The Nicest Angel We Have Blue Zychaelth

Head perhaps a tad large, headknobs a little twisty, claws grown a bit long , this is not your typical blue. He is tiny in the extreme, and doesn't so much walk as scuttle, limbs sharply bent to carry himself low to the ground. Faceted eyes err on the side of huge, giving him a quaint, cartoonishly adorable appearance utterly belied by… well, the rest of his existence. There's no mistaking this creature for anything other than the mischief-maker he is despite his appearance's best efforts. Royal blue defines the majority of his coloration, striking in its classic regality. Dusky shades of midnight fade up the length of his muzzle in a strong gradient, fading to small lines that arc up over his brows, providing him with a particularly expressive face. Darkened hues pervade clear to the tips of his headknobs, at which point they strike down the length of his spine with all the subtlety of a thunderclap. Proud, strong shoulders feature stripes with curved edges, a deep, dark sapphire pushing out from beneath his wings, growing narrower until finally they form an arrow's point at the base of his tail. Soft dabs of periwinkle softens this austere ferocity, encircling both eyelids before sliding down the length of his throat, stomach, and inner thighs. His tail - rather short, more suited for a wher than a dragon - remains untouched excepting a single freckled birthmark midway along its length. His toes are tipped with claws the color of the void of space, inky depths matched only by the undersides of his wings. These have been painted in the image of galaxies, distant, unknowable stars winking in and out with the shifting of 'sails, a singular streak of white pointing towards his heart, as though imply a wish exceedingly strangely fulfilled.

Egg Name and Description

Shame On You, Shame On Your Egg
It's an egg, probably. It's certainly ovid and sitting on the sands, shaming Xermiltoth with its existence, making Ilyscaeth wonder where she went wrong, staring at Half Moon Bay Weyr and all occupants within with the kind of quiet judgement that doesn't stop. It's really just a black egg, one with white patterned through to give the illusion of scales and fins, leading upupup to a bulbous top where the egg goes slightly distorted. Two small, round 'eyes' protrude from either side of it's tippy-top, offensively big, offensively round, and offensively fixed on everybody who dares question its majesty. In Half Moon Bay Weyr, the egg touches YOU.

Impression Message

Where once there were sands and sandal gnawing dragons, there's a sudden lack of gravity, a weightless freefall, an explosion into a mind so discordant that it's difficult to explain just where you are. You're at the top of a house, cramped in a small space molded to the exact likeness of your body, rocketed out into the vast endlessness of space. There's nasally, thrilled laughter that echoes off the walls (where did those come from?), bouncing off of every cell, every membrane, every vibrant spot of nebula that curls, and weaves, and twists in spackled stars that might provide a translation of the universe if only you could decipher those very patterns in the fabric of time. But you don't have long enough to consider eternity, you're jerked left, twisting right, being torn at the seams of your being and rebuilt into something more whole, something better, something that you should have been and never knew you were. Water spills in all around, carried on the scent of primal, deep jungle, delivered on a voice that booms into existence and completes you. « I did not forget you, my Suyi. You are small, and perhaps a bit broken, but good. » There's a reprieve of pressure, the water gentling from a flood into a sea, brilliant creatures forming, and popping, and assessing you from the sky, from the land, from the depthless pits of water you're now treading. « Yes. Still good. I am Zychaelth, and you are my family. » That word is highlighted, fizzing into existence in the sky, blooming from the ends of fireworks that whizz, and whirl, and scream into the atmosphere until they pop, descending upon you like a thick layer of mind-glitter. « We are each other's. But it is no good, my Suyi. This… sandal, it does not taste good. Find me food, so that we might begin our journey together. »


Grand Councilwoman: YOU?! YOU'RE THE CAUSE OF ALL THIS! If it wasn't for your Experiment 6-2-6, none of this-
Stitch: [interrupting] Stitch!
Grand Councilwoman: What?
Stitch: My name Stitch.

