I Want A Revelation Green Zhelinath

Long of limb and lean of form, this green is anything but dainty. Her hide is composed of soft shades of satiny peridot green while the lighter hues of spring follow the contours of her form. Bright faceted eyes set above high cheekbones and a narrow muzzle lend elegance while a dusting of golden flecks highlights the contours of her eye ridges and head knobs. Flashes of warm, yellow-green dance in dapples across her headknobs, drifting elegantly down her long neck, settling to drape upon her shoulders, tucked up against her narrow waist. Kelly green ridges run evenly down her back to the tip of her long tail, the dark color setting off the flecks of sunlight within that much more. Overlarge wings are supported by golden flecked spars, while spreading sails like finest silk in bright chryosparse all but glow in the light. Even her talons have not quite escaped the dusting, for subtle flecks can be found in the burnt coffee hue of them. .

Egg Name and Description

The Egg Where it Happens
This egg is a study in contrasts, a shimmering, gilded shell interrupted by wild geometric black patterns. Stars are broken up by intermittent stripes, ones that encircle the egg at a jaunty angle that smacks of bravery and bold attitude. Jet black markings are only tempered by the rich gold of the rest of its shell, aureolin tones beaten and worn as a lucky coin passed from pocket to pocket. It's almost as if it were attempting to blend in with the sands around it whilst also trying to stand out as the place to be, the egg to touch and, frustrated by its inability to do both, it therefore accomplishes neither. It sits behind the others, ready prove itself, to show its worth, to take its shot and //never waste it, but for now it'll bide its time. It'll be here. It'll wait for it.//

** Egg Touches **

Hatching Messages

The Egg Where it Happens shivers once and then goes perfectly still, for almost long enough that one might think they imagined the motion. In no immediate hurry it seems, the egg bides its time. Content for the moment to wait for it.

BOOM there it happens, a roadmap of spreading cracks form along the gilded shell, with a loud and decisive crack, and then goes perfectly still.

One more loud crack and bits of shell and egg goop go everywhere, sending the occupant tumbling into the sands nose first. A shake of head and over large wings sends goop flying all over the hatchling’s brethren with a small - almost dainty sneeze.

Impression Message

Public Message
I Want a Revelation in Green Hatchling does not dally on the sands much longer, arranging those overly large wings like the train and bustle of a dress one last time. It seems she sees the one she is looking for, looking up to a mop-headed blue eyed candidate with the turtleneck indicating that yes, this is her choice and that it is now time to go eat.

Private Message
The heat begins to slowly sink into your senses. Perhaps that is what causes the bright flicker of lights which begin to cut at the corners of your vision, and the rush of lightheadedness that usually foretells fainting. Phantom sensations both unnerving and eerily familiar creep at the edge of your mind… the scratch of pen against paper, the smell of ink, the sound of fabric rustling as the curtains begin to rise. A flood of words, a near ceaseless stream across your vision, as much sound as signing, and written. So many - perhaps too many - and it’s almost overwhelming except for the rich honeyed voice that cuts through the sensations. « N’on, you great unfinished symphony, you sent for me? » Her name is not spoken in words but the rhythm of it pulses at the core of your being. She is your Zhelinath, and this is your shot.


Teinon, Teinon, Teinon. Sweet foolish Teinon. Are you regretting your choice yet? You realize that once Chauth claims (read slobbers on) someone there is absolutely no chance of escape. You are certainly no exception! We have absolutely loved seeing Tei in action, and he’s already gone through so much growth we just can’t wait to see how much he continues to evolve as a newly minted dragonrider. Which naturally brings us to your Zhelinath.

Alexander: Where are you taking me?
Angelica: I’m about to change your life.
Alexander: Then, by all means, lead the way

From the moment she breaks the shell, Zhelinath is anything but indecisive. She has an inherent knowledge of herself and her value and of course your value too, N’on, and will never let you forget it. She inherits much of her dam’s beauty, but also that quick wit and intelligence which will get her into trouble almost as much as her parents and siblings did at her age, but equally the fiery determination that makes Chauth such a pleasure.

