Eston Fishing Village


Muddy Hillside Above Eston Fishing Village
Damp dark soil forms the looming bulwark above the fishing village seemingly rising very nearly from the coastline of the island itself with just a narrow spit of sandy ground for the buildings of the little village itself. While no sheer-sided cliff the height of the hill is still quite impressive — a single anomaly of height upon a usually relatively flat area of coastline. At the crest of the hill the soil is dark saturated with water and very loose. The few sparse clumps of grass can't hold the soil together and it has become sticky and muddy clinging to boots and feet oozing puddles of dank brown-stained water that can be seen everywhere. Directly above the small village a huge gaping crater shows where the ground has given way to erosion a very river of mud that has cascaded downwards along the slope in a possibly fatal mess.

Mudslide - Eston Fishing Village
Erosion and constant rains have caused the hillside above the village to give way a thick soupy river of sand, mud and sparse weeds that have cascaded down over the slope of the hill and flowed treacherously into the village itself. Damage depends mostly where the buildings were located. The homes and storehouses closest to the base of the hill are now halfway buried beneath thick choking mud and damage has occurred to a number of other buildings. Only two or three structures stand undamaged splatters of mud that coast the walls the only sign of the narrowly averted catastrophe. Further down the water laps softly at the shore, small fishing boats are pulled up along the beach — overturned so as not to fill with water — interspersed with fishing nets hung out beneath covered awnings to protect them from the weather.


A Muddy Disaster

Logs Occurring Here:

Mudslide Disaster

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