Suyi, eyyyy! We hope you came to this hatching prepared for the inevitable, the impossible (okay, so more like 'improbable'), that one moment of discombobulating rapture when lifemates are found and forever bonds are made by white-robed hopefuls like yourself. Your Zychaelth has looked high over cracked shells, searched low across heated sands, traipsed the deserts of eternity (okay, it was just the hatching arena), and stuck his nose in exactly one candidate's butt (sorry, S'ra, it was for SCIENCE) to find you: his congruent deviant, his simpatico maker of mischief, his purveyor of all things fun, his one and only Suyi.

Zeek didn't come here to tame you or contain you, he came here to inertial reference frame you (that's a coordinate system in which Newton's first law of motion is valid — you know, inertia. A body in motion stays in motion? A body at rest stays at rest? Listen: HE DOESN'T WANT TO CHANGE YOU, SUYI, WORK WITH US HERE OKAY). The point is this: Zychaelth is not interested in leashing that fire we all see in your spirit, he's not interested in changing the person you are; au contraire, he wants to fan the flames, watch the fire become a tempest, burn with you in a flaming maelstrom of hilarity! He chose you because you were already perfect, Suyi. Sure, maybe the rest of the world sees your imperfections, and he sees them too, but he chose you despite them, because of them, because you are perfect for him. So while you will both surely learn, and grow, and be better because you have one another, his intention will never be to dampen those flares of brilliance you're prone to, or to stomp out your corsucating creativity; he wants to broadcast it to the world, to help people see you the way that he sees you, in the same unfiltered light, in the same perfect shade, in that witty, marvelous masterpiece of you.

Pleakley: Oh great! He's loose!
Jumba: His destructive programming is taking effect. He will be irresistibly drawn to large cities, where he will back up sewers, reverse street signs, and steal everyone's left shoe.

Right out of the shell, your Zychaelth will be the one they nickname 'trouble.' He's not terribly well-behaved, he's not terribly concerned with the opinions of others, and he's not exactly the best at self-expression. Early in life he will speak one language, and one language only: discord, chaos, destruction, deviance. It's not that he can't be good, it's just that being good means practicing restraint, and in his very early stages, he'd much rather cave to those draconic baby impulses that are so much more fun (and informative) than stringent, stuffy rules. That pillow looks good? HE'S GONNA CHOMP IT. Tanit's bedding is freshly cleaned? HE'S GONNA EAT DINNER ON IT. (Just trust him, she totally deserves this somehow.) Ysgieuth just got a pretty new harness? HE'S GONNA CHEW IT. Think of him as a puppy dog. A really, really big (well, small, but big) puppy dog. He'll grow out of it (we promise, kind of), but by the shell, Suyi, you're going to learn the finer nuances of how to say 'I'm so very sorry' and probably have to invest in a squirt bottle or five before he does.

Despite these hiccups of outrageous faux pas, despite the fact that sometimes you may just find yourself wanting to put him back in the shell his cute little butt hatched out of, Zeek will be your constant. He is your forever companion, the one who will be there to face down nightmares with you, to quiet tears, to calm your biggest doubts and encourage your genius. He wants to help you find those words that best rhyme with, "Weyrleader R'hyn and his patriarchal kin have abs of joy and wonder", he wants to employ his affinity for dissent in order to provide a clever enough distraction so that you have time to pull off that elaborate prank, and he does want to see you succeed (even if seeing you succeed means enduring another rendition of 'Everyone Knows the Weyrleader' [IT WAS PERFECT WE LOVED IT]). That will never change with time, will never age despite how many turns come between you, and him, and that first electric moment when your minds met.

But Zychaelth will change. He will grow older, he will grow stronger, he will temper those curiosities that translate into poor choices and conquer the necessary faculties to stop chewing on the dang furniture. His penchant for mischief, his disinterest in sitting through lessons and doing all that boring learning just might mislead some into believing that he's a bit more dimglow than dragon, but your Zychaelth is quite the opposite; he's a genius. He's got a mind that processes too fast, faster than even you can keep up with; the kind of brain that can understand and devour whole theories in seconds, theories that he shares with you in glimpses, theories that he cannot retain because the minds of dragons are limited and those flashes of brilliance require more compartment space than Zeek will ever have enough memory to store.

