Clutch 22 - Eggs
Journey through Fantasy Egg
A palate of colors enfolds this well-sized egg, the march of varied scenery across the shell offering a differing glimpse depending upon the angle at which it is viewed — each side and curve as unspoken from the last as night is to day. Beginning upon the left most portion of the egg, a burst of spring green, the freshest bloom of life precedes the progression of darker green and a tawny brown that yields to a foreboding splash of ebony black. This is bisected by a jagged spike of stony gray wreathed in glimmers of misty white. In turn, a sudden aureate shimmer streaks the shell, golden trees crowned in sunlight in a magical wood. And at last, the journey is done, the shimmer of gold dominated by swirled black and red, fire-touched night that surrenders once again to the flush of spring, the cycle beginning anew.
Vasty Black Voyage Egg
Though at first glance this rather round and particularly rough-shelled egg appears to be black with a large silver splotch, a closer inspection reveals the darkness is not so simple. Here and there bits of color dot the egg, with no particular pattern or color. There's pale green, blue, gold, pink, lilac, white- the spots all so tiny that they can hardly be seen, and yet once they've been noted, it is impossible not to imagine them glinting on the shell from further away. On one side near the apex, faint traces of red and brown give that silver splotch odd color and depth- is it a bird? A bug? A leaf? A ship?
Ancient Homeland Egg
Particularly rotund and well-sized, this egg is colored with wide stripes of bright green, gold, blue and white, blending horizontally into one another. Up close, those wide stripes merge and melt into one another, creating an illusion of a beautiful landscape. A wide open, untouched prairie of green and gold flutters across the bottom half of the egg, giving way to pale, lilac-blue mountains etched against a bright blue sky. Fluffy cumulous clouds of white wind their way around the top of the shell, giving way to a sunburst at the tip. This sunburst spills a transparent golden sheen across the entire shell, bathing it with the warmth of a hot summer's day.
One Spectacular Spectacular Egg
This egg is covered in an explosion of color set against a dark backdrop. Reds, yellows, greens, blues and purples flecked with iridescence bloom forth like dancing flowers. These careless brush strokes blooming out from a bright center into circular poofs spotting the entire bottom half of the ovoid. Amidst the array of flowers are linear strokes of black and white and grey, giving the eyes a rest between the sections of bright color. Overhead are smaller flecks of glowing color which seem to rain down on the busy pattern below. A metallic grid pattern is barely discernible from the dark backdrop, but provides a sense of structure to the top of the egg and boxes in the flecks above. In one area against this busy colored backdrop is a spot of pure white, glowing outwards with four large tapering rays and surrounded by hundreds of tiny flecks of the same pure white. A crystal clear sun in the sky of color on black, it outshines even the dazzling array of color located below it, and radiates with a sheen that seems to refract light.
The Game Is Afoot Egg
Tall for an egg, and on the skinnier side of its clutch, it is smooth to the touch. The color is comprised mostly of blue and light brown patches of color, with odd shadows here and there within each patch. These patches are broken up by a web of fiery orange, while a haze of smoke keeps any particular hue from becoming too vivid. An excessively close inspection reveals that perhaps these colors are arranged in an intricately designed pattern and the shadows are shapes- but who has time or energy for /that/ much speculation and observation? At the very least it is a pretty shell of pleasant colors, if a little foreboding.
Blue Paint and Plaid Egg
Everything about this egg seems out of place, from its oddly angular shape to the tracks of color across the shell. The top if the egg is painted in vibrant blue patterns, streaking the surface in aggressive yet artful lines. Long swaths are patterned in shades of brown and gray, neatly laid out into a plaid pattern. The remaining portions of the shell is soft tans and beiges, the only normal shading present across its surface, yet even this seems odd when surrounded by tartan and woad.
Go For Broke Egg
The perfectness of this ovaloid is wrought in brilliant shades of red, green, orange, and brown. Dusky colors dominate this rustic encasing of mud, twisting around phthalo greens in a give and take display of intimacy from the fattened bottom, to the delicately coned top. Vibrant crimson cuts into the middle, reaching elongated, pointed ends back, back, to nearly meet up again along the spine of this playfully colored egg, and up, up. Thin black lines curl throughout such a vibrant red, forming a pattern so intricate that it leaves the impression of veins in a harvest leaf. The centerpiece is amber, brilliant enough to give the impression of a sun, but too misshapen to depict a clear picture.
The Infinite Void Egg
This egg is black. A deep, dark void in the midst of its colored brethren on the sands. A nearly perfect sphere, the symmetry and complete lack of blemish on this egg make it stand out as being almost artificial. From a distance it would be easy to mistake this egg for a rock, or a dud, but on closer inspection the egg seems to give of a pulsing radiation. It's not color, this egg has no color, but the way the light plays off the egg's sheen makes it feel as though it's alive. Smooth and silk-like to the touch, possibly beautiful in the way that a perfect cut of stone is beautiful as opposed to a gentle flower or arching rainbow would be.
Secrets from the Past Egg
Large and firmly ovoid in shape, this egg shimmers against the paleness of the white sands. Butterscotch covers the shell like a thick candy coating, vividly golden from every angle. Thin lines are marked out along the longer vertical axis in dark caramel hues while bubbles of these darker shades appear toward the center of the shell, as though embedded beneath the yellowed coating. Combined, these marks create a semblance of striation, as if the egg were a flawed stone that needs just one good strike to shatter and reveal whatever is buried at the core.
Intrepid Explorer Egg
Dusty khaki and brown the color of wherhide leather are the primary hues of this large egg, the mainly umber tones leaving little to the imagination that much bright or flamboyant color can be viewed here. That there are other colors, true, but overly bright or cheerful they are not. Spidery strands of cobweb grey are predominate along the upper curve of the shell, while a sheen of antique, unpolished gold entwined with coiled loops and strands of reptile green and brown. Tipped somewhat at a rakish tilt, the egg seems to radiate a sense of adventure and of unfounded treasures that might lie within for those brave enough to seek.
Ultimate Weapon Egg
This egg blends into near invisibility while nestled on the pale sands, appearing to be nothing more than a simple and nondescript round mass floating amongst the grains of the hatching grounds, spreading across the depths of the heated caverns. Upon a closer look, fine lines of slate race across the rough textured surface, a myriad of grid-work reaching in never ending paths around this ovoid form. A single line surrounds the circumference, almost dividing this egg into two perfect halves, in perfect symmetry. The only unique facet upon this shell is a smaller circle outlined in the same ashen hue on the upper half, like a single eye watching out into the world, unblinking, emotionless to those that dare peer back into it. Watching, waiting for something or someone amidst the pale grains of infinity and the remnants of all that stood before this imposing figure.
Dream Within a Dream Egg
Darkness. The void. Empty and endless stretches of smooth, uninterrupted black cloak this egg's squat form, swallowing every glimmer of light and giving back nothing to the casual observer. Extended study, however, will reveal the truth: it is not unrelieved blackness that covers the egg, but shades of many colors so dark as to be almost indistinguishable from each other. Red, blue, brown, green, purple - all of these painting a barely discernable pattern which spirals seemingly endlessly along the smoothly curving shell.
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