Clutch 21 - Eggs

Dam: Gold Miraneith
Sire: Bronze Glyith
Number of Eggs: 12
Egg Theme: Birthstones
Summer 2011

Fossilized in Blood Egg
Craggily cracks appear to splinter across the surface of this egg. Maroon, burgundy, and garnet swirl around the fractured surface. Some places inch closer to black while other areas are bright ruby only to be shattered, like a piece of glass that has had a rock thrown at it, splintered in every which direction. The crack lines run sporadically, no apparent pattern as it leaves clumps of different colored reds settled next to each other. Perhaps the egg was a stained glass painting once before it was dropped upon the floor and all the pieces haphazardly put back together again. None of the pieces quite seem to fit together and yet it could almost be considered beautiful, in the frenzied way the reds come together.
A Deepening of the Evening Egg
The color of this egg reminds one of the sky at dusk as the blues of day give way to the deeper purples in the fading light. Here and there, a crystalline intaglio of fine white and gray lines emerge out of the fathomless illusion of depth that the deep color provides to seemingly float closer to the surface, like fine spinner webs or cracks in thawing ice. The effect of this combination is twofold. First, new patterns may be found in what seems to be the interior crystalline structure of the egg, as the thin lines of white weave themselves together Second, it becomes clear that although it seems you're looking into the depths of the egg, it's just a surface pattern that provides the illusion of depth, endlessly drawing your eye into its center, when in fact, of course, it's just a shell.
Green Around the Gills Egg
Speckles of brown and white striations disturb the otherwise consistent expanse of pale, blue-green. The freckles become more and more dense and finally come to settle at the rounded bottom of the egg like sandy sediment. A strand of foamy white is almost starke against the aqua blue surface of the egg which deepens to a more vivid azure along the upper half, streaked with wispy ribbons of pixilated white.
Plain of Peaceful Melodies Egg
This egg is shattered and broken! At least it appears to be from a distance. Thin lines are scattered about its surface, forming an array of sharp cornered shapes. The egg is generally a cloudy white, though some of the pools are gentle shades of grey. This makes the surface look rough and pointed in areas and only adds to the shattered looking effect. Each of the individual shapes though looks smooth as silk and almost flat.
Color of Life Egg
If it's not easy being green, then it's extremely hard for this very green egg. Smooth and shining, it's shell has been divided into a multitude of bright facets and each one of them is a different shade of emerald. It's as though life itself has fractured upon the surface and scattered into every possible hue nature could provide - the dark agate of soft moss, the sun-kissed green of leaves in the morning, the pale blue-green of algae, the smooth verdance of a meadow, the lush tones of foliage and more variations that can't even be properly described. It's a breathtaking collage of colors that is entirely hard to process all at once, as each section needs to be viewed on its own - together it flows into a roiling sea of shining emerald tones. If plant life itself could be cut, polished and displayed it would certainly look like this egg.
Jewel of the Sea Egg
As if highly polished to a rather iridescent sheen, a lustrous coating of shimmery pale hue clings to the rounded curve of the small egg. Curious in shape, rather more round than oblong, and perhaps one of the smallest eggs in the entire clutch; an air of ethereal innocence enshrouds it. Pale and small, a faint sheen of oily rainbow coating overlays the pearly seashell and snow coloration of the eggshell allowing it to glisten and shimmer in the warmth generated within the Hatching Ground. There is an aura of unearthliness about the egg, as if such treasure might be found not upon the sands in which it lies, but rather in the mysterious depths of a tropical sea.
Ensanguined Heart Egg
Never one to give the first impressions that might lead to the conclusion of monochromatic pigment encasing the rounded curve of eggshell, continued observation over a period of time emboldens the convictions of that first glance. While indeed, the base color of the egg itself is of a garish glossed shade of fresh-spilled blood, variegated veins of dark magenta and burgundy of a hue dark enough to be nearly black juxtapose themselves across the shell in a curious pattern — an illusionary pattern of planes and angles that almost seem to give the medium-sized egg a faceted appearance. When tilted just so, in the heat that shimmers up from the warming sands below, one might almost see that the egg seems to resemble a heart, clasped in the pale embrace of the sands around it.
Desert Verdance Egg
Sand and sun appear to have roughened and weathered the once smooth features of this egg, creating a textured look of aged parchment that almost begs to be touched. Smooth waves of honeyed gold spread over a layer of deep green, creating a flawless peridot hue beneath the grainy overlay. Ripples and waves stir the soft yellow-green hue, each subtle fold of color forming verdant hills and dunes that rise and fall majestically over the shell. Polished and smooth bits of emerald, saturated throughout with a layer of gold, peek out from the roughened shell like hidden pockets of beauty within a desert sandstorm. Flecks of a deeper green have managed to escape the weathering effects of the phantom winds and sands, though they still have soft undertones of yellow that make them blend in seamlessly.
Fallen Star Egg
Pallid sky coats this egg, such a gentle color, playing across the shell as if dancing in the wind. Streaks of near white slice across the background, converging in the middle to form a narrow spindled six-pointed star. This star gleams and shines, all the while a bright circle pools at the middle, nearly glowing in the eerie hue of periwinkle. On closer examination the sky hue is actually a combination of several different colors, some floating their lazy way across in denim while others cling to azure and powder blue. Moonbeam soft tufts flourish into lazy cloud like entities that almost appear to float across the shell. But alas, there is only movement if one is walking by it, a trick of the gleaming polished surface.
Frozen Iridescence Egg
Flashes of liquid fire roll beneath this egg's surface, the shell merely a window to the chaos and colors within. The juxtaposition of color is complex, with green morphing into violet when the angle of viewing is changed, while red and orange explode in crystalline sunbursts, then dim to a steady yellow flame. Transcended from prism to prison, captured light refracts in infinite pursuit of freedom, hue stacked upon tone to give additional illusion of dimension. Striations on the shell buckle through the shimmering color, stress marks crazing the glossy surface as though the occupant within were testing the bonds of its captivity.
Beguiling Wealth Egg
Richly saturated in a warm mellow tone that might put a sparkling cider to shame, a hint of sunshine suffuses the broad curve of eggshell — this, perhaps one of the larger eggs of the whole clutch. Amber, of a hue rather tending towards an orange-ish hue rather than a clearer honey-gold, lies enameled in a veneer of perfect symmetry across the rounded shape of the ovoid in an even clear coating, the base coloration never wavering in its tint and hue except where the egg curves, and there, a faint tint of darker ocher and saffron suffuse the eggshell in shadowed bulges and arcs. Across the shell, faint line, deeper and darker than the base color, fool observers into believing they are trails, runnels carved shallowly into the actual shell itself, and a haphazard strand of bronze — the shade perfectly that of greeny-gold — weaves and wends its way across the shell, a confusing twisting pattern that fools the eye and the mind.
The World Engendered Egg
Crackling lines of thin black cover the shell of this blue-green egg in its entirety, tropical waters split by basalt reefs in etched, circular patterns like a dragon's footprints. The dark, starling black fades out grey and then in most places melts into the shell's natural hue, settling at the base of the egg where, in some places, the seawater-colored shell is entirely obscured by shadow. The shell is perpetually smooth, catching light and reflecting it back evenly.
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