You see, while his clutchsiblings may need to sit through a lesson on unmanned flight, Zychaelth has already mapped out the angle, the height, the inertia required to reach maximum velocity well before R'sner can even finish explaining the risks. If he had hands that came complete with opposable thumbs, he'd be the maddening kind of genius that could take one look at a picture, a design, a creation, and recreate it for you via whatever means were available. He can find patterns in songs, hear the mysteries of the universe, see the math in architecture and stars and compute those things that many of us simply cannot comprehend. He's beyond understanding, he's beyond mere explanation, and all of this complex, vivid, erudite blue is yours Suyi. He. Chose. You. He felt a dozen hands on his shell and it was you. It was always you. It will always be you, never to be left behind, never to be forgotten again.

Speaking of clutch-siblings, Zychaelth will likely find the most peculiar friendship in Dalisyth. She is the one who will see past those lapses in societal norms, who will find the humor in his basest nature, who will accept that this is just him and sometimes join him in his special brand of mischief. She might not be Zeek's favorite person (we mean dragon; his favorite person is obviously YOU) to come this side of Pern, but she will be a constant — a bright light, a spot of innocence, a safe harbor where he just might form a friendship if both dragons play their cards right. They will complement each other in unfounded ways, in one of those bonds that draw the attention and envy of others simply for how honest they are. She won't be afraid to tell him when he's being a monster, and she won't be cowed when he snarls at her in a momentary show of annoyance before moving on. It works! Trust us. Somehow. WE DON'T GET IT EITHER.

Chauth is another sib-drag that you just might find Zychaelth keeping company with. She, as you know by now, is a queen, and while he understands what this means in the dragon-sense (you know… she can tell him what to do and he'll have to listen, and she can make progeny so I guess this massive incubator is important, and he can't mate her (WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE CAN'T DO SOMETHING)), he doesn't really care. We don't mean that he believes himself above the law, that he will pay no heed to her command (or the commands of those with likewise golden hues to cover their hides), but he doesn't see her as JUST a gold. He sees her as so much more than that: a source of mischief, a participant in adventure, another body willing to run, and fly, and challenge him. He's not intimidated by her stature, or her nature, or her blood-given rights; she's simply another dragon, one he has no reason to treat differently, one he sees in no grand spectrum, one who can be just as annoying, or funny, or frustrating, or interesting as the rest. There's no intimidation, no sense of the need to respect her more than he might respect anybody else (and let's hope that doesn't land you in hot water someday), and this will enable him to form a bond with her if both dragons play their cards right. He's not shy, he's highly intelligent, and Chauth loves a challenge. So watch out! You just might find yourself in company with Tanit FOR EVEN LONGER.

Which brings us to Ysgieuth — ahhh. Ysgieuth. Ysgieuth is probably the one dragon out of all of his clutch siblings that you will find generating the most friction with Zychaelth. It's not that Zeek hates him, it's just that Zeek sometimes hates being told what's good for him. He doesn't want to stop chewing on your left shoe, and he doesn't want to hear that it's because you will be sans one shoe come the 'morrow. Even when Zychaelth grows out of his more destructive phase, Ysgieuth will be more of a moral compass for him — and one that Zychaelth does have some kind of irrevocable loyalty towards. They might mince words, Zychaelth might bristle at Ysgieuth's ability to come off as somewhat snappy and just a touch on the bossy side, but he does appreciate his brother. There's a deep-seated understanding there, something unattainable, something that even we can't quite explain, but surely has the potential to bloom into something that will last the course of several lifetimes should those seeds be planted with care, watered, and allowed to grow maybe just a little wild.

If there is one thing your Zychaelth is weak to, it's those who don't give up on him. He's no stranger to his strangeness, and those who continue to lurk within his presence are rewarded with a refusal to watch them fail in return. I mean, so long as the failing isn't long term. A prank gone wrong is probably pretty funny. Probably.

