what? You are her filter. If you don't weed out the craziest of the ideas before they're fully developed then you'll be dragged along on her next adventure. Of course, like most things she begins, she'll be distracted mid-way through and never finish. Sureal Showers of Glittering Crimson Light is her mind personified. When ever she's excited, which will be frequently, brooding, or frightened, those points of red light will block out your vision for seconds at a time, until you've calmed her. It's hard to think of a pair that'll be more wrapped up in each other than the two of you. Mostly because you have no choice. Zelinath is a tsunami to your small fishing skiff.


Zelinath is a nice, medium sized green. But she won't be that way all the time. As she grows different places in her hide will need oiling and you'll have to psychically know where and when to put that oil or she'll get testy. Her limbs will sprout first, growing long and gangly before her neck and tail extend to balance her out a bit. For the first couple of months she'll be clumsy, and a constant victim of minor bumps and bruises. It's only when she gets to be about seven or eight months old that she'll start to grow evenly and all at once. Just in time for you the make her first set of straps!

She won't be the best conversationalist in her first few months of life. She just doesn't have the attention span for it. She'll toss out a few witty quips, then be distracted from anything to an oddly placed bit of clothing to something shiny, even a randomly occurring thought. Random comments of «My talons are so shiny, aren't they R'al?» is one of her favorite interjections. As she grows older she'll refine her attention span a bit. Though she'll still be easily distracted, she'll be able to keep her bored mumbling out of anyone else's hearing, except yours. She'll have a tendency to bicker with her female clutch siblings. They could be the nicest green in the world but you can bet marks that she'll find something 'just irritating' about the other green. That something that's 'just irritating' though is more than likely a spot of low-self esteem on her part or a lack of attention lavished on her by male clutch sibs in favor of the other green. The best way to soothe her rapidly declining mood in these situations is a well placed complement. Of course she'd love it even more if you could find faults in the other green as well and tell her all about it. Justify her ill will and placate her jealousy.

In general though, Zelinath is an amiable individual. She takes joy in the outdoors, swimming, flying and hunting. But by far what captivates her the most the stars. «What are they? What do they do? Do you think they mean something?» Not to say she doesn't have her dark moods. If she says something and someone else tells her it's silly. She'll appear to let it roll of her hide, returning with a cutting remark of her own. But you'll know just how much it hurts her to not be taken seriously. Because she's a dreamer, a zealot, essentially the eternal child.

Flights? Proddiness? Beware. This time will be easily predicted for you. She'll be a regular as the tides. So you'll know about two sevendays before hand what's coming. The tell-tale downward spiral is unmistakable. Commonly referred to as brooding, she'll essentially become the most fatalistic green you've ever seen. «Why? Why, R'al Why?» Everything is a tragedy during this time. And the only thing that will cure this 'goth' phase is a flight. And true to her finely toned and athletic body, only the best, most agile and most fit male can hope to be worthy of her affections.

Why R'al? If asked why Zelinath chose R'al her answer would no doubt be less than satisfactory. «Oh why do you ask such silly questions?» She would croon, blowing you off in the nicest possible way. Or «Who else would I have chosen? That pudgy blonde girl? Don't be ridiculous.» Because honestly, she doesn't know why. Just that you both fit each other. She'll be your bravado, your source of unwelcome advice, and a constant variable to factor into your moods. And for her, you'll be what keeps her grounded, what gives her the most joy, and the only person that can truely understand her.


The theme for this clutch was Deviant Entertainment. Zelinath and her Egg were based off the play Oedipus Rex by Sophocles. Like any good greek tragedy, the body count was high and messy. Zelinath is based off the title character Oedipus. Her name: Zelinath, is derived from the greek name Zelina, which means Zealous. And she certainly is.

Ancient Copper Statue Green Zelinath
Dam Gold Zephyruth
Sire Brown Ceannath
Created by Eh'rim
Impressee R'al
September 13, 2003
Western Weyr
PernWorld Weyr
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