Clutch 23a - Eggs

Dam: Gold Miraneith
Sire: Bronze Suldith
Number of Eggs: 10
Egg Theme: Fruits
Spring 2013

Soured Sunshine Egg
Roughly textured by a rather haphazard pattern of illusionary pits and bumps, a veneer of bright bright yellow — as bright as sunshine — clings to the surface of this medium sized egg. Rather bulbous in shape, there's a funny little protrusion on the upper apex of the egg, as if part of the egg was budding off from the rest of it. At first, and perhaps even future glance, the darker shadows of goldenrod and saffron against the brighter sunshine yellow, and the curious way they seem to sink inwards gives the egg its rather pebbly texture appearance as if the egg itself were not entirely smooth. In fact, each little pit and dimple seems to be puckered inwards, as if whatever lies inside the egg is sour tasting — little lipless mouths drawn up tight in protest.
Fuzzy Wuzzy Was Half An Egg
The top of this egg is a gentle white. It is a smooth rolling hill covered in a fresh powdery snow, ripe for footprint making. This soft crest seems to glow with blues and yellows depending on the angle from which it is viewed at, adding a diamond finish to the sparkling white. There is an abrupt transition to the bottom half of this egg though, like someone has sliced two eggs apart and stuck the top of one egg with the bottom of another. If the top of this egg is snow, the bottom is dirt streaked with mud from the melting snow above. A murky brown color, the bottom looks to be wrapped in a thick stringy fur or possibly even tree bark. The strings of fur seem to be mostly heading from top to bottom, but there are plenty that jut to the side or wander off from their original path, creating the sort of fur you might find on a crawlie instead of a canine. Beneath the intricate veins of brown straw, in the tiny crevices between, a skin of a darker brown is hidden away like the last line of defense for the creature contained within.
Holy Guacamole Egg
Not quite perfectly ovoid, there are areas of this egg which seem almost flattened and misshapen, although the shell is smooth to the touch. The base color is a dark forest green, with variations of shading and highlighting creating a dappled effect across the whole of the egg. Towards the bottom of the egg and usually hidden by sand are uglier shades of brown and puce, which spread upward into more pleasant hues. At the apex, the dappling and variations stop abruptly as if cut by a sharp knife, and instead of browns and dark greens, there is only a solid, pale green, the color only broken up by a swirl of mahogany.
Prickly Desert Mirage Egg
Raspberry wraps its warmth in thick flowery pedals of color around this particular egg. A bit too bright perhaps for Western's sands as it nearly pulses with the magenta hue that seems more likely to be found in a pie or some girly alcoholic drink. Let's not forget the splashes of green that reach up like leaf-like blades of lime at the apex of each 'pedal'. They appear to grow out of the fleshy body, reaching towards the crown of this egg, slipping and sliding but not still unable to steal the show from the glaring primary color of pink. It most definitely appears as if this egg has some sort of vegetative growth but looks can always be deceiving.
Rich And Tropical Something or Another Egg
Exotic hues of the summer tropics thrive on this shell, bringing it's delicious touch to the clutch resting comfortably upon the sands. Brilliant veridian tones mottle across the wide and rounded bottom of the egg, nestling the jacinthe and citreous band that wraps around the center of this ovoid getaway. The finishing touches to this sweet sandy sensation is the apex; dipped incarnadine all the way to the prominent point where the party is disrupted by one tiny round spot of dark sienna.
Not Just A Furry Little Dirt Clod Egg
Positively tiny compared to the rest of the eggs in the clutch, this globular little ovoid is a study in contradictions, and is best viewed in as many directions as possible. From the front half of the shell, a coating of earth and soil combine to give the shell a very loamy appearance. Darker streaks of muddy bark-brown hues can be seen, scraggled bits of floss-thin color that overlay the paler brown coating, adding an impression of fuzziness to the egg. And yet, when viewed from the opposite angle, the egg is entirely different, for along the top and bottom most portions of the curving shell, the brown coloration seems to peel away like a skin, exposing a startling shiny glaze of absinthe green. In the middle of this brilliant flash of verdancy, a much lighter blob of color — so pale it's nearly white — is stamped across the very center of the shell. Of a rather uncertain shape, almost as if it were an afterthought, the blob is surrounded by a narrow ring of little black pips, clustered together in twos and threes, the spaces between them filled by long streaks of pale white as if the center were radiating a halo from its very core.
Too Manly To Be Yellow Egg
This egg seems to belong out on the sands. Viewing from the gallery one might mistake this sand-colored lump as just that, a lump of sand amongst the rest of the sand. The top bits are colored in a washed out straw color, looking generally smooth with bits of darker colored crevices segmenting the shell vertically. Further down the egg the lighter yellow seems to open up into a brighter citrine. This sunshine yellow is spotted with small flecks of brown, sun spots on this tiny yellow star. The segmentations visible above are more pronounced in the middle and bottom sections of the hardening shell, opening at the middle and converging at the bottom like the longitude lines on a map. The very bottom his shrouded in a dark muddy chocolate, as if the sands it sits on have cooked it a bit.
Urban Zombie Blood Egg
Big and round lengthwise while lacking in girth and circumference, this egg is chunky and slightly misshapen. Smooth to the touch, the variations in its shading give an appearance of roughness, shades of brown criss-crossing in a grid from apex to base. The hues vary from darkest sepias to light mahogany. A close inspection will reveal a rich, light green just underneath that grid of browns. On one side of the egg, a nearly black line splits the lighter colors sharply, only just curved and blending into the browns at either end.
If Smells Could Kill Egg
At one period of this egg's life, perhaps it was green. A little minty even, cool, refreshing and then maybe it was left out in the sun just a little too long and the crispy toasted marshmallow color crept in. From a distance this egg looks particularly thorny with jutting points thrusting up from the surface like a continuous mini mountain range. Up close it's obviously just an illusion but the smell at that distance will definitely make people wish they had just admired it from afar. This egg has a very distinct stomach-churning odor that once someone gets a whiff of, it lingers, for hours. While the rather drab green and brown egg isn't particularly attractive, it's the smell that will definitely leave lasting nightmares.
Sweet Juicy Lovin' Egg
Perfectly smooth upon the surface, one would question if this egg was born of glass or just happened to been rolled around the sands a little too much by the ever doting dam and sire. Rich aubergine gives it's sulty embrace to this delicate dark shell; a soft twirl of sweet hues with nothing more to disrupt this dance of color than a single saffron kiss, a kiss that cradles the tiny seeds of chartreuse dotting that bright and brilliant apex.
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