More than anything else though, Zhelinath knows what you are capable of, with such absolute certainty that you may find it off putting at times. Beautiful and she knows it, but she is not the sort to get so wrapped up in this - as she is also equipped with a razor sharp wit and a vocabulary just as broad as Seyunestudath’s - though thankfully it tends to lack the more colorful turns of phrase the young gold uses.

« Seyunestudath, cooch is not a proper word for anything, even the harper said so, the proper anatomical term is … »

And despite this passion for words, something that she shares with her smaller sister Hazeth, she will never think of your inability to speak as a deficiency. After all she has plenty to say and never has to bother with verbal gymnastics, she gets to use mind bullets! That’s Telepathy, Tei! She does however take umbrage with those instances where you just don’t feel like going through the trouble of sharing your thoughts and feelings with others.

** Eliza:** I saved every letter you wrote me
From the moment I read them
I knew you were mine
You said you were mine
I thought you were mine
You and your words flooded my senses
Your sentences left me defenseless
You built me palaces out of paragraphs
You built cathedrals

And there’s such a world of words inside you Tei, all kinds of words and feelings built up over the years, words that Zhelinath insists need to be heard - or at least read. Those lessons that started in Xanadu will be pursued all the more fiercely, and things like letters, journals and reports are something she wholeheartedly encourages - insisting that while you are not the best with explanations that it is something that you may get better with practice.

For everything else Zhelinath is happy to be your voice, refusing to accept laziness as a reason for you not to share. This may be problematic since she has a direct line to your brain and in the very beginning she doesn’t exactly understand the difference between inny thoughts and outy thoughts. Catch yourself staring too long at that really cute Beastcrafter’s particularly posh posterior? Feel like telling off the Weyrwoman, Weyrleader, your Weyrlingmasters or that Harper that is stuck doing all those catch up lessons they force on you? You can expect your thoughts to be broadcast to the individual in question, and probably five other people present - and if she doesn’t broadcast it, Zhelinath will likely tell Seyunestudath who is likely to proceed to tell the entire weyr. The good news is she may get better as she gets older while there is likely very little hope for Seyunestudath.

Angelica: Congratulations. You have invented a new kind of stupid. A 'damage you can never undo' kind of stupid. An 'open all the cages in the zoo' kind of stupid. 'Truly, you didn't think this through?' kind of stupid.

While some may argue the parentage of this particular clutch may be in dispute for turns to come (Some being Ysgieuth and likely only Ysgieuth - as he maintains that either Chauth cheated on him, or Seyunestudath must have been snuck onto the hatching sands when no one was looking), there can be little doubt at times that Zhelinath is the bronze’s daughter - namely when it comes to the rules, or at least the rules she seems to find important. She may get a little fuzzy on some of the others. Whether it’s Seyunestudath’s crass word choices, Qhatiratrixth’s plotting, or when Jorynth gets some heroic (and really dumb) idea to test out his prowess, she’s usually there to be the voice of sanity and reason. Or at the very least she’s willing to tell them, and you exactly what she thinks. And Boy Does She Think.

Zhelinath will never understand or believe that the color of her hide should hold her back from anything. Like you Teinon, she is gregarious and outgoing, and you may have a very hard time convincing her of precisely why becoming the next Weyrleader is impossible. But you best believe that she is always willing and eager to work on the next step. « Look if Ysgieuth’s can manage it, I know your twice as clever - at the very least you’ll never set the storage rooms on fire after losing a flight, What idiot uses candles when there are perfectly good glowbaskets. », And if a Green ever does manage Weyrsecond - well no one would be surprised if the first one to manage it is Zhe.


Just as Zhelinath is not a dainty maiden, neither is her mind full of feminine frills. Instead, hers is a world of lights and shadows, intricate paper cut figures casting their silhouettes across the backdrop of her mind, often without words to accompany them. For, while she loves words, and language, she, like you N’on, understands that there are things which go beyond the spoken word. However, when she does speak, her tone is rich and husky, there is no delicate soprano starring in this role.

Generally, her mind is dim and quiet, quaint and cozy - the scratch of a pen, the flickering of a candle, the scent of ink and parchment and books, while warm tones of muted reds and browns are draped across her mindscape. Faranth forbid, though, should something rile her temper - for first there will the soft hiss of flame as it sets oil alight, before suddenly her mind is aflame - muted tones suddenly bright, darkness chased from every corner of her mind, the shadow play suddenly cut short, until the curtain falls upon her mood and the mental performance begins again in time.

