Clutch 26 - Eggs

Dam: Gold Valigath
Sire: Bronze Dhonzayth
Number of Eggs: 13
Summer 2015

Obnoxiously Overwrought Elegance Egg
The crushed purple velvet hues of this egg would be plenty, truly. But, no. Interlocking and loosely woven knots of gold absolutely must work their way around the middle of this large, mostly round egg. The patterns are regular enough, tear drops turned into a roughly lacework pattern that scintillates with aureate brilliance. Along the top edge of the egg are glistening black beads, while opalescent tear drops decorate the bottom. And, if one looks closely, one will find flowers woven into the knots - all white and red and black, openly shaped and filled with clusters of yet more gemstones.
So Fashionable That It Hurts Egg
So sleek. So black. So DARK. This egg is tightly wrapped in the finest black, a black that glistens with the matte finish of leather. Square buckles in burnished gold hang low on one side; studs of the same metallic hue are perched higher up to either side. A fine dusting of gold breaks up the black in unexpected ways, ways that are so achingly contrived that one might find themselves eyeing the egg askance. All the same, the black is unbroken - just glossed over with a fine sheen of glam - and the rest of the hard, golden bits on the egg are clearly meant to reinforce the fact that this is one fashionable egg.
Opulence of Spirit Egg
It is nearly an assault on the eyes, this egg, with its bold and vibrant colors and golden filigree. The shell is so ornamented that size is simply not distinguishable. Too bright, too busy for the eye to take in all at once, it is an optical illusion of epic proportions. What base can be seen is a creamy parchment color but the vast majority is covered with sapphire and ruby glass enamel geometric shapes rimmed in gold and brass. A forest green mantle borders the large apex sporting golden suns. Smooth elegant curves vine over the lower shell with leaves of red and blue twined with the golden rope. Every curve, every stretch of shell holds shimmering forms from scales to stripes to flames and flowers. The crowning jewel is a portrait set into the small end, an unknown figure on a dark background and haloed by gold leaf.
Big, Bold, and Over-embellished Egg
At first glance, it seems a monstrous pile of ribbons and lace, feathers and tulle, fringe and fur in every pastel shade under the sky has been left in a tumbling heap upon the sands. Fist sized tubes of pink and mint green tulle rest in a nest of bright yellow silk petals tipped in red. Long wispy feathers in every shade under the sun trail from ribbon to ribbon. Pale lavender fur sprouts into tufts of furry flowers. Vibrant peacock blue feathers weave between the fluff and furbelows that slowly resolve into a pile of extravagantly decorated hats painting the shell of the unusually round egg. Winding from brim to brim are thick, elaborate links of gold shaped in knots, bells, runners, and roses in one long chain. It twists round and through the pile holding the lot together into one very deceptive shell.
Too Pretty to be Useful Egg
Palest jade, this egg is near perfect in shape, from the smooth round curve near the bottom and then up to only the slightly more angular apex. Thin, opaline and rather glassy, the shell is almost complete in delicate green, with no streaks or splotches to mar its elegant presentation. The only decoration is the ornate and looping ormolu that is captured in starbursts at the top and bottom of the shell and both heavily gilded in gold. A band of the same gilt ormolu is beribboned across the middle, with looping bows that speak of fragile treasures hidden underneath, a present just for the unwrapping.
Utterly Common Treasure Egg
This pale egg is wrapped in lines of elegant emerald green, seemingly enameled across the surface and coiling up from the side resting on the sands to meet across the middle. So thickly they entwine, nearly obliterating the pale color resting underneath until it only shows near the section resting clear of the sands and reaching toward the skies. A glitter of burnished gold fading to pale silver, captured in an exploding starburst that reflects the light, glinting in the uncertain pale hues of the coming day and leaving behind only the memory of yesterday.
