Clutch 23b - Eggs

Dam: Gold Shadhavarth
Sire: Bronze Teimyrth
Number of Eggs: 7
Egg Theme: Desserts
Spring 2013 NPC Clutch

Crusted Custard Egg
Toasty crust coats the curve of this smaller egg, a rather burnt-orange hue that darkens to cinnamon shadows in oddly patch places on the shell, giving it a rather hardened appearance. In other places, the crust seems to have broken and flaked away, leaving a rather pale yellow hue to the shell, thickly spread in gobs and swirls of delectable sweetness.
Ooey Gooey Chocolate Egg
Messy is often the first word that comes to mind when one views this egg. Seen, as it lies, along it's curving side, the layered hues of chocolate, coffee and and darker brownie tones are anything but orderly. The topmost layer slops down in runny trails over the middle layer, while the bottom layer almost seems to crumble, brownie crumbs left in piled heaps along the curve of the shell as it lies upon the sand.
Berry Berry Goodness Egg
Angled just so in the warm wallow of the sands, this egg looks as if it rimmed by a scalloped band of sienna-brown crust, little curly cue half circles that march in orderly fashion along the shell's circumference. Butter-yellow hues fill in the central space created by that outer rim, and in the very middle of the shell itself, a heaping mound of raspberry-red blobs are piled onto one another, spearhead-shapes of minty green poking off amongst them, like leaves.
Hot Sticky Sweet Egg
The majority of this egg is a pleasant khaki in color. Wrapping around it is a big chocolate covered swirl, starting at the bottom of the egg and circling lazily upwards. Or downwards, depending on how you look at it. The spirals are thickest at the bottom, and taper to thin lines at the top. Brown spots dust its surface, giving a toasted look to the shell. The very top of the egg looks as though it's been washed out with white. Like spilt milk over a wooden table it appears to drip down the sides of the egg part way.
So Bloody Wonderful Egg
Upon a pedestal of russet sits this golden cream colored jewel. The coffee colored base looks almost textured, with lines of bistre separating pebbles of lighter brown. A smooth yellow wheat color covers most of the egg, with barely a mark or a blemish to be found. Until the very top. At first glance it might look as if this egg was used as a murder weapon. The top of the egg is covered in scarlet red splotches, dark and rich to contract the cream color they sit upon.
So Fresh and Creamy Egg
Green! Minty, fresh, delicious, creamy, light green! All over! Not, however, smooth as a baby's bottom. No no no, this egg's color is broken up by little flecks of warm brown. Mmhmmm good! Oh wait! That's not all! Dark chocolatey brown drizzles from apex downward, rivulents squiggling and melting into a puddle of brown at the base.
Taste the Snot Quite Rainbow Egg
Rainbows, oh my Faranth! Are there ever so many colors on this egg! Blue and green and red and pink and purple and yellow and black and brown and snot and puce and cream and blood and cerulean and magenta and cyan and skin and nails and knives and wood and everything inbetween! Little ovoid shapes cover the entire shell in a confusing, discombobulating display of polkadots, pinstipes, solids and transparent shades, overlapping and pushing against each other in virtually unmemorizable nonpatterns.
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