Physicality & Flights

I’m a girl in a world in which
My only job is to marry rich
My father has no sons so I’m the one
Who has to social climb for one
So I’m the oldest and the wittiest and the gossip in
New York City is insidious
And Alexander is penniless
Ha! That doesn’t mean I want him any less

Zhelinath, while woefully unaware of why the color of her hide makes you ineligible for weyrleader, is acutely aware of herself and her role as a green when it comes to flights. Never bothered by the fact that she is incapable of laying eggs, though inherently curious about them and the small minds which grow inside. « Was I really that little once? I don’t recall ever being such. » When it comes time to rise however it takes more than just sweet words to win her over, Zhelinath will never be satisfied with anything less than the very best the Weyr has to offer, which may put you in the awkward position of having to deal with far more chasers than you’d like to put up with.

He’s after me cuz I’m a Schuyler sister
That elevates his status, I’d
Have to be naïve to set that aside
Maybe that is why I introduce him to Eliza
Now that’s his bride
Nice going, Angelica, he was right
You will never be satisfied

I know my sister like I know my own mind
You will never find anyone as trusting or as kind
If I tell her that I love him she’d be silently resigned
He’d be mine
She would say, “I’m fine”
She’d be lying

Despite this desire to only have the very best, there isn’t a jealous bone in her body. On the contrary she is always aware of the motivations of those around you, and unlike some females that may be territorial or snappish she she is far more likely to be cheering her sisters on, and you for that matter. She will tell you if she thinks you have feelings for someone who doesn’t meet her high standards but if they do you better believe she will nudge you along the way encouraging you to share your feelings. She may struggle to understand the concept of just one, but won’t begrudge you anything which brings you happiness. Just don’t expect her to let that be the deciding factor when it’s her turn to rise.

I remember that night, I just might
Regret that night for the rest of my days
I remember those soldier boys
Tripping over themselves to win our praise
I remember that dreamlike candlelight
Like a dream that you can’t quite place
But Alexander, I’ll never forget the first
Time I saw your face
I have never been the same
Intelligent eyes in a hunger-pang frame
And when you said “Hi,” I forgot my dang name
Set my heart aflame, ev’ry part aflame

Rest assured at least N’on, that you will never have wonder when your Zhelinath goes proddy. If waking up to find a handful of browns and blues, or the occasional bronze on your ledge every morning for a week before the actual flight isn’t enough of a warning flag, the extra preening will be. Extra baths for both of you, extra oiling for both of you, and best to ensure she doesn’t eat firestone anywhere near your wardrobe during this period lest she decide to ‘incentivize’ you to dress more nicely and neatly.

« Look it’s right there in I rode his abs to Rukbat, you need more ruffles on your shirt’s Teinon. No that one doesn’t have enough - nope not that one, come on man I mean real - ruffles. Your chest should look like it’s been stuffed between two hoop-skirted gather gowns. And you need leather pants. Everyone likes tight leather pants. »

Inspiration & Credits

The clutch theme this cycle was Musicals, and The Egg Where It Happens was inspired by the show ‘Hamilton’. The egg was created by Siobhan, drawing from a common phrase from the show (as well as a song sung by Aaron Burr).

Zhelinth was written by Tanit - with a little help from Z’tan - and draws inspiration from various sources - though most notably the the witty and charming Angelica Schuyler from the aforementioned musical, with a hint of her younger sister Eliza appearing here and there. Her name was taken from a Russian variant of the name Angelica, and we’ve been calling her Zhe when it got a little long (though her nickname is of course up to you!).

Her mind voice was inspired by russian shadow puppetry, specifically the opening of a Russian film called ‘I am Dragon’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgCH_yCLgY8

We hope you enjoy her as much as we enjoyed writing her for you. In the end, however, everything here is merely suggestions, and she is yours to do with as you please and play as you please. Welcome to Weyrlinghood!

Name I Want A Revelation Green Zhelinath Pronunciation
Dam Gold Chauth
Sire Bronze Ysgieuth
Created By Tanit,
Impressee N’on (Teinon)
Hatched March 3, 2019
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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