Clutch 27 - Eggs

Dam: Gold Feyruth
Sire: Bronze Emeliuth
Number of Eggs: 12
Summer 2016

New and Breaking Through Egg
Raw earth clumped together tightly into a ball of dark hues makes up the form of this formidable round egg. The shell is made of ochre and rich umber tones, mottling together in perfect unison across the rough matte shell of this ovoid from. From what would be the base is sable stippling reaching high in a tight mottled sable line around the circumference to the apex. Bursting violently through the centerline with incandescent radiance is a starburst of pure golden flecks cascading across dark matte tones. Each fleck of light glimmers as though they emit a light of their very own, visible from every angle of this egg for all to see.
Furled Fingers Egg
Dapples of soft green gather upon the shell of this egg, the hues of a forest floor cast into speckled sunlight as golden rays filter downward. Forest green swirls in broad strokes, spirals that seem to climb upwards from the sand around the shell, furled tighter and tighter with each twist. Leafy strokes of shamrock form a soft background, like new leaves from a central stalk, while hints of jungle great speckled here and there, shadows hiding the unknown.
Lively Ball of Fuzz Egg
This particularly large and round egg seems to nestle comfortably in the sands no matter where it ends up. The surface is a mottled patchwork of colors - browns and blacks, creams and light yellows - that come together in a jumbled mass of fuzziness. From afar, one might even think it was a bunch of kittens or puppies or even the odd collection of baby chicks, all piled together for warmth and affection. Here and there, if one's lucky, they might catch glistening circles of color - green and brown and blue and gold - paired up like so many eyes that peer out at the world with hope and determination.
Capturing the Memories Egg
Abstract splashes of color gather upon this shell in what almost seems to be a regular pattern, each grouping of colors taking on a rather rectangular shape. A splattering of bright blues and sandy white sits near the top of the curved shell, while one that tends towards browns and creams can be found midway down one side. Almost every color of the rainbow can be found in one spot or another, as if all the locations of Pern had been captured, their hues in turn placed upon a portion of this egg, forever holding it for the future.
Close to My Heart Egg
A great swath of steel blue encircles the outer expanse of this slightly elongated egg, holding it within a gentle embrace capped by a soft swirl of silver on the small apex. The swatch, running full circle, cradles a softer but brighter lilac bundle in the heart of the pitted shell. Pale washes of peach and umber hint at a shadowy face, eyes closed beneath a delicate fan of dewy black lashes. Shimmering pools of baby blue run the depths of the shell's rolling texture, creating the illusion of folds and creases in the lilac that swaddle the peach and umber. A ribbon of gold caps the peach, thinning to fine threads as it encircles the face and blooms into a dainty golden bow set dead center the shell. Golden tears arrested in time drop one by one from the lashed eyes. As they roll down the shell they morph into musical notes and darken from gold to brass to antique bronze.
Lacy in Lavender Egg
Gilded by sunlight and glowing faintly golden, the top of this egg shows a round curve that is repeated along its length from apex to its wider bottom. Panicles of lacy lavender flower along toward the top, each tiny bloom in the process of opening from bud, flourishing into life in pastel purple hues. Green leaves brush up against the lavender columns, touched by sunlight until the glow faintly yellow and shadowing thin branches of dark brown. Those branches bunch thickly, staining the bottom of the egg dark and allowing it to almost hide in the sands.
Can You Keep a Secret? Egg
This is truly one unusual egg with hues cascading together, but vibrantly created and carefully made with affection and thousands of tiny matte fingerprints. Some are big, some are small and some are downright tiny and dainty among them all, but each are perfect in their own way with the show of colors they bring today. Fire engine reds and carrot orange, plums and lavenders, too, bring to the egg their own brilliant hue. But wait, we can't forget the blues and their friend brown, too! Like the sky up above and the chips on the cookie only this time not so gooey. There's still more colors yet to be seen, like little specks of bright spring green. Last but not least, and so very tiny are the shimmering lights of metallic sunny gold that bring this perfectly shaped bright egg something shiny.
First Blush of Spring Egg
A lone egg rests nestled in the sands, slightly separate from the rest. It is of average size and shape, having nothing of note to draw attention, were it not for the delicate shading of the shell. The chill blue sky blue is littered with soft, wispy white clouds. It rises endlessly above a field of sandy brown and spring green, where the grass is just coming out of a long winter's slumber. From the center of the field sprouts a trunk of creamy, golden brown. It splits rapidly into many branches reaching around to encircle the shell in creamy brown arms. The branches are laden by delicate pink petals, both pale and bright. Metallic flecks of gold pierce each blossom center like a kiss of sunlight giving promise for the future. Some get caught up by the wind and rain showers of pink and gold on the field below, nearly spilling onto the sands.
Egg of Ancient Power
At first, it's hard to make out any kind of definition across the slightly mottled surface of this egg. The shell is blotched with the deep green of trees that never lose their needles in the darkest of places and black or the darkest of browns. Darkness pools along the bottom of the egg, growing and rippling to a ragged edge against a sea of greys and blues cut through with jagged columns of deepest green. Twisting and winding through and over and around all of these amorphous features is a white-grey speckled haze, obscuring something deeper within. The only hint of what might be hidden at the heart of this jungle is a single wisp of gold that winds its way through the trees until it disappears at the center of everything.
The Perfect Panacea Egg
This egg is squat and ovoid, but doomed to ever be on the edge of tipping over. The bottom half is a pretty porcelain, with faint, golden scrollwork around the top edge of it. It's much like a bowl, in fact, even if its contents don't exactly rest flat inside. The other half of the egg is a thin bronze, a broth in which blobs of orange and green bob amidst coiled cream lines. Chunks of off-white hang here and there and the entire thing whispers of wholesomeness and health. It's only at the very top that greasy streaks of golden splendor can be seen - like the fat from a lovingly rendered chicken stock, turned into the perfect soup.
A Sign of Egg-ffection
Pink. Pink pink pink pink pink. This lumpy orb is covered in a solid, uniform coat of pale pink. If it weren't for a few other distinct features, it would be painfully, perfectly pink. Two perfect circles of a deeper, ruddier tone stand at precise opposite sides of the egg, delineated all the more by a perfectly crisp black outline. Directly between them, and a little lower a lumpy, oblong shape of moderate flesh tone with a thin black line, double-arched like a child's drawing of a crow in flight. Opposite that, the surface is lumped in two lobes, one atop the other, and from between them a wisp of golden smoke emerges, rising to the top of the egg before dissipating away.
Cuddled in Warmth Egg
Stark in near black on white, this egg is seemingly a study in monochrome. Thick lines shadow across its surface, with some leaving small splotches toward the top. One larger oval speckle decorates along the top curve, while slight motion seems to over take the egg, sliding down to where it nestles in the sands. There is one bright spot of color though, a brilliant yellow patch held near the center of the egg. Outlined in thick black lines, the color seems an almost luminous, glowing gold that plays up how drab the rest of the shell is.
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