LAST, BUT NOT LEAST (not by a long shot): JOVIANTH. Oh, Suyi, Suyi, Suyi. That dragon is trouble with a capital 'T' — but not in the, 'RUN FOR YOUR LIVES,' kind of way; more in the Zychaelth is probably going to be his BEST FRIEND FOREVER kind of way. All of that awkward zest somehow appeals to your oh-so-intelligent blue. There's just something he can't shake, something amusing, and vibrant, and full of life that draws Zychaelth in as much as any of his other siblings. It's really, really hard to hate dragons when they're funny, and it's really, REALLY hard to hate that dragon in particular. SO BUCKLE YOU… UH… SHOE BELTS (GIVE US A BREAK, SUYI; OUR BRAINS ARE PUDDLES OF INCOHERENT GOO OKAY (just kidding we're fine (mostly))) because THIS ONE IS GOING TO BE A WILD RIDE! But, you know, a fun wild ride.

Just, listen. When you hear Jovianth yelling that he got lost and Zychaelth chortles in his weird, almost maniacally EVIL way, accept it. ACCEPT IT AND MOVE ON. LIKE WE ARE. RIGHT NOW. ONTO THE NEXT TOPIC. WITH A NICE QUOTE TO BREAK US UP HERE. THERE YOU GO. TEMPERS AHOOOOY!

Stitch: [while using a VW Beetle to defend himself against attackers] Blue punch buggy… no punch-back!

As Zychaelth grows, you will find that he's got a bit of a temper. He is not one to back down from a fight, he is not one to beg, or barter, or take the high ground — he's a fighter. He's all rending teeth and tearing claws when he needs to be, willing to fight beyond the point of exhaustion when it comes to you, willing to rake and tear and bleed if it means standing his ground. He's as capable on his feet as he is mentally, moving with a power and a finesse that's all the more razor sharp for his ability to calculate movements at remarkable speeds. He will hurl witty insults (you leave our mothers out of this, ZEEK!), he will move with a fighter's grace, and you just might be surprised to find that he likes it. It's not so much the actual fight that he enjoys, it is the mental challenge, the chance to put all that sagacity to use, to test his own limits. Rest assured, Suyi, he won't go looking for fights, he's just not the type of dragon to be cowed and back away from one.

This might mean a whole, whole lot of agility practice for the both of you, and not just those supervised by weyrlingstaff. He'll be driven to learn all the intimate workings of his own form, test the boundaries of every inch of his capabilities, to learn the ins and outs of exactly what he can and cannot do, including some reckless stunts we're just not gonna tell mom about, alright? This learning curve is a steep one, and while we're pretty sure the Dragonhealers aren't up to the task, he certainly is, and hopefully you'll be along for the ride if only to give him pointers and maybe a little bit of encouragement.

Lilo: You came back.
Stitch: Nobody gets left behind.

Goodness knows he'll repay said encouragement in kind. If we've said it once, we've said it a hundred times, but we just want to reiterate it for you because it's so important to stress: Zychaelth believes in you. He doesn't blindly seat you on a pedestal, but that just makes it all the more important that he sees you, doesn't it? He enjoys you, Suyi. He loves you beyond logic, beyond reason, beyond explanation; Zychaelth is a bonafide Leonardo da Vinci by draconic and Pernese standards, and even he cannot conjure up enough words in the failings of English language to accentuate just what it is that you are for him. To him. You are his partner in crime (and his he yours), now, always, forever.

Zychaelth will support you in all things — willingly, without inhibition, devoted and undeterred. He will plot and scheme with you for hours, help you hash out perfect words and minute details, piece together those fragmented thoughts of a plan and help you turn them into a masterpiece of trouble. He will be your very best friend, the one whose limitations are nil when it comes to you. He will dress up in any costume, dance to any song, croon to add a little flavor and spice to your music. He might not be the most musically inclined dragon to hatch from the shell, but that doesn't mean that his ability to be spectacularly tone deaf will stop him from joining you in a duet and making the next rec caverns rendezvous just a little bit more fun.

