Clutch 16 - Eggs

Dam: Gold Onauth
Sire: Bronze Raenth
Number of Eggs: 12
Egg Theme: Good Guys vs. Bad Guys
Spring 2008

Across the Waters Egg
A sunset's fire of orange glows across the sky, a limitless palate of russet hues as they fade across each other over a once blue glimmering day, now fading into night and the gathering dark, stretched over the curves of this egg. Deepening twilight brings green waters gilded with ruddy tints over the waves before the light disappears, lost into the gloaming of the ocean and reflecting back on the stark image of a sailing vessel, sleek and blacker than night as it floats across the ovoids shell. Sails furled as it heads into the night, guided by something or someone unseen, leading the way or disappearing from view.
A Hidden Fox Egg
Spiraling ribbons of peach curl across the surface of this egg, winding forward and back across the much paler surface in a luxurious display of satin textures that frame a subtle selection of other colors and designs drawn along the surface in a pastel rainbow. Feathery brushes seem to imply wings in assorted peaches, pinks and pale blues, surrounding a delicate impression of a female form from associated curves across the eggshell. Threaded amongst it all, however is a band of shadowy black, reaching from the apical curve all the way down to the very rounded end of the ovoid, its silky edges stark against the rest of the pale colors.
The Hideaway Building Egg
Creaky boards seem to lay out along the medium sized egg, forming the structure of what appears to be a building, around the egg and forming the basic plan of the building. Each odd formation seems to bulge out from the egg, making it an odd formation that appears more life-like to the touch. A window peeks through, darkened with an appearance that no one resides in this building. To the right of this window and down a floor, another window appears and it seems there is a person in the darkness of the building of the egg.
Upon The Parapet Egg
This egg sits on its side in its nestled bed of sand, so that a long cylinder of gray extends horizontally across it. Mired around the bottom is more seamless gray, stacked together in blocks. These blocks stagger in a perfect ring around the fatter end of the ovoid, each ring stacked up higher than the next. Upon the last ring, the blocks are intermittent, every other one missing to form crenellations to frame the base of the tower. The tower itself is a proud thing, topped by a conic roof of red tiles. The backdrop for the castle is an unerring backdrop of beautiful blue sky and puffy white clouds.
And A Bottle Of Rum Egg
It's round as a globe, the intensity of cerulean reaches up into paler turquoise, broken in soft dapples of paler cyan and sky as if the color had been poured over an otherwise white shell. The surface seems to move as if this azure color is a liquid, rolling about as one moves around the egg. Here and there the play of shadows drift in among the darker cerulean, taking peculiar shapes before flickering out again into the tranquil dapples. Some might swear that from the right angle and at the proper distance, the shadows make the ominous shape of a human skull, but it seems no one can ever glimpse it twice.
Awash In Green Egg
Upon first glance, there is nothing to this egg except smooth, unbroken green sea glass. Even the shape of the egg is unremarkable, unmarred by dimple, bump, or irregularity. Upon further inspection, the unbroken green shell is revealed to be awash in mottled shades of emerald and dark jade, picked through with twigs of brown and the occasional dappling of sunlight. It is as if someone took a sponge and dipped it in paint and dabbed the entire surface of the egg until they were satisfied that it was wholey covered, and left it no more finished than that.
War-torn Terrain Egg
Daring reds and orange splash across this small egg, making up for the size by sheer force of audacity. A horizon seems to form around the middle of the ovoid, the lower half being a mass of deep crimson broken only by sudden flashes of black smears that dart around, occasionally clashing with each other to form indistinct blobs of ebony. Similarly, brilliant white and neon pink string across the top, gaining force the higher they go. The top point of the egg culminates into a mesh of spinning, variegated blood red and pure alabaster.
Too Tough To Die Egg
Over all this egg is no relief to look at from the intense heat of the sands. Seeming a bit stretched, it lays on it's longer side, a grainy feeling to the surface, like grooved stone. The shell has a distinctive image to it. The elongated base sits in the sand, washed with gilded dun and dusted with a freckling of darker browns and tans like a well traveled path. Against this comes the contrast of darker, geometric shapes, dark reds, hunter greens and blues, some much smaller square outlines of white set into the larger darker colors. They are lined up in a row along it's surface, ripples rising from the dust-colored base and distorting the transition between it and the colorful pattern. This effect is the only thing akin to water, the illusion of it on a hot summer's day. A solid gold blotch faces the cavern ceiling atop the egg's flopped side, dispelling it's glory gradually in a sheen that sprays down over the entirety of the shell surface… before fading into the gilded dust of the base.
Neon Night Lights Egg
Slightly set apart from the other eggs, this one has it's own cozy burrow to rest in; the elongated oblong shape nestled — actually, halfway buried underneath the hot sands. Most of the bottom of the egg is hidden, as well as the underside, but what can be seen by any onlookers is quite the shocker. Faintly, as if looking through a heavy fog, the steelwork frame of what seems to be a bridge can just barely be made out. Pock marking the framework, and peeking through the mist, are hundreds of twinkling lights; greens, yellows, blues, and reds are all reflected off the waters swirling beneath the bridge. Encroaching upon the outer edges of the egg are rocky outcroppings, the piles of rocks covered in a soft-to-the-touch, deep emerald moss.
Locked Away Jewel Egg
A prized jewel seems embedded on the surface of this egg, a small but colorful jewel in the shade of blue. This blue seems to be held on a small white cushion, plumped to hold this prized jewel. A look to the bigger picture, the egg itself and one sees a dark room that almost appears to be dark as night. Walls as far as the egg can paint, all colored to match the shade of night, a reflection of moonlight from an unseen window. There, in the center of what appears to be a room rests the jewel in a sealed container away from sticky fingers.
Dawn, Sun and Night Egg
Moss-traced planks of worn birch board the vaulted top of this egg. The ordered pattern marches down the curve of the egg under it's stopped by a sudden flash of brilliant white, then a splotch of brilliant vermilion, and then dark ebony rings around the middle of the egg, ushering in the chaos of movement and color underneath. Swirls of olive, myrtle and ecru clash and swirl together towards the bottom half, as if the egg held all the colors of a forest, but nary the time to make sense or shapes of it. A stripe of neat tan reaches up from the sand-covered base of the egg through the mess, the only rigid shape in the otherwise incongruent mass of color.
The Fire Within Egg
The cold void of the blackest shadows chill the soul. No light reaches these foreboding depths of murkiness. Nothing grows nor thrives, it is death and silence. And yet, as the eye wanders, the lost hope soon gains a spark - the spark swells, it grows, and it flourishes, a virtual growing orange flame. A bonfire emerges, powerful and invigorating. There is life! From the embers of life comes a rich greenery - fruits, florals and wondrous scents. It is a sea of beauty. Dark forests of emeralds melt smooth with gentle amber, pastel violets, soft blues, and even deep umber; it is truly a miraculous sight.
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