Sailor's Delight Brown HeyYou

Red at night, sailor's delight. Well, this little guy might not be red, but his rust-hued hide is definitely on the reddish side of brown. Small splotches of sepia and raw umber dance across his back, from headknobs to tail, with the underlying rust color prevalent on his underbelly, forepaws, and hind legs. Spars of mahogany hold fast to sails of mottled sand and wheat, with burnt umber claws tipping each talon. He appears rather sturdily built and well-muscled, a rather fetching little fellow brimming with vitality.

Egg Name and Description

Storm at Sea Egg
The shell of this almost perfectly round egg is wrapped in wild brush strokes of cobalt, azure, and turquoise, with hints of aubergine and silver threads shot throughout. It resembles nothing more than a microcosm of a storm-tossed sea.

Hatching Message

Rocking as if tossed upon the waves, the hatchling within finally bursts free of the remaining shell, revealing Sailor's Delight Brown Hatchling. He reels this way and that, trying to get his land legs, while creeling piteously for food.



This clutch was inspired by the names of various quilt blocks, with your little man drawn from one of my favorites—Storm At Sea.


Name HeyYou
Dam Sekhmet
Sire Flaim
Created By Jessamin
Lineart By Rhasmir
Coloring By Diekhara
Impressee Diekhara
Hatched 12 November 2009
Length 54
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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