Clutch 20 - Eggs

Dam: Gold Miraneith
Sire: Bronze Glyith
Number of Eggs: 10
Egg Theme: Amusement Parks
Fall 2010

Experimental Prototype Egg
Unremarkable from top to bottom, this egg is a middle shade of gray, bright points and dark points intermingling to create a pattern across the shell. With the even placemnt of spots, the shell seems almost textured. Here and there, a pale hint of color lingers, like a light overlay, as if someone has set lights to the shell to make it more impressive.
Only a Legend Egg
From the top down, this egg starts out a sky blue color. As he it heads down, it slowly fades, to a pine tree green, that continues all the way into the bottom, giving the outlines of trees as it goes. That just fades in comparison to the most prominent color on here. Two bands of bright yellow wrap around the egg, one from the side, and one from the bottom. Where they meet in the middle, they loop around each other, like large arches. The one from the sides goes up and over, while the one from the bottom goes through it before they shoot back off the ways they came, disappearing from view. At intervals, wider bands of dark brown rise up, and meet with the yellow as it supporting them in their positions. Right at the tops of the loops, are twin bands of reddish orange, and black, held up by only the bands of yellow, and seemingly frozen in time.
Tree of Life Egg
Coiled veins of dark sepia wrap this huge egg in a wash of rich hues, the mass of earthen colors making it appear like the wood of an ancient tree. Thick knots of deep sorrel intersperse with smooth spirals of darker sienna, creating intricate looping patterns that dominate the shell with their abstract beauty. Hidden images nestle amongst nooks and crannies in the curving designs, looking almost like various animals creeping along the shell. Hollows of black shadow linger near the base of the egg, while dancing motes of sunlight gold and palest green wreathe the apex in a halo of bright color.
Ghost Miner's Misery Egg
Gunmetal gray coats the shell of this rather large egg with a metallic sheen, shimmery in the heat rising from the sands beneath it. The outside edge of the shell looks as if it has been polished to a brilliant shine, stretching inwards for about three fingers-width to form a circular rim from which the gray color deepens into a darker shade — giving the illusion of a concave bottom as if the egg itself were a rather large flat pan. At the very center of the egg, blotches of white bubbles can be seen, a brief undulating line that intermingles with patches of sandy-tan and rocky brown, larger blobs of grit interspaced between grainier spots. And tantalizingly, teasingly — barely seen, are rather shiny pieces of glimmered gold, hidden away amidst the rest.
Caught in a Crafted Dream Egg
This egg's base color is just slightly silvered in appearance. Layered on top of this almost imperceptible sheen are six other distinct bands of color radiating from slighty-off center patch of deep-sea blue. One section features rich browns and reds, while another is clearly metallic, sporting copper, a silver, cobalt, and emerald hues that feature a just-perceptible sheen that makes the egg look crafted by a skilled team of artisans rather than naturally occuring. Still other sections seem to borrow from the dazzling combinations of broken light that make up the rainbow. Crimson, bright emerald green, deep violet hues. Every time this egg is viewed it seems to present something different. That's no mystery. Surely, different sections are exposed each time the Queen dragon who cares for it shifts its position. Each visit is a new creation, but the changing face that is put forth isn't random. There's a definite, planned, overall design that is only revealed by careful study. Provided of course that one is not distracted by the dazzling combinations of creative possibility that emerge from the shifting colors.
Relaxing River Egg
Bordered on the rim of this rather globular looking egg by a band of marbled white and gray, the inner most section of the egg appears to be a dragon's eye view of a gently winding river from above, interspaced with patches of minty green and clumps of forested-emerald. The undulating strand of sapphire blue winds back and forth gently, shallow loops and curves that weave about the easy bend, ultimately joining upon itself again — a never-ending spiral that continuously flows. Such a gentle river would be quite relaxing, an endless ride of bliss and laziness.
Ominous Darkness Egg
Darkness reigns over the shell of of this egg. As if backlit by some unknown light source, there's a tower that looms out of the darkness. The top of the tower starts out triangular, in a dark klah brown, with an icy spindle on top. Where the roof meets the rest of the tower, it squares off. The tower itself is blackey, and stone gray, with several arched windows adorning it. If that wasn't chilling enough, seeming to drip down most of the structure, is white ice, some of it coming to where it's broken off, while others seem to continue until it hits the bottom of the egg. At the base of tower, and close to the bottom of the egg, looms a pair of equally frozen figures, that of fierce canines, standing in front of a gate way. They're snarling at those that come near, warning them to not trespass on this land.
Power and Parapets Egg
Towers and arches of grey build quickly upon each other, layer upon later of imposing stone, curling around this rather large egg without hesitance. Perched quite precariously upon its very end, the greys almost seem to move, shifting, changing, the pattern never remaining the same for any length of time. A flash of brown, a streak of red, and the hints of brighter hues chase each other around the shell, caught in endless pursuit.
Blue Horizons Egg
A stunning motif of azure and cerulean with hints of turquoise and sapphire dominates the coloration of this egg. In short, it's very very blue. And yet, the separation of the sky — so blue, it looks as if it were the tropical hue above the island itself — and the perfect shimmer of watery-blue is neatly separated by a sudden line of tan, rocky gray and green that shows a mimicry of the island coastline — looming rocks that form the boundary between water and sky — a band of white-gold that stretches along beneath the rocks to resemble the beach sands. In the centermost portion of the egg, four sleek gray shapes can be seen; beautiful dolphins leaping skywards, a froth of foamy white spray in their wake. The leap is a glorious one — each gray shape curved just so as they arch in unison towards the blue skyline above, together and majestic.
The Happiest Place on Pern Egg
Slate-gray covers the lower portion of this good-sized egg; irregular lines of a darker gray seeming to form a pattern as if a great many rocks had been laid down and cemented into place to form the bulwark of a great wall or gate, the rounded arch of the entry way seen, splashes of purple and red like banners in a triangular fashion seen along either side of it. There are turrets here, the protective wall that keeps the great hold safe and protected, while behind it, rising in whimsical fantasy towards the apex of the egg, pink and blue form a magical confection of a lady holder's bower, delicate and pretty towers looming upwards. A place for a great lady holder perhaps? What magic lies within?
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