Oh Faranth, It's Everywhere Egg
Pick a color - any color - for it seems that every shade of the rainbow has exploded upon this shell, each catching the light in its own way. Speckles of red and dots of blue return shades of magenta and pink, sky and navy, dark and light vying for attention with the flecks of silver that are in their midst. Jungle, mint, and mossy greens join the party, peppering the ovid along the long curves, leaving their own imprint behind. Yet, it seems that nothing can overcome the freckles of yellow - soft sunlight, lava orange, and gleaming gold that seem the most prevalent, each spot brightening the shell that much further.
Not Fooling Anyone Egg
This egg is blotchy pink. A sort of salmony color in some spots, softening to peach in other spots. Nothing about the egg is smooth or even. It almost seems to furiously sit amongst its brethren, an offensive sore thumb sticking out amongst the smooth colors around it. On the top of this egg sits a crown of orangeish hay; a swirl of lines that seem to swath about in no particular direction, shape or form. Not thick enough to cover the mass of angry pink below and yet still enough to distract the eye. Up close one gets the urge to brush the hay aside, or force it all to move one way, but of course that would be as fruitless as attempting to persuade a tunnelsnake to duet with a trundlebug. No, this egg is pretentious, loud, and here to stay.
Feast, Never Famine Egg
Shocking orchid devours this egg - bright and imposing as it rests upon the dull and boring sands, surrounded by its fashionable brethren. Perfect in shape as a luminary vessel should be from its sensual round base up to its sensationally smooth apex, just asking to be graced with adoring fingertips. A brilliant rose iridescence ripples across the glassy shell, reminiscent of fine silk flowing in its wake. After all, appearances are everything and a strong appearance this ovoid form makes. Vibrant rosettes of spun sunlight adorn the top, ringlets of rich metallic gold beacon the eyes of any who wish to admire and adore.
So Baroque It's Broke Egg
A violent abuse of color has been lavished upon this obscure decoration nestled on the sands. Polychromatic plumage erupts from the base of this round shell - crimson and flares reach up through massive feathers across the shell. Shadows by midnight blues and emerald hues decorate the tips of each hideous feather, intermingling with garish amethyst like tiny fingertips who reach for the apex where they are overpowered by pure obsidian darkness. Intentionally placed upon the center of this shell, positioned perfectly poised to engulf the attention of it's observer is a mask of metallic and molten gold. The eyes of the mask are carved of the same obsidian, giving this egg a cold and emotionless visage.
All Fluff And No Substance Egg
This egg is stupidly large compared to its siblings. Obnoxiously, even. It has a particularly wide base and a whole lot of chaos going on, which doesn't help matters at all. The egg itself is a singularly obnoxious shade of pink, eye-searing and obscene on levels that simply defy articulation. Worse, there's a sense of fluffiness to it, an illusion that if one were to touch it, it would yield as readily as a pillow. The fluffy-seeming monstrosity is accented with strips and bands of bright gold, marred with blotches of brown and black; the gold catches the light in gaudy fashion, suitable for this nightmare of an egg.
Pointedly Scandalous Egg
This egg is less egg-shaped and more cone-shaped - though the illusion is easily broken if one's close enough to touch it. Great and golden for the most part, there are enough other colors on it to bring one to question whether it truly is what it resembles. Black and gold work together to further the impression of a pointy-topped egg; thin bands of black encircle the egg, evenly spaced, to create an oddly textured effect. White, too, manifests here and there, as if to serve as a separate sort of highlight. All in all, the egg is an anomaly and a bit of an eyesore, practically forcing itself visually upon anyone who looks at the sands and demanding attention.
Imperious And Impressive Egg
Royal blue seems to have been poured evenly over the surface of this large egg. While the richness of that hue might have been more than enough to draw the eye, it's the spectacular markings that all but guarantee a glance. Golden filigree coils and curves in floral designs all over the surface, eerily symmetrical and contained within bands of scintillating silver and white that resemble diamonds. A single band encircles the egg, just a little below the middle of it, while six more bands wrap from top to bottom, evenly spaced. Emblems in gold and silver nestle themselves within the wedges formed by those bands, each symbol strange and, yet, almost identifiable.
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