The most important thing to remember about your Zychaelth is that you are his ohana. He chose you, and there will be lucky people that you choose, dragons who come into his purview and remain, entities that become constants and develop meanings and inspire loyalty from you both, and your Zychaelth will champion all of you. He doesn't care how small or large, he doesn't care how put together or broken you all are. Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind.


No More Caffeine for You
Zychaelth's mind isn't so much a space as it is an experience, where nothing quite works as it should and everything goes a little topsy-turvy at a moment's notice. One second it's a vast void, empty and open and unknowably deep, and the very next it's a cramped little room atop a rickety switchback house, but as they say, if you don't like the weather just wait a minute, because now you're cruising the top of a curling wave in space while rockets of thought zip overhead.

It's not a place for the faint-hearted, but then again, it's not a place meant for very many people. What with his propensity to express his thoughts outwards - to you, to your mom, to that tunnelsnake over there - your dragon rather lets logic slide in his brainspace and makes it what he wants it to be. It's so much easier, after all, to hike a chalkboard up out of nonexistence and start scrabbling computations all across it when you're drafting it up out of nothingness rather than having to take the time to mentally explore a space just to find a place or a sensical room in which one would be stashed. Likewise, when there's fun to be had and thoughtless careening to do to pass the time, why not be able to customize it with alacrity?

So maybe, in the end, his brain makes some sense after all. Zeek does have rather strange parents to inherit the mindvoices of: Xermiltoth, loud and brash, Ilyscaeth, filled with whimsical dreamings — so why shouldn't his be the best of both worlds? BAM, here's an octopus splatting against your brain to deliver morning greetings! KAPOW, that's the sound of a slingshot firing green plasma, because debates are now a fight to the (dramatic, flailing, Shakespearean) death! You thought you were going to win that duel but instead RAAAAAAAH! Here he comes with a mental projection of himself hundreds of times larger, smashing your weyrbowl-shaped argument to smithereens!! Feel vindicated, though: he only seeks to ruin your thoughts this way when he knows you're winning. Given enough time to retreat into his deep dark void, he'll come to realize you're probably right.

In the meantime though - and really, for everyone at large - he's an interesting fellow to be spoken to by. His projected mindvoice is musical and pop-y, his accent nasal and rather cackle-ridden, and as we'll explain a little more later, loud and not-entirely-nice. Oh, there are elements of the fascinating there to be found in the details - brilliant jungle scents when he's pleased, a glint of sunlight on crystalline blue waters when he's amused, cold pattering rain when he's sad - but he wields his mind just as much as he does his body: with carefree abandon and not nearly enough couth!

Physicality & Flights

Gantu: What is that monstrosity?
Jumba: Monstrosity? What you see before you is the first of a new species. I call it Experiment 626. He is fire-proof, bullet-proof, and can think faster than super computer. He can see in the dark, and lift objects three thousand times his size. His only instinct… to destroy everything he touches! Ha ha ha ha!
Grand Councilwoman: So it IS a monster.
Jumba: Eh, just a little one.

Right out of the shell, your Zychaelth will have an oddity to the way he moves. He's alarmingly quick, and he doesn't have the same trouble that other young hatchlings seem to acquire when they're newly learning their feet. Zeek is not graceful, however; there's nothing dancelike to his movements, nothing fluid about the rapidity with which he moves. His legs carry him far fast, his momentum timed, his tail and wings extended to ensure that he stops in exactly the right place at exactly the right time.

Zychaelth is strong, too. He might be a blue, but don't let his size fool you - the dude can pack a whallop, and given time, practice, and some serious number-crunching, he'll do his damnedest to surpass smaller browns and competitive greens in just about anything you can think of. Lifting heavy things. Cooking outdoors. Moving the entire contents of your weyr on one pallet. Don't even try him, Suyi; he'll do it, and he'll do it with a poise and pinache belied by his extreme lack of size. Especially if Chauth says she can do it better.

