Clutch 29 - Eggs

Dam: Gold Ilyscaeth
Sire: Bronze Xermiltoth
Number of Eggs: 7
Spring 2018

Storm to Sunshine Egg
Big, and round, and beautiful, this egg makes a marvelous centerpiece. Billowing silver and white obscure the rounded apex, cotton-fluff soft, limned with brilliant gold around the edges. The vibrant shade shines through in shafts of sunlight, shining down the rotund curve of it. In and among the lively flashes of gold, a huge swath of color explodes, seeming to shift and change with each viewpoint. Red, orange, yellow — there, green, there blue! Indigo and violet, too, diffusing brilliantly around the flashes of light. It doesn't really seem that the colors form a shape until viewed from afar: then, it's easier to see that they encircle the entire egg, a little mottled and jumbled, but still obviously a rainbow. A haze of silver and deep blue wends in and around the riotous color, but never obscures entirely, rather lending a stormy backdrop on which it falls.

Shame On You, Shame On Your Egg
It's an egg, probably. It's certainly ovid and sitting on the sands, shaming Xermiltoth with its existence, making Ilyscaeth wonder where she went wrong, staring at Half Moon Bay Weyr and all occupants within with the kind of quiet judgement that doesn't stop. It's really just a black egg, one with white patterned through to give the illusion of scales and fins, leading upupup to a bulbous top where the egg goes slightly distorted. Two small, round 'eyes' protrude from either side of it's tippy-top, offensively big, offensively round, and offensively fixed on everybody who dares question its majesty. In Half Moon Bay Weyr, egg touches YOU.

Fly Away Home Egg
Tattered lines and jagged edges scribe evergreen trails, crossing and melding in uncertain patterns as they seek to enfold this perfectly shaped oval in a blanket of vegetation — natures deepest foliage brought to life in eggshell form. A solitary line of mottled beige edges an apparent hole at the very tip of the greenery, from which tiny specks, illusory lumps of reds and oranges, spill out and across the leafy goodness. Pinpricks of colour, identical from a distance, yet darkly speckled themselves in a myriad of freckled patterns, and boasting their own individual shadows so as to seem perched precariously — as if the slightest touch might send them tumbling to the sands below.

Hint of Glitter Egg
This egg is extremely plain — mid-sized, nearly perfectly egg-shaped, tapering near the apex and rounder near the base. It's not overly lumpy or bumpy, mostly smooth but without a lot of shine to it. Dark, loamy brown, and bright spring green cover most of the shell in a random pattern, broken vertically by a band of flat grey down the middle. Occasional flecks of brighter colors speckle here and there through the green: magenta, softer violet, even pale cream here and there. They seem to almost shift and move, more lively than the rest of the plain shell, save for a flash of metallic twinkling precariously near to the edge of the grey-brown band. It doesn't quite surpass the vibrant speckles of color, but livens up an otherwise bland and empty, almost unfinished-seeming part of the shell.

Destined to Darkness Egg
A shadow lurks on these sands, a three-dimensional outline in negative space traced around the ovoid form of an egg whose shell holds only darkness. The pointy end is jet daubed with pitch, and as it broadens that shade shifts to charcoal, scattered perhaps with a delicate touch of ebony ink daubed by a raven's feathers before it transitions to nestle the broad base in starless velvet night. Subtle gradations and shifts of that soot-stained sable hue are - if they are even present - invisible to the inspection of a mere human eye. This egg is, in its entirety, an event horizon from which no light reflects, obsidian stained with tar that seals away its fractured edges. The unyielding stygian gloom of its onyx shell is secure from any observation that might reveal something more of this egg than: it's black.

Don't Fall Down Egg
This ovoid is perfectly imperfect, more rotund on the bottom and erring towards slender as a subtle curve sweeps inward and curls back out again — kind of like a crescent moon, or a banana. Only this egg isn't a banana. Or a moon. In fact there's nothing to even allude to nanners on this egg except, maybe, for the fact that the very chinny-top of its crescent peak is smeared in a black that leaves the impression of crude paint done in a child's hand. Off-white makes up a majority of its oddly shaped bulk, offset by five slashes of ebony in that subtle dip of its body, undefined marks that mean nothing but somehow look impossibly like eyebrows, cheerful eyes, and one very small, unamused mouth. The most vibrant color on this egg is a large band of navy blue that wraps around its lower half, separating its uppermost rotund-ness from where it starts to crescent, but still somehow failing to give it any real color, like somebody tried really hard and gave up halfway through an unfixable mistake.

Unlimited Potential Egg
Oh no, it's so small. This faintly oblong egg is almost always cheerfully nestled up against one of its brethren, warm and steady, almost as though paying its compatriots visits by turns. The immediate juxtaposition between it and its clutchmates makes its sheer lack of size all the more apparent in side-by-side comparison: it's truly diminutive, a leafy cap perching at a jaunty angle upon its apex doing nothing to increase its height or girth, knittings crossing and hatching in a perky umbre pattern that ceases as abruptly as it begins. The rest of the egg's shell is wrapped in a wash of smooth nutty brown, subtly streaked with strong sepias, spicy cinnamons, and soft autumn sunlight. Tiny tracks of palest green form curlicues up one side, a texture etched into the shell as though a particularly intrepid bug had attempted to nibble an errant path and, finding no weakness, abandoned the attempt for a simpler snack. Otherwise the shell's lower length remains unblemished, coming to a rounded point in the end most often buried in the sand.

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