Half Moon Bay Hold
Half Moon Bay Hold
Lord Holder Luxan
Lady Holder Sylvette (Retired)
Affiliation Half Moon Bay Weyr
Accessible By +go HMH
OOC Status OOC

Currently best known for runnerbeast racing, tropical beaches, and generally a good vacation spot. Recent fires have damaged much of the surrounding area, though recover has begun.

Half Moon Bay Hold - Plaza

While it is refered to as a gate, there are just two poles supporting a beam on which hangs a sign that says 'Welcome to Half Moon Bay Hold'. Beyond the gate is a wide area surrounded by huts at the far edges and a huge fire pit in the center, with long tables like the spokes of a wheel out from the fire pit to the ring of huts.

Half Moon Bay Hold - Hold Square

The road to Half Moon Bay hold leads right to the hold square, an open area surrounded by buildings of all sides. The square is the focal point for local politics with the courthouse and guardhouse nearby. The square separates the residential east side from the commercial west side of the hold, and there seems to be a steady supply of merchants traveling through it. There is a large empty space off to the side to allow for dragons to land and unpack their passengers and cargo.

Notable NPCs

Lord Holder - Luxan - Medium height, wide brown eyes, fine black hair. Shrewd, tricky and versatile. Has a talent for sailing and healing. Fostered from Torince Hold. Named heir to Half Moon Bay by Lady Sylvette, who never had her own children.

Retired Lady Holder - Lady Sylvette - Luxan's aging foster mother

Greenrider Hellin (Green Bealynth). 5'7", hooded gray eyes, long silver white hair. Born at Red Sands Hold. Chaotic, imaginative and stubborn, she likes baking and runnerbeast riding.

JM MIC - Duran - WherHandler - 5'9" with small light blue eyes and scruffy brown hair. Born at Island River Hold, he likes cooking and mining. He is headstrong, dominant and predictable.

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