Because he's small, even for a blue. Some might politely call him 'compact,' but he isn't fooled; he knows exactly what he is and he isn't afraid to confront the fact that he's gone on past smol and straight into the cute range. Somewhere under all that monstrousness is the skeletal structure of a stuffed animal, squat and bulky through the legs, stubby around the tail, with an overlarge head impacted by whirling puppy-dog eyes. Though often scrunched to complement maniacal mental laughter, said eyes otherwise fill his face, and with a becoming headtilt and an overeager bodily wiggle, it might be easy to mistake him for something cute and fluffy instead of what he is: a multiple-thousand-pound living, breathing blue WRECKING BALL.

It gets him out of trouble sometimes though. So, bonus points to Zeek, WE GUESS.

Stitch: [clears throat] MEEGA NALA KWEESTA!
Audience: [gasps]
Grand Councilwoman: So naughty!
Stitch: [laughs hysterically]

Zychaelth is also loud. No, really. Part of his him-ness means that he acquired his daddy's shamelessness about broadcasting things to the weyr at large, and his mother's nonchalant indifference to bespeaking dragons (and humans, and tunnelsnakes, and runners, and that very unfortunate kitten) directly. He's not quite as loud or indiscriminate as Xermiltoth is, nor is he as boomingly authoritative as Ilyscaeth, but he's certainly not a dragon that will shy away from being heard. He will speak his mind (and sometimes it isn't very nice), but that's part of his… Ah… Eh… Charm? Yes. Let's call it charm.

And speaking of charm! Zychaelth puts on his robe and wizard's hat. He casts lvl 8 eroticism. Those greens turn into real fine ladies.


Suyi, your Zychaelth is a complete and total sweetheart when it comes to stars, and hides, and the sensual promise of dragonflight. The moment that a green lady shows any interest in him, your mischievous little blue is puddy in their wicked-or-not talons. See, your Zychaelth has the capacity to be timid, and shy, and meek; he will accept the flattery and return it sevenfold, with single-minded devotion, with an ardor that's more akin to watching a lovesick puppy stumble after the one person in the world he's vowed forever to love. It's his own draconic version of piety, a very Zychaelth way of doing things: he is invested, riveted, and adorably awkward in these moments of pre-flight courtship.

Your Zychaelth is the blue that will dig up the flowerbed in order to steal a couple dozen wildflowers; who will cart a wilted bouquet in his mouth to whatever lady has captured his allegiance just so that he can lay it at her feet. Zychaelth is a giver of gifts, the kind of dragon who will go to great lengths to catch that fish, or bleed that herdbeast, or find those very-much-alive felines to present without being deterred by rejection. It might sting, you may just watch those magnificent wings droop, but rest assured that your Zychaelth will be back at it again tomorrow with more gusto, with more determination, with more gifts.

And by golly, Suyi, the moment a green relents and moves in to brush up against him, your Zychaelth is beyond content. He. Loves. Cuddles. He will return every nudge, every nuzzle, every press of maw to spars, and neck, and the curve of cheeks while making a sound that's almost akin to a purr. And it won't just be him; he will project all of that contentment onto you, become an explosion in your mind of giddy excitement that does away with the use of words to settle like the effervescence of sparkling champagne in your mind: warm, heady, sweet as honey, and damn near intoxicating.

Once he takes to the skies, he is a creature of cunning and wit, a master of his own body, a capable flier that knows his limits and just how much further he can push them. He takes advantage of his smaller size, seizes the opportunities his strong body affords him, capitalizes on all of that wind-driven speed and agility made all the more keen for his perspicacious nature. He is relentless, unafraid to meet would-be suitors with teeth and claws, fully capable of holding his own and outmaneuvering a great many dragon. He is light on his wings, beautiful to watch, breathtaking to behold, all unyielding determination with eyes on his prize.

Winning means that your Zychaelth returns to that doting, adoring, gentle nature until whatever green he's caught is done with him; losing means a flare of temper, a backlash of fury, a minute tempest of outrage that will quiet the moment he lands, that will subdue into those heartbreakingly drooped wings and an almost self-deprecating acceptance of his loss. Whatever outcome it is, Suyi, your Zychaelth will not hold onto it for long. The most important person in his life is you, and while he is a dragon, he will always be your lifemate first. Remember, Suyi? It's you; it's always been you.

