Half Moon Bay Weyr at Pernworld

Welcome to PernWorld, we’re glad you stopped by! We are a MUSH community based on the Dragonriders of Pern series created by Anne McCaffrey. Players create and play characters within the theme where dragons and technology mesh together for an experience unlike any other. Currently we have four PC Weyrs (Fort, Xanadu, Igen, and Monaco Bay), one PC Weyrhold (Ierne), one PC Hold (Stonehaven), and a variety of crafting areas in which you can play and develop your character. While some locations are ‘off camera’ they do still exist and others which occasionally host a clutch but are not generally considered PC.

If you’re interested in joining us, please feel free to have a look around and explore the pages of our active areas, the players already established, and even peruse the log files to give you some idea as to what each has to offer. If you have any questions, feel free to connect to the game where our helpful staff can answer them to the best of their ability even if you know nothing about the theme. Our player base is a mix of new and veteran players, and we welcome anyone who’s interested in interactive storytelling. Again, welcome to PernWorld and we look forward to seeing you on the game!

Pern World Search Cycle:

2023 Hatch Cycle:

MBW: OOC Search: Jan 14 - Jan 29; Hatch On/Before Mar 06
XAW: OOC Search: Mar 25 - Apr 09; Hatch On/Before May 15
FOW: OOC Search: Jun 10 - Jun 25; Hatch On/Before Jul 31
MBW: OOC Search: Aug 19 - Sep 03; Hatch On/Before Oct 09
IGW: OOC Search: Oct 21 - Nov 05; Hatch On/Before Dec 31

2024 Hatch Cycle:

XAW: OOC Search: Jan 20 - Feb 04; Hatch On/Before Mar 11
FOW: OOC Search: Mar 30 - Apr 14; Hatch On/Before May 20
MBW: OOC Search: Jun 08 - Jun 23; Hatch On/Before Jul 29
XAW: OOC Search: Aug 17 - Sep 01; Hatch On/Before Oct 07
IGW: OOC Search: Oct 23 - Nov 10; Hatch On/Before Dec 31

Note: Membership to the main PernWorld Mush wiki is NOT required, everything is public. However, individual weyrs and areas may have their own membership requirements on their respective wikidot pages. :D

Come play at Pernworld

PernWorld's current client address is pernworld.vineyard.haus 2211

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