Spirit of the Savannah Green Zurith

Like the lushness of the grasslands after the rain has come and gone, the hunter green hue that defines her hide is vividly bright — the fresh grassy green shade hinting of promise, new life and beauty in bloom. With a delicate head set on a long sloping neck with dainty little neck ridges that slims to gently muscled shoulders and slender sides to lithe haunches before giving way to a long whip-like tail, she embodies elegance and gracefulness. She is sleek, this verdant dragon, well-formed and aware of it, the knowing tilt of head held just so, from whence her dainty headknobs protrude, perfectly formed and proportionate to her head. Her wings are startlingly contrasting to the rest of her; shamrock green dappled with cool forest shadows, interspersed patterns like the sunlight shimmering through leaves onto a grassy verge below.

Egg Name and Description

Hatching Message

Impression Message

Boom. Boom. Boom. Like drum beat percussion, she enters your thoughts, and as the green hatchling moves to stand before you, and meet your eyes, her voice slides rhythmically into your mind, a happy joyful chirrup of a greeting made. « Oh Souvani! » she's giddy with excitement, and chased by hunger. « Souvani, there is something over there we should look at. It's new, it's exciting. I think they call it food. You would give Zurith some food, wouldn't you? I am soooo hungry, and the sooner I eat, the sooner we can go exploring. »


Zurith's personality can be summed up in a simple phrase: Joie de vie. It might not seem like much, but for the green dragon, she simply takes the joy in living from day to day. Like you, she is joyful, the upbeat flair that called to you from within the shell has only grown day by day, and she finds a great enthusiasm for simply being. To her, the zest for living is what makes each day something new and exciting to be explored. « Wake up, Souvani! » she might call, « the sun is shining, we must go see what new wonders await us. » And off she'll go, flittering off with gleeful abandon to investigate what lies in store for her.

Of all her clutch siblings, the ones she might most get along with are her fellow greens, although Dumarath's more innocent enjoyment of life can come at odds with Zurith's more flamboyant style, and Zurith might get find occasion to disagree with Maraeth's daring ways — but all in all, she will find a common ground with her clutchsisters, each of whom are as cheerful and outgoing as she in their own ways.

It is with you, Souvani, that Zurith finds the most common ground. You are both sunny and enjoy life, and together anything is possible for the two of you. If you might feel a little intimidated by larger dragons, Zurith is there for you, and as her bonded partner, she will help you learn to put aside that intimidating concern. After all, she might not be the largest of greens, but she isn't a teeny tiny dragon once she has reached her adult growth.

With adulthood, you'll find that there is simply too much to do in Zurith's life that she will likely be considered a late bloomer when it comes the matter of mating flights. It very well could be two turns or more before she goes proddy for the first time, and in doing so, you'll barely have any warning that she is indeed proddy. In this, and her subsequent flights which may well be rare and sporadic indeed, she will be glow a brief few hours before the flight begins and she is not once to blood, instead choosing to take to the air and make a race of it.

Together, you and Zurith are a fun-loving pair, ones who enjoy the zest of life and that is your primary goal as a partnership — to be there together and support each other.


The tribal nature of this mind is always focused on the collective good. The deep and intricate rhythms of its thoughts set the mind free to dance and celebrate those held most dear. The steady, encouraging rhythm calls up sunlit forest glades and long ceremonial dances, designed to take the participant beyond themselves and revive the spirit. Endless energy seems to pour forth as if from some inexhaustible supply, fueled by the tribe and its people, that endure forever.


Congratulations on Impression here at Western Weyr, Souvani, and welcome to weyrlinghood. We hope you will enjoy the many opportunities that lie ahead for you with your new dragon.

The theme for the eggs was Amusement Parks, and your egg was based off the Tree of Life that can be found at Disneyworld's Animal Kingdom park. Ae'gus was the one who desced the egg, and did such a fabulous job with the egg touches. The hatchling theme was based off something related to the theme park. In this case, the African savannah portrayed by the Kilimanjaro Safaris which is an attraction-ride at Animal Kingdom. Her hatchling desc was written by Enka. A'ven wrote her mind voice.

Zurith's name comes from 'zuri' which means 'beautiful' in Swahili. As you requested something short and not too hard to type out, it not only fit well with your request, but also seemed to add something to the description of the beauty of the African savannah.

When it is all said and done however, Zurith is your dragon to play with, and you can do whatever you see fit to do. Enjoy!


Name Spirit of the Savannah Green Zurith
Dam cell-content
Sire cell-content
Created By Ae'gus (Egg) Enka & A'ven (Dragon)
Impressee Souvani
Hatched cell-content
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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