Clutch 19 - Eggs

Dam: Gold Nieleth
Sire: Bronze Halinith
Number of Eggs: 9
Egg Theme: The Solar System
Spring 2010

The Eccentric Egg
This egg is curiously small compared to its fellows. This likely comes from its sandy coloration, causing it to blend into its surroundings. It's surface appears rough, almost shriveled like a fruit spent too long in the glaring sun— or perhaps the heat of the sands. But upon closer inspection the texture appears to be various sized craters over the surface of the shell. The only remarkable aspect of this egg is the curious strip near the apex, standing out with its clear unblemished surface of sandy gold. Apart from this the over all coloration and pattern is vary blase and tame. Could there be more to this egg than meets the eye?
Obscuring Clouds Egg
Swirls of cream and khaki meander over the surface of this shell, darker bands of tan edging their way into the dance here and there. Like widespread clouds pushed by a foreign wind, the colors blend and blur, hues intermingling, falling prey to indistinctive borders. Hints of muted amber fights its way to the surface, gathering in the whisps and curls of eddies, bubbling up in springs from some hidden source, all the while as the colors dance.
Tie-Dye Fireflies Egg
Perfectly round could be the first thing one notices about this egg — though on closer inspection one can see the slight tilt of it, the push of a spherical shape that's slightly oblong at each end, though the white caps of coloration covers this deformity of not quite perfect shape. From these white caps, the color of the egg melts into a swirling color of pastel blue, not quite uniform in color as slips of sapphire swirl within, breaking waves across a dominant shade. As sapphire congeals in the blue, it transitions into darker colors of turqoise, then into grassy green, forming defining shapes in the mass of blue surrounding them. Though one might be able to define the dark green with a fingertip, it isn't allowed to take full shape as swirls of white mask suddenly over spots of blue and green, once again obliterating the view of either into shades of grey and white. As the colors move around the shell, they begin to suddenly darken, until they become entirely black — engulfing one entire side of the shell in darkness. No other color penetrates through on the black side of the shell, save for thousands of tiny little yellow dots, clumped together in certain spots, while dispersed nonchalantly in others.
Celestial Stereotype Egg
The rotund shape of this egg is only one aspect of it that resembles a marble. Salmon colored reds and pinks color a majority of the surface, but seem almost set below a transparent layer. Patches of icey white in circles, like sores, sit on opposing sides of the rusty pseudo-layer as it sits cocked a bit sideways in the sand. A glittery haze of silver shifts like an illusion of mist amid the transparent appearing surface, covering the russet tones at times and not at others in a metallic glimmer. Beneath this the rusty tones are flecked with dark iron greys, patches helter skelter like bruises on a fruit. It's rather unremarkable, save for its curious illusions, but its tones make it almost blend with the sands.
Wondrous Swirling Chaos Egg
This egg appears quite a bit larger than its companions though its hard judge accurately because it sits some distance away from the main grouping in a smaller grouping of its own. Surrounded by similar-sized neighbors, a closer look reveals astonishingly chaotic swirls of bright crimson that meld seamlessly with orange, at least three shades of a deep earthy brown, and even some isolated streaks of white. There is no discernible pattern to the rich and mesmerizing swirls of color, save for a hazy patch of red near the center. It's as if the shifting design was applied by some unseen howling wind that stormed across the face of this egg long ago, and left its mark, etched indelibly on the surface for you to see. Nestled in the grit of the sands, that surface seems as delicate as smoke. It becomes more difficult to focus on the details of this egg the longer you look but if you take the extra time, something new might be learned from its complex structure. Something previously hidden might arise from its beautiful chaos.
Rings of Perfection Egg
Round to the point of being a perfect sphere, this egg maintains a look of definite symmetry despite its large and almost overbearing size. Swatches of pale cream, tan and dark umber twist and flow across the shell, knitting together into a flawless and intricate design that spreads over every available space like a massive grid. Splashes of deep mahogany speckles invade the tight weave of earthen hues, adding their uniqueness into the mesh to create an even more complex pattern of color. Pale undertones of cinnamon and chocolate settle across the base, sinking seamlessly throughout as though they were always meant to be there. Bold rings of regimented lines march around the direct center of the egg in an unblemished circle, the thin filaments of gold, copper and bronze almost looking like fine spun sugar with their delicacy and perfection. Not even the tilt of the layered amber bands is crooked or cock-eyed, the balanced layout making them the focal point of the entire ovoid.
Secrets of the Deep Egg
Both smooth and rough, dark and light, round but tall, many opposites come together to give shape, texture and color to this egg. Vivid blue fades to a more pale hue then back to the darker color, the changes subtle, soft, giving the illusion of stripes without being definitively stripey. Akin to knotted wood, darker circles and ovals appear now and again as well as a few dashes of white, some long like fluttering ribbons, others shorter and more sparse, as if painted on with an artist's last bits of paint, streaky and faint. The rump of the egg is decidedly round and while it does taper at the top, the body of the egg is long, giving it a tall, regal disposition, as it sits perched on its sandy throne.
Frozen To The Core Egg
Mists of pale blue-green twist and wrap themselves sinuously about the expanse of this rather squat egg, coalescing into a chilly backdrop that clings to its surface like a second skin. Hints of bright cyan peek through the fog, twirling and dancing just out of sight to form mysterious eddies through the diminished light. Streaks of vivid turquoise criss-cross here and there, creating a delicate yet ghostly pattern of rings that hang lopsided across the ovoid like a thin and sagging sash of color. Gusts of ethereal icy winds have traced their paths over the shell, the subtle breezes abrading away what was once bright aquamarine and turning it into an icy near-white. Even the egg's position seems to have been affected by the phantom gale, as it sits sideways on the sands with its pure white butt-end clearly visible and partially sticking in the air - it almost looks as though some invisible hand has knocked it completely askew.
Dark Side Of The Egg
Smaller than most of the other eggs this ovoid is covered in a seemingly random patchwork of greys and luminescent white. Mostly the swathes of grey appear in rough circular patterns across the surface, with a lighter rim around each as if shaded from an invisible light source. Closer inspection reveals that these shaded areas are actually dents in the surface of the shell, the craters littering the surface as if the egg has been bashed around after it was laid.
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