Inspiration & Credits

Lilo: [praying] It's me again. I need someone to be my friend. Someone who won't run away. Maybe send me an angel! The nicest angel you have.

Sushi, Sushi, Sushi, Sushi!

On behalf of SearchCo and all of Half Moon Bay Weyr, welcome to weyrlinghood! We are ecstatic to have you, overjoyed that you chose us as your place to foster more bonds and claim another home. We had so much fun creating mister Zychaelth for you, and we hope that you enjoy him just as much if not more!


Zeek's name gave us quite a puzzle. We played with more than one iteration of it to get something we hope you'll like, from things that sounded more like SNEEZES than names, to things that seemed much too short or too simple to fully summarize all the things he is! In the end we settled on a combination of two words: 'syzygy,' an alignment of celestial bodies, and 'cleas,' a prank or trick played on a person, especially intended to make the victim appear foolish. We also decided we wanted to give his name an '-ael' feeling to pun off his being SUYI'S LITTLE ANGEL. -coughs- Top this off with a short, easy, very fitting nickname - ZEEK - and there you have him!


This cycle, our theme was… (DRUMROLL, PLEAAASE!) LUCK! EYYYY! We clutched on St. Patrick's day, Ilyscaeth laid 7 lucky eggs, and YOUR spectacularly judgy specimen of egg was based on fish! In feng shui, fish are a symbol of goodluck and prosperity, allegedly saving us from danger and bad luck. Your inner-shell fish (BADUM, TSH) wasn't so great at that because it didn't really have the capacity to remember SUCH THINGS, but he did bring you luck — you impressed after all, didn't you? AND NOW YOU'RE STUCK WITH US FOR.E.VERRRR! CCCC: YAAAAAY! THAT'S JUST THE BEST KIND OF LUCK IN THE WORLD!!! AREWERITE? WE RITE. And yes, a Blackmoor Goldfish did inspire the look of the egg. One of Ila's RL friends had a blind blackmoor goldfish named Blinky, who would come and kiss your fingertip the moment you stuck it into water. He was cute. Really, really cute. And of course, Ila'den wrote the desc and the touches for this egg (because WERE YOU EXPECTING A DIFFERENT ANSWER) and so CONGRATULATIONS. YOU GOT THIS TRAVESTY OF AN EGG.


Suyi, your Zychaelth is based on the one and only Stitch from Disney's Lilo and Stitch. We wanted to give you somebody mischievous enough to be your sidekick, somebody smart enough to match your wits, and somebody that you could play to whatever mercurial extremes you wanted. Stitch is lost without Lilo, is found by the grace of a little girl who isn't deterred by his societal faux pas and instead tries to teach him how to be a 'model citizen'. We didn't want to focus on his destructive capabilities so much (though it's certainly there for you in his youth) because our main goal was to try and give you what you asked for: somebody who would not try to push Suyi towards maturity, somebody who would not try to tame that wildness about her.

We wanted to focus on those moments of devotion to Lilo, that willingness to go along with her plots, to hold the hands of old women and try to kiss them, to play the ukulele, and dress up, and dance. We thought Stitch would do remarkable justice for you, and we sincerely and utterly hope that we weren't wrong. He's intelligent, and agile, and really, really cute (or maybe ugly; I guess that depends on whose eyes behold him), and he's all yours.

If you're wondering who all this 'we, we, we' is, that would be us: R'hyn and Ila'den! IN THE FLESH. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!


Suyi, in the end, Zychaelth belongs to you. Everything above is merely a suggestion, a guideline if you want it. You're not obligated to play him the way we envisioned him, and we hope that, whatever you end up doing with your partner-in-crime, you enjoy it. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to write for you, and enjoy your time here with us at Half Moon Bay!

— R'hyn and Ila'den. <333

Name Zychaelth
Dam Ilyscaeth
Sire Xermiltoth
Created By Ila'den & R'hyn
Impressee Suyi (Ayushi)
Hatched April 21, 2018
Half Moon Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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